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  1. I would miss neither the actress nor having to watch her character's deep affinity and support for these animals/criminals/SLIME who fill their days by killing, maiming, extorting, preying on the less fortunate, and meting out their own justice. Of course it is Sam, who is sitting in a prison cell.
  2. When Liz was talking to Lucas for the first time in a long while (for a doctor and a nurse - two solid actors - and we get oceans full of Corinthos scenes and merely a drip of what this soap should be about), she described that Brook Lynn as not nice - like Tracy. I was wondering what Tracy ever did to Liz? IIRC, Tracy didn't mind Liz and AJ hooking up.
  3. Props to whomever edited/directed today's episode. Could it be heading up to corporate? Cue the bluebirds. ETA: I was thinking about how Maurice seemed to be putting an effort into today's performance and it makes sense as to why in this episode he wasn't butchering his lines left and right.
  4. He's engaged in the scenes that he wants to be engaged in. If folks like Elizabeth and Jax have to be sacrificed for ill-conceived characters (e.g., Franco and Nina), then it's time for Ava to get up on that alter. (J/K - because Ava thrives despite being only one rung up from her brother staring up at any kind scraps that the writers throw at the Jeromes).
  5. She is delightful and delicious to watch. Her recent scenes in Shadybrook have been the highlight of my viewing of this dreck. Maybe Hayden and Anna at the bar were a distant second. But something has gotta give with MB. With KM sidelined, MB is really stinking up the joint these days between his mumbling of the lines and the glib evil tidings and glances that Sonny is wont to do. My soul is still shaking from him at the Quartermaine mansion. It's just not right.
  6. I am not convinced that Elizabeth is going to receive nearly the same amount of lines that Franco will get once his operation is performed. Lucas is a cutie and a doctor (and Carly's brother - blech) and I wish they had him do more than hate Julian and suffer through a bad marriage. But put her with Robert Scorpio and witness the genuine positive feeling between TR and FH. And MB doesn't seem to care. He might want to take a look at what happened over at NBC and start making more of an effort. Maybe stick Maura West (she seems to be engaged during her scenes) with Maurice and that might put him on his toes a bit more. And her lackadaisical reaction to Jason saying that he should have murdered Shiloh was fairly disgusting too. He is so screwed six ways to Sunday and he's only been on for couple of weeks - good soap.
  7. Maybe I was FFing too much but I thought that Diane (Carloyn Hennesy brought enough energy for two) did a lousy job defending Sam. Doesn't a tape exist of Sam in captivity at Shiloh's casa - along with a picture of her BRAND (while her hero sat in a car outside staring off into space)? Wouldn't the discovery of Shiloh's prior court case be admissible? I still have absolutely no idea why Sam is behind bars and not out on bail. Is she really a flight risk? I guess keeping KM behind bars prevents her from sucking the energy our of other plots - so there's that. Meanwhile, Sam might want to reflect on why she is sitting in prison while Jason - who has committed exponentially more felonies than Sam is popping up in every plot in PC - and even assisting law enforcement in investigations - is free as a bird and not working 100% to get her out of jail.
  8. Sonny is just the person to talk about responsibility and booze. He's real responsible about having a drink to help optimize the effects of his bipolar medication. Another doctor gone. But another Corinthos baby so - all square?
  9. It could be delusion but I think it is hope. Since I started rewatching GH in 2012 to the present - both the lead character's (Sonny) presence and dialogue and plot presence have greatly diminished (or maybe it's the FF button). The other actors seem to me (could be projection) a bit put off in their scenes with SBu since his resurrection. ymmv. FV/writers have given him a marked increase in the amount of dialogue and have plastered him around. His 'huge' fan base hasn't helped much in the ratings department. While I would be happy to see the characters of Sonny, Nina, Drew and Franco disappear (why couldn't they have released Drs. Stephen and Matt from prison instead of Nina and Franco?), I don't care one way or another if Jason Q. continues. It's just difficult to watch the hitman and professional thugster being portrayed as a hero/rescuer/savoir/family guy. I actually don't hate SBu but probably enjoy hating current Jason.
  10. Jason has no characters on the screen to play with except for Sam and Carson. What a mistake it was to bring back Jason, along with the failed Drew character. The only other character that they can pair him with is Franco. Gone is the apparent warmth towards SBu by the cast (except maybe LW) since his return. That's what it seems like to this viewer and can't be written out of or into a script by having Jason being a father or hero. Without being able to hide behind TG, MB's acting skills are laid bare. It seems that MB is out for himself and he is giving nothing to SBu in his scenes. I am enjoying watching the demise of Sonny and Jason. It's been a real long time coming. Chickens coming home to roost.
  11. What matters to this viewer is that Rebecca Herbst is wasted as an actress being forced to be the love interest of a serial killer/rapist character that was created as a vehicle for James Franco. She seems to like RoHo IRL so it isn't as painful to watch as it could be. I am grateful that FV is giving GF some screen time and am enjoying her performances. Not a fan of her coupling with Kevin. But any use of GF makes this show all the more watchable and I am confident she will be able to help gell NuNik into the show. The character of Nina has/had no strong actress to 'gell' her into the show. IR is a good fit for that purpose. I hate to admit it (since I HATE her character) but LW is doing the same thing for Sonny. It would be preferable that these characters (Franco, Nik, Nina, Sonny) didn't exist. YMMV. 😂
  12. I don't think Kendra has much of a shelf-life. This seems to be yet another shot at the Jeromes. Meanwhile, nothing but cartoon bluebirds and additional generations for the Corinthos.. .
  13. The problem with a good action/adventure storyline is that it would include SBu.
  14. Unlike 90% of the episodes, it seemed like the actors were enjoying themselves. This episode was one of the reasons that this show remains in rotation on my DVR. Guess that some enjoy rocks.
  15. Jon Snow never dressed like that. More like his bro rob. What is up with Carley's attitude about Liz?
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