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S01.E08: Episode 8

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Just finished the series, and uncertain where to start.  Octavia Spencer literally seems to read the lines.  You really never believe she is the character.  Her sidekick, the blonde lady, is an awkward person in show with no definition of why.  Why is Poppy even married as her husband and their relationship has nothing to do with the plot.  Did the police do zilch when it came to investigating the murder?  Apparently the prosecution was based on the word of a young teen, coached by her mom, with mental health issues.  Also, no one investigating the crime could tell stab wounds inflicted by a knife compared to the tail of a metal pheasant.  Poppy uncovers everything from hospital records to a code encrypted diary, declaring 'who did it' every episode which turns out to be wrong.  It's the dad.  It's the mom.  It's Warren.  It's Laurin.  Oops - it's Josie.  Who was left??  Then there is the whole police officer dad in the show.  He is captain, hit a kid, pays for his nursing home care, the kid's family (I guess) has no questions about this peculiar arrangement, and he set his son up in prison for...?????  Why would the father do that??  Never visits him but gets him into the dog program.  Huh??  As a side plot, Poppy's family has issues which again is not clear except no one cared about Poppy as a child so she cares about Warren after she was responsible for getting him tried as an adult.  At this point, I am throwing my hands in the air.  


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