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S01.E05: Truth and Consequences

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Geoff and Viv were really shocked as I would be to know that their parents have been living a double life. However, They were so disrespectful about it. I'm sure that they were waiting for a specific time to disclose the info to them both. 

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Again the adult storylines continue to be the driving force of this.  I enjoyed the cop lady's investigation into the Allen family.  I know its been done tons of times before.  A police officer gets mixed up investigating a demon hunter and it doesn't go well but I tend to really enjoy the story.  

The teens are slightly more interesting.  Yes they are being brats but understandably so,  I would be pissed too if my parents had been lying to me in and in such a major way.   The problem is when they go past the brat stage to the complete idiot stage like Viv did.   I would have questions too but to search out the monsters.  That is a whole new level of stupid.  


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