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  1. at 0:28s, 0:38s, views of the full studio audience. https://fallon.1iota.com/show/353/the-tonight-show-starring-jimmy-fallon
  2. These are old tweets though, when someone asked why Rachel & Lawrence don't put Biden on their shows
  3. sum

    Will & Grace

    I assumed given the lukewarm ratings since the first return season they thought the writing was on the wall and made the decision before the inevitable one from the power that be coming. What the ...? Most likely I'm burying my head in the sand but I refuse to believe the feud rumor and all the speculation about their Instagram posts/stories/not tagging is just fans reading too much into them, because it'd be really really sad if that's how the show ends after all these years and we're not talking about actors in their 20s/30s.
  4. 'Monday Midday Update: Final domestic opening weekend for The Lion King per Disney is $191.77M, which is very close to where the industry was seeing it yesterday morning and well above the $185M that the studio reported. This is after a Sunday that was $52.8M, -13%. Lion King‘s opening completely stopped Beauty and the Beast‘s opening B.O. ball of $174.7M and was even higher than such Disney theme park IP pics like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($135.6M opening, the highest in that pic series).' https://deadline.com/2019/07/the-lion-king-weekend-box-office-july-records-120264
  5. I don't remember seeing anyone (bar musical guests & Graham himself) wearing an ear mic and Gwyneth was wearing a tragus earring. Unless it was in the other side, I don't think she was wearing any earpiece, either.
  6. Can you imagine how many devout Fox news viewers who have absolutely no context were genuinely confused by the ad? :D I bet it was a deliberate decision to have Desi, an attractive young blond to front it.
  7. The character used to be played by Alvina August, now by Caitlin Stryker? https://www.crownmediapress.com/Shows?SiteID=143&NodeID=307&ShowIndex=H On each movie page there's a 'Credit Sheet' link. Probably not the most comprehensive list but better than nothing. :) - Direct link to 'A Prescription for Murder' cast list. http://awsprxdam.crownmediadev.com.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/highRes/3119230.pdf
  8. Oh, I was sure it'd be a frustrating watch and hid it from my list.
  9. 'All In' six year anniversary appearance on Late Night. Chris Hayes Had the Best Day on Social Media When Tucker Carlson Attacked Him Chris Hayes talks about bringing the Green New Deal to a town hall with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tucker Carlson's odd attempt to insult him and why he finds Fox News so unnerving. Chris Hayes Defends His Coverage of the Mueller Report Chris Hayes talks about the shift in public opinion on climate change, reflects on his coverage of the Mueller report and discusses his past as a political canvasser.
  10. sum


    Her voice is unmistakable. From the previous year (1978), Andrea Mitchell's first report on Nightly News (wearing very similar earrings. :p)
  11. A bit of trivia, the actor who played the prince is a son of Kristin Scott Thomas, Joseph Olivennes.
  12. It's par for the course that when bad news hit GOP, Fox News ratings plummet & MSNBC ratings soar and vice versa. Nothing to see here really.
  13. Episode 03 Preview https://www.hbo.com/video/the-case-against-adnan-syed/seasons/episodes/episodes/episode-3/videos/preview That better not be an overstatement. So many confusing details, it's 2014 Serial rabbit hole all over again.
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