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  1. Oh my goodness, she must be over the moon to be on E!
  2. you should totally do that! LMAO. It'll drive him nuts, and then he will share the resume!
  3. I don't do twitter, but I'm more amused by the fact that she is pretending to not care, when she is super defensive. And I would totally charge Danielle $400 for emotional distress if I was forced to listen to her try to molest someone upstairs from me.
  4. Re: Kandi. Here is what I don't get. I think she has done remarkably well, all things considered. She was in Xscape many, many moons ago. She worked on successful songwriting projects and opened up a set of small clothing boutiques. Even by most standards that would be doing much better than most people who have been in pop/R&B groups. Then she landed the RHOA thing. And then Bedroom Kandi, and Kandi Coated Nights and the play. I don't know who is making those things happen for her, if its DJ, if its just her, if she has a manager. But either way, she is doing really well for s
  5. I am starting to agree with you there. Something about a man who is competent, masterful and commanding in the kitchen, because that is the only thing that can explain my inexplicable and shameful urges towards Tom C. And of course, there are those feelings I get whenever Eric Ripert makes an appearance. And by the way Katsuji, I'm not sure who you see in the mirror, but you are more Spuds Mackenzie than Shaq so you can miss me with the condescension based on height.
  6. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing that out because it is so damn true. That scene of him dumping out the box of TM's stuff from stage left while she was fighting with Hazel at a tattoo removal party which somehow resulted in her adding words to a tattoo alone was worth more than anything he has ever done during BGC: All Star Battle!
  7. Exactly! Draw a line in the sand for people you've at least known for more than a week!
  8. I have PTSD after Digger, is it worse than Digger?
  9. and maybe this is where the show needs to go. Make it official, like survivor, but not like all stars battle, cause that bored me. Too much Ray-J, not enough pre-noon drinking.
  10. That has to be Big Ang, because it is so true. She must have used Big Ang's plastic surgeon. But seriously, you remember when Renee was like "I can look like Carla without having to work out!" Oh my friend, famous last words Natalie is a shit stirrer. I can't believe Victoria Gotti is being painted as the boss of anything. John Gotti was like 1994, this shit was over 20 years ago. And the reviews about him as a Mob boss are pretty unflattering. I've always thought that Gotti might have also ratted but there was no one for him to rat out, he was the teflon don the feds wanted.
  11. She really ought to loan that guy some of her vast holdings in eyeliner so he can fix that space between his eyebrows. The fact that people are talking bad about her and she is busy reading all of it instead of living her life tells me that she is likely very hurt and trying to put on a brave face (which will include a winged eyebrow)
  12. Hell you don't have to make it 5k, you see the shit they were willing to eat for even a shot at $333.33 Although, its always amusing to hear the "I'm an original and you're a replacement and therefore I am your superior and will now throw your mattress in the pool" or the fly by the seat of your pants reason the producers will come up for sending one girl home but not another.
  13. Yeah, you're a real rulebreaker marrying a man 15 years older that sees you as an object for a greencard. Oh yeah, thats never been done before.
  14. I don't know how to do the twitter! Damn my lack of social media knowledge. If there is a kind soul who can cut and paste I would be ever so grateful as I want to read her poorly written wrath! Are you sure, I thought the side effects were that you were 23 and 107 pounds?
  15. You are so wrong for that! I always feel like I'm not hip enough to understand how they are dressing. here is the thing about the Danni/Julie conversation - its boring! Its going to be Julie whining, and Danni talking in a flat voice. Who gives two fucks if they are buddies or not? And yes, I like watching Bad Girls Club to watch them fight, get drunk, wear ridiculous outfits, claim that they are all better than the others, have drama, inexplicably throw mattresses in a pool, and claim that people that not good enough for their VIP section. I'm all in for the drama. I don't mind t
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