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Something’s Killing Me

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”BD Wong is not a doctor, although he played one on TV -- forensic psychiatrist/criminal profiler Dr. George Huang on "Law and Order: SVU." So he's familiar with complicated cases and digging deep for proper diagnoses, both of which play into his role as host of "Something's Killing Me." The HLN original production is a six-part documentary series that examines puzzling diseases and symptoms that result in near-death struggles. Featuring re-enactments, each hourlong episode tells actual stories of how doctors, scientists and, in some cases, federal investigators race against time to discover what or who is killing a patient. Included are interviews with victims, their families and doctors.“

Anyone else watch this show? I like how it combines mystery with medical drama. I’m pleasantly surprised it doesn’t play into anxiety or hypochondria. My two favorite episodes are the first one - “Hope” and the fatal familial insomnia one.

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I’ve just recently gotten into this show.  The most recent episode(with the genetic disorder limited to a single family)was interesting.

Me too.  This was the first episode I watched and I also recorded the one about the baby.  The doctor and his daughters seemed like such a lovely family.  It was a sad story.  How awful it must be to walk on pins and needles, waiting for symptoms to appear, and then knowing that there won't be anything that can be done for you.  The asthma medication was a new development so hopefully there will be other options coming with time. 

Some things weren't clear to me.  It sounded like a few of the women of the family had symptoms but then the disease never progressed or affected them from there?  I wonder if the daughters could have a similar outcome?  I also was very surprised that the one daughter was allowed to give birth when before they were saying she had blood vessels that could explode at any time.   

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I've seen several episodes and I'm finding it riveting, although darker than I expected. I guess I thought each one would end with a mystery illness being cleared up before the patient died, but sadly no. 

I like that the show is very informative without being melodramatic. In particular, the show about rabies was an eye opener for me, and so sad. I actually told my children about it, in the unlikely event they were bitten or scratched by a bat or raccoon. After seeing the show, I'd encourage anyone to get the treatment if there was any doubt about the animal. 

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Is anyone watching this? I just saw Family Secret. Wowsers! I was expecting a medical mystery. This should have been on Dateline. So evil! 

I can say the same about the previous episode, about the nurse who killed a minimum of 40 patients. 

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