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  1. She's a nurse who had no problems with hiring a bi-polar amnesiac with a pinch of rage to work at her bar. Only because of Sonny did she lose Tan-O. Sonny is able to buy Charlie's because of his criminal activities. MB proudly wears his bi-polar diagnosis when convenient but he would be a better spokesman if he messaged to his fellow-bi-polars to stay away from liquor or drugs as they shouldn't be mixing lithium/whatnot medications with alcohol or drugs. Our hero and moral compass of the show 😠
  2. Jason has known that Peter was involved with his five year stretch being held prisoner. This is an all-too-rare instance where Jason is indeed a victim. But yeah, another all-too-frequent example of the writers inability to maintain continuity with just one character.
  3. Maybe there is a birthmark that he will remember if he regains his memory from being assaulted.
  4. I think that she's more worried about regaining his memory and recalling that Baily is not Valentines. The vibe in the all-too-rare scenes between Austin and Valentine is very smooth and enjoyable to watch. So much time of the show taken up by the thuggish Corinthos clan - that the brief glimpses we get of other story lines seem more enjoyable to the detriment of the Carson/Jason scenes. These dreadful characters have actors who portrays their characters as 'victims' instead of the violent felons that they are. They could remove Carly, Jason, and especially Sonny from this show and th
  5. I find myself FFing through the teens' scenes. Joss is just an unlikable, petulant, spoiled brat and bully. It's a pity - because I think that Cam and Trina have potential to be compelling characters and are played by competent actors (and props to Rebecca Herbst and Maura West for helping them grow) - but I only want to see them for brief stints during summer. Their screen time and number of actors in that age group seems to be growing.
  6. @Daisy - Thanks for the recaps - especially for those of us without cable who have to wait until weeks later to view on ABC.COM. Perfect venue to speak about revenge.
  7. Just glad that the new roles to be portrayed are doctors. I have done a 180 from when these two actors came to GH and now enjoy (especially compared to Sonny, Carly, and Jason) their scenes a lot more than in their previous roles. Maybe using a different focus group company because this show really has some solid soap stars that are able to complement and lift up others in the cast. Whereas now, the writers have to jump through hoops to make every other character suffer due to having to lift up the violent criminals that have made the mob and not the hospital as the central focal point
  8. Don't know whether she knows how to work the coffee maker, but Carly served coffee to guest thug Stephen Smith's during his latest visit on 6/28 but thug Jason didn't imbibe (nor did Moss). Typical Housewife
  9. The GH highlights of the summer for me have been Liz and Finn (and Violet) at the softball game and this camping trip with Chase. I am surprisingly enjoying the heck out of Liesl and Scottie too. If FV/ABC/Disney think that most of their GH viewers enjoy watching mob violence then - pretty please - go all in for a Carly/Jason RED Wedding a la Game of Thrones. Sonny ought to waltz in right after with his memory suddenly coming back and realizing that he is RESPONSIBLE for all of this mob violence [and then head towards the PC bus station and get on the 'Bensonhurst Express].
  10. And watching Sonny playing victim in Port Charles is also not going to be pleasant viewing. It can always get worse.
  11. So is Covid running through the set? What a guy - SBu can pinpoint exactly where he got it. Blames his workplace. Must be an endearing guy to work with. I truly wish that I could see see what is so great either about his acting, looks, personality - that others contemplate spending resources (money and time). Not saying that BM was the bees knees but we lost him over this 'actor'?
  12. Drew (Billy Miller) and Curtis had some awesome buddy vibes. Is Sonny going to work at Curtis' bar per Nina? It's sad how far Curtis has fallen down as Sean now gets the 'action' scenes but I guess that was the price demanded for owning a bar/new set. Portia and Curtis don't really seem to have much chemistry but neither did Curtis and Jordan. Silver lining though as Jordan's character appears to be recharged with the help of the script and Stella (still an ineffectual police commissioner though - as with anyone who wants to remain in MB's good graces - with the acceptance of the 'good' v
  13. I was hopeful that by making ME and RoHo doctors that the focus would finally be back on the hospital. Guess that Disney/ABC enjoys their part in glamorizing violence. signed - another cable cutter.
  14. Yes. There is no chance of Chase accusing Michael of using either Wiley and/or 'grief counseling' as a way to pick up Willow. In a couple of weeks, we'll know that Michael is mad at Chase by CD's range of acting (e.g., rubbing his chin). How many more disastrous relationships of Michael do we have to witness? Glad that Michael has taken the Corinthos name as the original Edward Quartermaine would have ripped Michael a new one by now in the relationship department.
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