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S02.E03: Counting Down to a Kitchen and a Baby

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A couple expecting their first child takes on a kitchen renovation and hope to complete it before the baby arrives; she has a boho-chic style, and it doesn't mesh with his hopes for something clean and sleek.


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The episode was okay, but I almost threw something at the TV when they conned Izzy into doing $3500 worth of electrical work in a swap for "personal training."

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I hated the Izzy/HO bartering -  I wonder if taxes were paid? Stupid move to do on camera.

Bartering is the trading of one product or service for another. ... The IRS reminds all taxpayers that the fair market value of property or services received through a barter is taxable income. Both parties must report as income the value of the goods and services received in the exchange.Mar 8, 2013

Also, Ant getting involved w/the ceiling fan..."they look 90's:, instead your wife replaces it w/a a generic look big box meh fixture.

BTW - your multiple lights on cords isn't exactly cutting edge design🙄

ETA - RHONJ and taxes

I still think Joe & Teresa got in trouble after they showed her buying $120k+ in furniture...and paying for it  in cash on S1.

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6 hours ago, Calguy123 said:

Doesn’t anyone notice that the wife looks just like Scarlett Johansson?
It’s uncanny!

She really did look a lot like her. I forgot to mention it!

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