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S01.E08: Fairytale ends

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Anna Lisa was eliminated when she sat with Matt in the drawing room, while Kelley nearly slid off of her chair in the garden from relief when Matt asked her to the Crown Suite.


The only reason I remember that is because I just read the Fug Girls' hilarious episode 4 recap, and I remember how ridiculous Kelley was being in that scene.  Utterly ridiculous.


Although I wouldn't mind prancing around in Daisy Dukes in front of him myself, so I sort of understand her thirst.




I need to backflip on over to the Rx for that penicillin 'script...that Kelley is so contagious.  *cough*


Don't forget to pick up your copy of "the Notebook" and every disney princess movie.  The penicillin alone is ineffective, and before you know it you'll be making crazy eyes at some guy you barely know.

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Okay, the ending was cheesy as hell, but also kinda adorable.


Also, Kimberly's face when she found out about the money made me laugh.

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Matt Hicks picks a winner. Find out if she picked him back in Sarah's final I Wanna Marry "Harry" Rankled.


I'm confused about why this is here.  We know how the show ended.

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That is a link to Sarah's story on this ep.  The lines you're referring to are from the description of the story.  The site now automatically links stories and their comments to the thread for that show.

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