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S01.E08: House of Enlightenment

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Why aren't there a bunch of comments here? I feel the need to discuss this show but without other comments, I'm not sure where to start...

The original trailer apple showed made this series seem EPIC - the scenery, the battle scenes, the Momoa. Then I read some lackluster reviews and I was prepared for disappointment. Honestly, though, I wasn't disappointed at all. The filming WAS epic. The fight scenes WERE awesome. The plot was interesting and the characters were better formed than I expected. I was totally immersed and binged the whole series in a couple of days.

Even as much of the world didn't make complete sense, I believed these characters. I believed their society. I saw the princess-reveal from early on and knew what we'd find in her secret satchel before it was opened, but it still worked for me.

I loved the Voss/Jerlameral showdown. I loved to hate the queen.

The only thing that didn't make any sense to me other than 'plot' - was Boots' betrayal. If the Queen died, the princess he was already sworn to would've become queen. And she is certainly more trustworthy than the Queen he switched allegiances to. That didn't make any sense. But, otherwise, truly enjoyed and hope to see another season. I look forward to the reunification of the family and, potentially, the discovery of more sighted people.

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I’m glad someone else watched the show and enjoyed it too. I had to binge it on my phone, which is too bad because the scenery truly was gorgeous and I wish I had seen it on a bigger screen. I think the cast really put their heart into it and tried to make the show really fly. I have to concede that the writing and believability of the show was not always what I hoped, but I enjoyed it anyway. I liked that Jerlamerel turned out to be a false prophet, and his fight scene with Jason Momoa was crazy. I am not sure how I feel about Momoa having blinded him, I did not see that coming.  Interesting that in his mind his children turned out to be more disposable than they ever imagined. In the earlier part of the show, before we met boots, they seem to be incredibly special. It was an interesting revelations that while they were important to Jerlamerel he viewed them as replaceable commodities.  It sounds as though he is assuming that sight is a dominant trait that they all pass on to their offspring. However, it’s not clear that that’s true if they continue to have children with at least one blind parent. On the other hand, I guess given the number of sighted children that he had he may be correct.

I also liked that they made him into a  false prophet, and his fight scene with Jason Momoa was crazy. I am not sure how I feel about Momoa having blinded him, and leaving him for dead. It does not seem realistic to me that either he or Momoa will recover from their injuries from all of the fighting. However, I’ll just go with it.

As for Boots, the impression I have from the story his mother told is that he is mentally unwell to some degree. I also wasn’t entirely sure why he shifted his allegiances to the queen, except that perhaps he wanted to hedge his bets since he had kind of done away with Maghra’s family. If she ever finds out about it, or just gets suspicious of him, she will probably kill him, and therefore it may pay to have a connection to the queen. Also, since the queen is more ruthless and power-hungry, he may figure that she is a better match for him In the long run.

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It's a year and a half later and I just watched this series. I really liked it a lot! I don't really have much to add since it doesn't appear there are many others but I'll be tuning in to every episode of season 2.

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