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S08.E01: Red & Jalissa


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For the last six years, Red’s been talking to Jalissa and her group of celebrity besties. Hot on the trail to meet Jalissa in LA, Nev and Kamie help Red uncover a truth that might turn her Hollywood love story into a tragedy?


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NO comments on the season premiere?  Even about the new host?  I guess Kamie is a good choice, but I'm surprised that i hadn't heard anything in the media about it...I guess that's how irrelevant Catfish has become.  

Once I saw the episode and realized she was the new host, I googled to get more info, and there wasn't much.  One of the articles  ttps://heavy.com/entertainment/2020/01/kamie-crawford-catfish-host/  gave the wrong last name for Max and in describing the first episode, said that Red was a man.

i liked Red well enough, but day-um, why would you think that Tamar Braxton would actually be in a conversation group with you?  It was also weird how Red said she found Jalissa, and when Nev asked how, she said by going to Sheniqua's (or whatever her name was) page and looking for her.  That is something so basic for Nev, so I'm not sure why he didn't do it.  It was also weird that when they met "Jalissa" in the park, the first thing Nev did was make some small talk, which we NEVER see him do when they meet the 'perp'.  But since it caught her in a lie, I guess the producers told him to?

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Kamie was one of the rotating hosts and they finally settled on one.  She seems like the best choice, some of them were too extra and others (the b-ball player) didn’t add much.

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