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S02.E.05: Harley Gets a Hole in One

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That was an interesting episode.  I always love seeing Patrick McKenna.

I don't really want any romances in this show.  At least Harley didn't find Sam and the chief in a clinch, like I was expecting.  I wonder if she really does have a thing for the chief.

And who was the young woman he was talking to, who tried to spray paint the diamond?  It seemed that she is someone close to him, either a daughter or sister.

Anyhow, I am really enjoying the season so far.

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19 hours ago, Trey said:

I wonder if she really does have a thing for the chief.

While my first reaction to this is: Who could not have a thing for him? Heh, sometimes the most attractive people turn out to be not so attractive in other ways. I wonder if they will go there. Or if it will be that old trope of how she does kiss the chief and realizes her real attraction/chemistry is with Harley.
I loathe most onscreen romances, but I'll tolerate this one for a little while.

I loved the comedic parts with JC and Kristian Bruun, like the golf shot gag. I "met" Kristian Bruun in my old fav show Orphan Black; IMO, he is worth his weight in gold when doing comic relief, which is always my favorite part of a show, even though I don't  care much for comedy shows in general.

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