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Dr. Laura Hobson: Cute in Coveralls

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Re-watching the Hobson episodes on "Morse". Knowing what I know now, I can almost read into it she had a thing for Lewis back then. She's snarky to Morse, but she isn't to Lewis.

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Not that she looks old now, but she looks so young in these episodes!

It was thanks to her snarky comment to Morse in Death Is Now My Neighbor that sent him on the path to figuring out what was going on.

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Yeah. I liked how Morse tried to blow it off, but then gets Lewis to look at the houses from the alley. This is the episode where we learn Morse's first name isn't it?

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Yes!  The second part is when he learn what his name is!   Heh, plus his future/past boss is in those episodes also - Roger Allam is playing Denis Cornford. 



Poor Morse, he flirted with her and got absolutely nowhere.

I think he did in the books though!  I'll have to figure out which one was her first book and look it up. 

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I noticed that. I can't remember if Allam's character became Master of Lonsdale or he was killed (I'll find out thursday night). But if he wasn't killed, he could make an appearance in the future Lewis series (since the last series isn't the last series afterall.)

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From "S09.E01: One For Sorrow":

22 hours ago, statsgirl said:

The anvils about problems in the Robbie/Laura relationship were hot and heavy. Why can't a professional woman of a certain age just get the guy and end happily ever after?


10 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

Why can't Laura, a beautiful, intelligent, funny woman get someone better than Lewis?  That's the real mystery!

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I was thinking about this ... why Robbie didn't find a hobby or become a teacher at the police academy (and why Hathaway never settled on being anything in particular) and all I can figure is that -- true to the rule of syndication -- they didn't want to change the line-up/formula so much that episodes could not be "comfortably" shown out of sequence.  Laura is drop-dead gorgeous and smart as a whip ... and women of a certain age and a certain amount of experience do "settle" for someone who's not going to be playing games or getting restless or taking them for granted. Men who have been previously happily married  are "better bets" than someone suddenly feeling old and wanting to snare a life-companion.  

This season Robbie increasingly grumpy (or something, maybe it's just his feet) and Laura seems to have no patience for his intrusion into her work day (which again, seems out of character for her). 

Make Hathaway a lovestruck 30 something acting like a teenager, but please don't mess with Robbie and Laura ... I'm doubtful there's a tiny police force in New Zealand in need of a detective and a medical examiner... but if that's what it takes, I'm in. 

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