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S02.E03: The Rudy-ing of Toby Murphy

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After watching the classic film "Rudy" in C.B.'s class, a student wants to play football; Principal Glascott suggests Lainey find a girlfriend to give her advice on life, so she tries to befriend Wilma.

Original air date: October 9, 2019

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“I’ve got Scouts coming.  My whole troop!”

The writers write some of the best one-liners.

I mean, “the cheesesteaks smell like feet”?  Funny, and also wonderful to see Boyz II Men.

They did a good job with Hayley where she is the exact same age for both shows, yet looks older here than on The Goldbergs.

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Nice seeing Boyz II Men and still sounding great! 

That was a fun episode, and it was fun seeing Erica again even if it was just over the phone. "Al Roker, for now." 

I thought that the kid would end up getting either hurt or would end up actually scoring the winning touch down, but I liked what they did instead, giving him his big moment using his brains, while also getting to play. 

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As a 90s kid, I was ALL ABOUT CB's epic Tamagotchi tie.

I get that Lainey is unfortunately still with Ghost Barry, but did the writers forget her thing with CB? Last season ended on him gazing longingly after her, so I thought we'd at least get some awkwardness/pining. They've barely interacted this season! Meanwhile, she's had tons of (unintentional?) romantic scenes with Mellor.

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