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  1. The long-haired musician? Guitars rather than violins? What is the Duggar world coming to?
  2. I don't know what Gothard would say about fertility testing, but it's clear Michelle Duggar has not left reproduction totally up to God. She tried to get pregnant as often as possible by using natural family planning. And boy did she succeed! This seems to me to be theologically inconsistent.
  3. Gothard has always been controversial among biblical Christians. Many of his teachings are Old Testament-based and/or teachings he made up himself. There are rules for everything - what to eat, how to treat illnesses (really goofy), what to wear, how to apply makeup, why people shouldn't adopt children, etc. Children should not attend colleges and must wait until they are married to move away from home, etc. But on top of this, he's never married or had children of his own, and he's long been known to engage in inappropriate activities with young ladies who come to work at his Institute. He's
  4. Gil Bates, as a member of the BOD for IBLP, is going to be in on what the investigation of Gothard reveals. Two of the board members have already resigned. As JB's buddy, he's going to hear some tales that will curl his toes. Mark my words, this is going to be a turning point for the Duggars.
  5. JB is loosening up and starting to see the light about Gothard, IMO. A few years ago, no way he would have allowed one of his daughters to court and marry a college-educated, non-ATI man with facial hair and blue jeans, whose mom is a working woman with a master's degree! Once you start to admit a leader isn't infallible, there's a crack in the dam, and before long, whoosh! Mullet still has blinders on...
  6. By the way, they are holding hands now that they're engaged.
  7. They have computers, so here's hoping they're following the posts at recoveringgrace.org. The only house pics I've seen have been on the Jill and Derick facebook page.
  8. Jim Bob has to be moving a bit away from Gothardism to allow Jill & Derick to marry. Besides having a college education and facial hair (heavens!), he's not been raised IBLP/ATI. His mom has a master's degree and has held very responsible positions with WalMart & Sam's Club for years. As far as money goes, I bet the Duggar girls get money from their book sales. By the way, did anyone else hear Derick say to his mom at the airport, "It'll be okay. Just trust me." I can imagine she has some reservations about being tied to the Duggars.
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