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  1. I remember my high school drama teacher REFUSED outright to even consider doing Grease because she decided it villainized Sandy being a good person who did well in school and obeyed her parents and didn't drink or smoke and made her change to become more like the boy she liked. Even though he made a half assed attempt to change, he quickly went back to his greaser/bad boy ways the minute she put on those leggings and started smoking. She decided those were not messages she wanted to teach teen girls. Digression aside, I am 100% HERE for this show! It had me at hello with the Hamilton sin
  2. Yes!! You just made it click what has been bugging me about Shawniece. Not just that she's over the top (and OMG she is so beyond Extra) but it's all a lack of respect. She DGAF about Jephte or his comfort level or job. And it's not just her, but her family too. I would have been out the minute her mother started with the "Thank you Jesus"es before the wedding. But the masturbation talk, lap dance, peeing with the door open, pushing about his phone, etc are all examples of how she believes life is the Shawniece show and he's just a prop. Frankly, if I'd have spent 24 hours w
  3. YES! I could have watched a whole hour of their horror at the breaches in protocol!
  4. The actor they chose as Young Philip looks so much like Ryan Phillippe to me that I called him Phillippe in my head in every scene. To the point that I kept missing actual plot points. That being said, poor little muffin Charles. I also really enjoy all the end of episode notes about real history.
  5. Don't worry, she'll be back. When she seduces her own son (gross) when he and Roger go back even further (or was that in a Novella?)
  6. Ah see, I should have listened better too. I missed that! Thank you!
  7. Y'all know I am never one to defend Jenelle, but I think the point she was trying to make to Barb is that while yes, a pediatrician is capable of prescribing meds for anxiety/moods/adhd/etc, Jace probably should have seen a psychiatrist earlier to really get to the root of issues and make sure the medication is actually needed and correctly being used. Barb has been running around citing all these issues Jace has that require him to stay with her and to hear she'd never taken him to a specialist, I can imagine Jenelle's frustration. It's like, yes, an ER doc is perfectly capable of setti
  8. AGREE! When they showed the clock at 12:30am and Briana complaining that Luis left and Brittany came out of her room complaining that she was trying to sleep and then they panned to wide awake Nova standing in the middle of these harpies complaining about how men suck, I just groaned and prepared myself for 10 years from now when it would all be repeating itself.
  9. [small voice] if I went to a back yard wedding that served Olive Garden (or BBQ) I'd be pretty damn happy [/small voice] At least Jenelle is owning her lifestyle and the fact that most of her friends are probably in their early 20s and would much rather be at the beach or fishing than at a stuffy wedding. Unlike Caitlyn and Tyler's putting on airs at their wedding in that castle wearing freaking tails while guests are in jeans. That being said, girl said "out of the box" so many times it lost all meaning to me. By the end of the episode when she stood in a very pretty, very classi
  10. Wasn't it established that Kate has pretty bad stage fright/self esteem issues? Why would she want to front a wedding band? That just seems like the weirdest fit ever! She lives in Hollywood with a fairly famous actor brother. I feel as though she could get voice over/soundtrack singing work pretty easily. And that has nothing to do with her size. It just seems like a better match for her voice and experience level. Or she could start her own band or be a solo artist or she could audition for a back up singer of a star she idolizes. The wedding band seems more like a crazy scheme that To
  11. Matt trying to get Amber to "read" the "text" from "Leah" was Shady AF! "No seriously, she's ok with us getting married! see she totally texted how excited she is! see! it's totally her! look at it! I swear!!!" Amber's reaction looked like someone slowly coming out of a spell. Like one good shake of her head was going to get the rest of the pixie dust out of her eyes. But then on the after show she said they were still together but no seriously THIS is his last chance? Girl please. I believe when she says that is the first time she's seen those moments. But she should have been on he
  12. Yes! instead of owning that he was absent and he's thankful it worked out, he blamed the instant bond he saw between Lorelei and a newborn Rory as making him feel unnecessary. That is basic biology. The baby didn't choose Lorelei over you, you big man child! Stop pouting because you weren't the favorite parent for a nanosecond. After watching the whole revival a second time, I think my biggest beef is that ostensibly these four episodes were supposed to give closure to the fans. So to end them on such a huge cliffhanger is just rude. It's a slap in the face.
  13. Agreed! She always seems so genuinely happy around those guys. Even back in the original series. That fancy meat market party Emily threw for Rory or the Tarantino birthday party are two scenes I always think of when I think "Rory having real fun" Maybe it's all the male attention. Maybe it's the fact that she can stop pretending to be embarrassed by her family history/wealth. But Rory always seems to blossom around the LDB and Logan.
  14. My priest did the same thing. His reasoning was that was the most important part of the ceremony and should be taken the most seriously. So you couldn't/shouldn't half-ass your way through it by repeating. I think overall, this ceremony looked so much higher end than the previous two. I actually liked the bridesmaids dresses and I appreciated the varying colors/shades. The florals were much nicer and didn't looks like a pinterest board exploded. I wonder if Jeremy has money - I have no knowledge of what a professional soccer player makes - but it just seemed so much nicer and not as DIY
  15. Exactly! Notice how Caitlyn never actually RIDES the horses. She just stands next to them while limply holding a lead. And obviously hitching up the trailer, driving out the stable, loading the horse, driving it back home, and unloading it will allow you to hug a panic attack away much easier than just signing up for a $30 riding session. One thing that stuck out to me was in the beginning when she was saying "I used to love to ride" I actually thought, hmmm maybe she used to ride a lot and knows what she's getting into and wants to go back to something she once loved to do. But cut to
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