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Rust Cohle: Haunted Nihilist

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Seriously, how great is Matthew McConaughey in this role? Is he on his way to the second leg needed for the coveted EGOT?

He's one of those actors who suddenly has found new acting life later in his career, after a few decades of playing the same "Alright alright alright" kind of guys.



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I don't even think it's intentional but he is so amazing and likable (though I've always liked him, he's good in a rom-com. Sorry/not sorry) I'm really hoping he gets the Emmy for this, I honestly think they both deserve it my only fear is it's so early that something else will come out between now and then and overshadow this amazing performance. 

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Mr Assault and I were discussing his EGOT last night. Isn't the easy Grammy a spoken word album? I used to just like him, but in the last couple of years, I now adore his work.

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Yeah Matthew is great in this role. It is the first time I have liked him in anything, since I only remember him from really bad romantic comedies like "Failure to launch" and "wedding planner", but he has really converted me with his portrayal of Rust Cohle in "True Detective".

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