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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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I like David Chang, so as soon as this showed up on the Netflix page I thought "Yay! another food show! I'm gonna watch this!." Imagine my surprise when the first episode I clicked on was actually him visiting my home-town of Vancouver with Seth Rogen in tow.

The entire episode was surreal for me - not just because they were smoking doobies the whole time - but because probably around 75% of the episode was filmed RIGHT IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD. In fact, you can very clearly see my apartment as they're driving to Queen Elizabeth Park, which is just up the street from me. They hung around a lot of spots in the Main/Cambie/Oak Street area which for me, is my daily world and was bizarre to see on a TV show.

I thought Seth did alright at hitting the highlights in the city - Granville Island (yes, Lee's Donuts is a wonderful and delicious), some Dim Sum at Sun Sui Wah which is walking distance from my apartment, some Indian samosas & sweets in Little India, along with the obligatory jaunt to Richmond for Chinese BBQ.

Was not expecting an "enhanced" visit to the hedge maze in VanDusen Gardens - also a stone's throw from where I live. Thought it was cute when Seth got to meet his namesake octopus at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park, and yes, the jellyfish tanks are trippy and hypnotic even if you're not stoned.

Could have done with a bit more food exploration and a bit less of the giggly smoke-ups, but I guess if it's Seth Rogen, you're going to get major helpings of weed along with local cuisine. Was hoping for a visit to the Phnom Penh in Chinatown for their fried chicken wings, or perhaps a brunch drop-in to the legendary Tomahawk in North Van, but you can't have everything!

P.S. for the curious, Vancouver is home to  some very fine donut establishments. In addition to the wonderful Lee's, there is a relatively new chain in various locations called Cartem's, which has some fancier artisinal donuts. If you have a vehicle and time, there is a suburb just across the bridge Northeast of Downtown called Deep Cove, where you will find Honey's Donuts. I have not tried Honey's but I hear they are amazing old-school donut delectables! For a slightly bizarre but delightfully dodgy budget option, there is Duffin's donuts on East 41st. This particular Duffin's is a bit of an underground local legend. It was, I think, at one time part of a chain, but at some point the franchise owners just started to do whatever the hell they felt like, so in addition to donuts, you can get fried chicken, spring rolls, vietnamese subs, and tamales (?!). It's open 24/7, and if you go there later at night, you'll also be treated to the somewhat colourful clientele.

PPS. I promise I'm not Homer Simpson. I just appreciate a good donut.

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Sun Sui Wah is super legit, not just for dim sum but also for dinner and esp Cantonese banquet food.

I thought worrying about what a TV show’s (good) publicity might do to ruin a local business was interesting but a little wasted on HK BBQ Master, which has already been locally famous for a long time. <shrug>

And yeah, I love that Seth Rogen loves Vancouver.

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Went right through the series—just kept getting better. Phenom Penh might have been the best of the bunch. I can’t recall a more powerful story about food and culture than the points made here, in Cambodia, before, during and after that unimaginable war.

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