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S01.E08: Old School

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Jake's dream comes true when he gets to spend the day with his hero, Jimmy Brogan (guest star Stacy Keach), a former crime reporter. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Jake's comments about Holt and the precinct are considered "on the record." Meanwhile, Terry and Charles try to teach Rosa how to be less terrifying on the witness stand.


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Good to see this one again... it's one of my favorite episodes of what became my favorite comedy last season. The scene with Peralta and Santiago on the roof is both funny and sweet, which is something this show does really well, and Rosa on the witness stand was just hysterical.


ETA: OK, I just realized that I posted this in the wrong episode thread from last night's reruns, but the thought still counts!

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I flipped onto this halfway through and I was (again) killing myself laughing at hungover Jake.  As someone who cannot hold my liquor (like, at all) I totally felt his pain.  Also, Amy caving to Holt's blatant emotional manipulation is amazing.  And, I love that it was Amy who brought them back to blowing up the book.  She's not just a by-the-book nerd!  She can have fun too!!

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Stacy Keach really was perfectly cast as Jimmy Brogan.  He really gives off a persona of someone who is way behind the times and says offensive stuff, but is fun to watch.  But I like the idea of how they show that being "old school" is not all that it's cracked up to be, and Jake having to realize that.  I liked Holt pointing out that, back then, he, nor Amy or Rosa, would have been accepted into the force.  Stuff like that is always ignored, when nostalgia is waxed on like that.


Speaking of which, the flashback of Holt joining the force was probably less then fifteen seconds, but still is one of the funniest things I've seen.  Afro, Mustached Holt will never not be awesome!


Rosa's story-line was probably one of my favorites of her.  Stephanie Beatriz really shined with all the facial gags on the stand.  And while I usually don't care for Boyle's early behavior towards her, this worked a bit better because of that bizarre laugh, and because Terry was always around to be like "Come on, man!  Get it together!"


Holt obviously manipulating Amy and her knowing it, but caving anyway, was another favorite.

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It was a small bit, but Jimmy Brogan throwing darts at drunk Jake - I didn't know whether to laugh or cringe. Even though I know Jake's not going to get a dart in the eye because this is not that kind of show, it still made me uneasy. The part where he was still like "Throw it! I believe in you!" After getting nailed by a dart right in the chest, I was just like "OMG, doesn't that hurt?" How drunk do you have to be to not feel that? Sheesh!

Though two little bits I loved:

Jake looking off into the distance, going on about "not giving evil the satisfaction", and Amy looking in the same direction like "the hell is he looking at?"

Brogan's confused face when Jake was talking about "Training Day" and "Super Troopers" - those references are definitely too new for Brogan!

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