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S06.E05: Spies & Lies

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I thought it was one of the better episodes they had for awhile.  Though IRL, I can't imagine an agent being on the case that had such a close family connection to the case.

Two things that kinda had me LOLing.  One early in the episode when the kid was talking to Hannah.  Hannah tells him, "Why no, we need a warrant to collect that data from those phones!"  The week before, Patton not only pinged phones, but listened on multiple people's conversations that I am pretty sure were warrantless.

Then when LaSalle says, "We need to capture him alive!"... you know that 9 times out of 10 the perp gets killed then.  And shore 'nuff...

And yeah, that "confession" didn't sound rehearsed or scripted at all.  😉

But all in all, I kinda liked this episode. 

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I'm not ordinarily a viewer of this series, but in this case (and once before) my DVR has found me the episode because of the casting of Rebecca Luker as "Miss Rose." She comes by the accent and attitude naturally, having been born in Birmingham, Alabama, but is primarily known as perhaps the outstanding musical-theater soprano of her generation. YouTube has many beautiful examples of her in slow songs; here's a more up-tempo one:

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