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  1. I thought the exact same thing.
  2. Levi could not be less interesting.
  3. Season 3 was disappointing and felt the writers were just trying to give a quick wrap up for the series. Arkin was so obviously missed. The banter between him and Douglas WAS the show. Paul Reiser made this season. Jane Seymour was reduced to a cringe-worthy performance as was the entire funeral. What makes comedy funny is the fact that the scene could actually happen. Not in this case. Thanking Norman for leaving Sandy in charge of his will was good. Norman's daughter and son were excellent. Oh, what shall we say about Roz? Could the writers not make her salty without all the vulgar
  4. All the unanswered questions and irrelevant storylines remind me of Your Honor, where the last episode just made you mad. These limited series begin with a bang, reel you right in, then insult the viewer with a lame finale. Erin's murder had - how many - suspects? Her father? Dylan? The priest? John? Billy? Frank? Lori? Brianna? What the heck? Ends up it is a junior high boy. The entire Siobhan love life was what? Teen angst? So many details in this story were random - the grandson had ticks, Kevin had ticks, what was the conclusion? During the course of the night Erin was killed,
  5. Madison59

    Your Honor

    Wasn't the baseball Adam's which rolled from the floor of his car when Kofi took it? I kept thinking the baseball would be linked to Adam. But no, apparently Michael had no idea about the signed memorabilia and sold it.
  6. Madison59

    Your Honor

    I totally agree with you. On two occasions, episode 5 and episode 10, I wondered if I was having blackout moments; no recall to the lead-in of the shows. What was the point of having the mom dying by being murdered, her as a photographer, and having an affair? I thought old photos Adam found and the location of her death would be a factor in the crime. Nope. Nada. Also, what was the point of Adam sleeping with his teacher? ?? Why have a dog with seizures? ?? And why end the program with the Baxter family basically getting away with their crimes? The families affected by this family,
  7. It may be difficult for both to apologize as, in some form or another, they feel their comments were true.
  8. Was so looking forward to this season and must say it was a let down. Randall, and his lack of gratitude and perpetual state of angst is exhausting. Are we to feel despair for him, being raised in a loving home and not by his drug addicted, dysfunctional biological family? Is it saddening he went to a private school specialized for his math skills instead of lost in the public school system? When he leaves his family, his siblings who love him, (after he grandiosely discovers the reason for his bonus mother's behavior) to try to identify with the current climate, I found repugnant. Randal
  9. Love this show. However some of the storylines make me pause. Such as the shootout in the remote cabin where the judge was giving his testimony. Guys come in with weapons, hit the FBI and miss their intended target, an overweight older man who outruns them through the woods. The female officer sits in the cabin with the deceased officer until Ray comes in, then she decides to join in on the hunt. I am wondering where all the money signed over is going to go or if Bunchy is going to lose millions again. :)
  10. Just finished the series, and uncertain where to start. Octavia Spencer literally seems to read the lines. You really never believe she is the character. Her sidekick, the blonde lady, is an awkward person in show with no definition of why. Why is Poppy even married as her husband and their relationship has nothing to do with the plot. Did the police do zilch when it came to investigating the murder? Apparently the prosecution was based on the word of a young teen, coached by her mom, with mental health issues. Also, no one investigating the crime could tell stab wounds inflicted by a k
  11. New to the forum. Have been binge watching Outdaughtered and thoroughly enjoying the family's adventures. Can relate to several instances as I have a 2 1/2 yr. old granddaughter. My daughter finds it like herding cats to get Hank and Hazel out of the house. A couple things from my perspective: (1) The family isn't selling out their children for monetary gain. There is a natural curiosity about babies all the same age and how the family functions. Danielle is a doll and her patience and mature way of guiding (discipline) the girls is commendable. Of course they will get endorsements. T
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