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S02.04: Bang for Your Buck

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Mike decides to get back into journalism by reinvigorating the town newspaper, but ends up causing quite the stir when he discovers some town secrets and rivalries; a vindictive neighbor keeps Rio from playing the Maiden of Bucksnort.

Air date: October 15, 2019

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1 hour ago, iMonrey said:

OK, how did this end? My electricity kept going out. The last thing I saw was Constance giving Mike the old newspaper but I never found out what was in it.

Turned out that Jerry's from Parks & Rec ancestor and Ed Bagely Junior's ancestor were part of a throuple and they jointly (with the wife) established the town. That's why Ed's ancestor had the actual cape. Up until a certain point, the town admitted that, but somewhere in the past they decided not to share that anymore. Then Jerry & Ed called each other cousins and hugged it out.  Then there was a scene where Mike and Rio were talking and he talked about why he enjoyed doing the paper because it felt good to be good at something and she said he was a good farmer. 

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