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S01.E13: Go For Gary

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Here are my overall impressions on the show. 
In short, I liked it. It's not necessarily addictive or something I'd recommend strongly. However, whenever I watched it I enjoyed it. Some of the jokes were very good and felt fresh. Story lines were not exactly original but I don't think that's what they tried to achieve anyway. Most characters started growing on me from early on and overall flow worked fine, too. 


It may not be totally comparable though, it occurred to me that they can take notes from what Brooklyn Nine-Nine have done with Andy Samberg. Many said they found B99 more enjoyable, once they toned down the craziness of Jake Peralta and made it more of an ensemble show, which could well be applied to Danny and this show. I guess the over-the-top ness is working for him greatly as a stand-up comedian and he's probably super funny in person and during filming the show. But maybe acting in a sitcom requires a bit more balanced energy? (Ignore me if I'm talking nonsense.)


There's one more step for Undateable. They need to work harder on making the premise of Danny being a chick magnet more believable. Chris D'elia seems to be one in real life but oddly enough even after watching 13 episodes I'm still not convinced in what sense he could be so appealing. No matter if he/she's a villain or not, I think a leading actor should be sympathetic in some ways, especially when it's a such a prominent role. Danny wasn't to me. I didn't dislike the character, just never have gotten to care about all that much.


My favorite character was Justin, a lovable loser as he described. Not just in this show but in general - in interviews, on talk shows or on stage - he seems like an affable, confident and very talented guy, albeit not the most polished TV show performer yet. By the look of the last week's ratings the show is pretty much a goner though, I hope to see him somewhere else as soon as possible.


- Briga Heelan left the show midway through it, didn't she?

- @JonDeWalt "Season 1. #Undateable. The underdog show that battled: summer, back to back, LeBron, weather, Big Brother, etc..." And the 4th of July week to cap it off! I feel for the guys. :-( 


ETA: Oops, it was supposed to be put on Episode 13 thread. *blush* Thanks, Stacey!

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