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  1. I started watching this soap in the late '70s. I feel a lot of love for this program on this board and have witnessed thoughtful and artful dialogue herein. Can't (and don't presume) speak for anyone else, but I feel that the mob hijacked this program and it needs to return to its medical roots. There is no way that I would have been able to rationalize/understand what happened to this soap during the '90s and '00s without the good folks on this board. I want this soap opera to be around when I am done and gone and I think that most people here want the same. It just seems to have taken a wrong turn but has the ability/capability to right the ship and put it back on its original course. YMMV.
  2. With only one doctor and one nurse on contract on a soap opera called 'General HOSPITAL', there is little chance for a story related to anything in the medical realm.
  3. I am not 'blaming' GH. Perhaps, 'tone deaf' was not the right word. But for those of us who have sick parents who cannot see them right now, having this slime bucket who earns his living by taking advantage of the weakest of society being able to spend time with his sick dad is infuriating. Not that the rage meter isn't already up whenever that character is on the screen on any day ending in with a 'y'.
  4. Between Dillon, Oscar, Olivia* and Brook Lynn - it does not seem like show is making even a half-hearted attempt to resurrect the Qs. GH is stunningly tone-deaf for the current situation with Sonny continually at his dad's assisted facility home bedside and poor Joss was under house-arrest. The only good thing about the Corinthos (and Jason/Sam) is that it makes me more excited to see just about anyone else - even the stupid addition of useless characters like Franco and Nina. * - looking mighty fine these days.
  5. The mayor was shot, warehouse blown up, and a daytime shooting in a new york city bar pass for 'brewing' with Sonny's gummy-bear mobdom. Love Chase - especially when just sporting those sweatpants - but enough with calling Nelle - 'Janelle'. TIA.
  6. If only the 'd' and the 'e' were replaced with a 'v' and an 'a'.
  7. I hope that one network exec is stuck home recently and has tried to watch a soap opera called General Hospital and instead finds him/herself watching seweragy stories about serial killers who are holding Port Charles hostage.
  8. Because TPTB won't let Carly and Sonny take a vacation (at best), this viewer decided to take a vacation.
  9. Guess I picked a good time to part way with my cable -- not that there aren't many other ways to catch up - but it appears that the regime is satisfied with highlighting Sonny and Jason (and Carly and Sam) who are truly despicable violent felons. How do the TPTB expect folks - who go out and try to earn a living and/or raise a family - relate to people whose chosen career is to prey on people who are down on their luck is beyond me. This soap opera bears little resemblance to the soap opera called General Hospital that I started watching in the '70s. I thought that there was a recent positive change afoot - but bringing back thug Jason just cemented their intentions. It's especially exasperating because there are enough solid actors on the show - amongst a bloated cast - that getting rid of the Corinthos family - wouldn't give the soap much pause.
  10. If you aren't outraged . . .you aren't paying attention.
  11. She's still in high school but what are Brooklyn's and Sam's excuses? Can't stand any of those three. They generate NO energy. Both the actresses and the writers have generated no excitement as to why the audience should waste its time with any of these three characters. Speaking of waste, did they really waste Jane Elliot's visit to raise some interest in Brooklyn? Just after Julian got rid of having to deal with Brad (after being stuck in the boring Oscar story) who was in a constant state of panic for 18 months, he is going to get stuck with babysitting another subpar character, bratty Brooklyn. Poor WdV. Then there's another yawner -- Michael - who today announces that he is going to abide by the law right now because he is currently on the right side of the law. Huh? {{{Bowl of Moss}}}
  12. I am going to enjoy Ava and Elizabeth in scenes together. Meanwhile, Welcome back - big bowl of moss (that acts as a much needed piece of catnip during Carly/Sonny kitchen scenes)!
  13. For this fan, it appears that we have arrived at the junction where we recently are going backwards led by some of the more powerful/persuasive folks behind the scenes that are calling the shots - who are only in their jobs because they owe some type of loyalty to either maurice bernhard or to whomever has been supporting him. Sonny was able to hide behind Luke (and Robert). It is a soap opera called 'General Hospital' that spends its resources and five decades of good will on glorifying really despicable characters (e.g., Corinthos family) that have no saving grace (like doing something positive in employment - e.g., doctors, nurses, cops). Pointing my finger straight at the person who rehired back SBu to reprise the role of Jason the enforcer and got rid of Billy Miller. Sam and Jason's fans don't seem to be helping the ratings much. Might as well stick a fork in this soap opera if they don't get rid of the Corinthos family. ETA: It's not like I don't watching a good villain (waves to Maura West), but at least provide a villain that is either good looking or can act - preferably both.
  14. Stunning how the execution of the jailhouse/warehouse scenes were superior than that of the reveal of Jonah. SHUT UP CARLY. So now the audience is supposed to be OK with Sonny and Jason because stopping merely one shipment trumps a daytime shooting in a bar in Brooklyn and the near-fatal shooting of a mayor of their home turf? It's past time that Sonny and Carly (and Jason and Sam) go on vacation (preferably a cruise).
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