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  1. I may be in the minority, but I really sympathize w/Molly. IMO, she has not been bratty or screechy or annoying. She's a concerned girlfriend worried about her boyfriend. If it hadn't been for Molly, I doubt Jordan would have even clued in on the fact that TJ was missing and had been abducted! Molly and TJ live together. They have been in a relationship for 10 years. She knows him and how he behaves. This "ghosting" is unusual and concerning to her. Molly turned down marriage, not TJ. She made it clear she had no interest in marrying anyone and didn't believe in the institution of marriage, so her refusal had nothing to do w/her relationship w/TJ. She loves him and made that clear. That said, I completely understood why TJ was upset, and I can understand if he decided he couldn't be w/her anymore b/c marriage is something he values and wants in his life. That's all fine. Molly understands that too, but it has been several days (maybe weeks) since the proposal, and she still has not seen or heard from him. TJ has disappeared. Molly has been told by Jordan that TJ has left b/c he's upset about the proposal and Molly's answer, so naturally, Molly wants to speak to him and to better explain herself. She never thought he would just "ghost" her and his entire life b/c she turned down his proposal. That is not like him, which is why she's been concerned. Plus, when you live w/someone, it is only common courtesy, IMO at least, to let your roommate/partner/spouse know where you are or that you are not coming home. I'm a worrier, and if my boyfriend got upset w/me, left, and never returned, I would be very worried that he was hurt or dead or something. And practically speaking - Molly does need to hear from TJ. They live together and split the bills I assume. Rent may be coming due, and is she now paying that on her own? Anyway, Molly has been focused on the proposal b/c that's the reason she's been given by Jordan who is presumably in close contact w/TJ. What else is she supposed to think? Today, Jordan made it even more clear that TJ wants nothing to do w/Molly, and is gone b/c of Molly's refusal to marry him. Jordan was needlessly cruel to her, and 'm at a loss as to what Molly is supposed to be doing. Is she just supposed to move on w/her life and wait patiently for TJ to call. Maybe if a couple of days had passed, but I believe weeks have gone by. At this point, Jordan should be expecting her to be around, demanding answers. All Molly wanted to do was speak to TJ or hear from him directly. I don't see how that is immature or bratty. Honestly, if Jordan had sent Molly a fake text from TJ, Molly might have been satisfied. Jordan has done nothing to ease Molly's legitimate fears.
  2. Hahaha . . . I meant to say GH is allergic to drama! They don't seem to go for the most drama they could get from a scenario.
  3. LOL! I agree with all your points, but I'm just saying, my scenario would have been more interesting than what was shown. And Carly wouldn't have to care, but if she was seen on camera doing it, she'd care then! I would have her arrested for murder!! Wiley dead, Carly in jail for murder, and Michael in Shadybrook b/c of his breakdown (has a man ever gone to SB on this show) would be "must see tv" for me. LOL!!!
  4. I hear you, and if Chloe is staying w/the show for awhile, then I agree that making her Nina's daughter would be far more interesting and impactful than the Willow reveal at this point. Unfortunately, all the tension btw Willow and Nina is gone. They waited too late to do, and there is no storyline potential there. It would be more interesting if Nelle were revealed to be the daughter, or as you said, if she and Willow were revealed to be twins. If Chloe/Nelle is sticking around, she will need an actual ally/friend so having Nina in her corner could be good. That said, if Chloe is not staying w/the show, then I want them to go ahead and wrap this up. I'm not interested in AJ Part 2 where one parent is villainized for existing (Nelle/AJ) and the other is canonized (Michael/Carly). For me, Nelle will just never be this completely evil person who needs to die. She's called a sociopath and a psycho, and I don't know . . . . she's just never been that bad to me. Her "revenge" on Carly was lame and was certainly nothing to be write home about. Admittedly, I stopped watching at some point, but the only other "evil" thing she did was kill her fiance, and that story was clearly changed when Chloe announced she was leaving. I'm not saying murder is okay, but on a show filled w/murderers, I honestly don't understand why I'm supposed to find Nelle so offensive. And the baby switch? Was that bad? Sure, but it's not irredeemable territory . . . for me at least. My all-time favorite character - Todd Manning as played by Roger Howarth only - handed his wife a can of dirt and told her it was her baby simply b/c he thought she was having another man's baby. He put their actual baby in a orphanage and had to go find the kid. I guess my threshold is pretty high, and Nelle has never crossed the line to me. I was, and am, still more offended by Valentin, but he runs the streets and is never accused of not loving his child. Anyway, my point is the show tends to paint her as evil against a group of self-righteous, obnoxious, judgemental jerks, and I'm just not here for that. If Nelle is always going to lose to Michael (which she will), then I would rather they kill Wiley to end the whole Nelle/Michael thing finally or kill Nelle. I agree w/all of this! It's like this show is allergic to drama. I think having Liz race down w/a blue-faced Nelle would have been much more interesting. Maybe show Carly actually caring that Nelle might be dying. Have Carly see that security is checking the cameras in the hallway to see what happened. Let Carly be on shown on camera locking the door. Have her arrested. Have Monica say Wiley has undergone a complication w/the surgery. Michael could have a breakdown. That would be interesting. That would be dramatic. I would tune in for that, but having those smug a$$holes just standing around there grinning about their antics was not entertaining for this fan. Honestly, only those who hate Nelle could enjoy those scenes, and I will never hate Nelle when she is put against any of those characters. The writing is too stacked in their favor.
  5. Thank you! That is my main point. Monica made it clear earlier that day that the surgery was elective. Elective means it is not an emergency. Maybe Monica should have said it was a "semi-elective" surgery. I don't know. When I say it was not necessary - I simply mean it did not need to be completed that day. That's all. The surgery could have taken place a few days later or probably even a month later. Wiley was not in distress and was breathing fine. He was not in an emergency situation; however, everyone was behaving as if he was. That was silly to me. Either put him in distress or don't. It does not work both ways. What Carly did was disgusting, and I hope there is some consequence for it even if that consequence is short-lived.
  6. I didn't get to see the entire show today (teleconferences and preemptions), but I did read the live thread of the episode that was posted on another board, and what happened today highlights why I hate Michael - the pathetic man boy that he is - and why I hate all things Carly. I know many may not care but what happened to Nelle is wrong, and the fact that we were supposed to be cheering on Bobbie and Carly is what makes me sick. The clear telegraphing of the story and bias in the writing is why I cannot stand them. I wasn't cheering them on. They all make me sick, and if Nelle wins temporary custody over this (we know it will be brief b/c Nelle is the slated loser since she's up against sainted Michael), I will be elated and will enjoy it while it lasts! I hate Michael. He is such an incredibly weak, pathetic character. He has to get his mommy and his grandma to do everything for him. Why they continue to write him as such a loser is beyond me. He can't wipe his butt w/o his mommy and now his grandma! I sincerely hope he loses custody to Nelle even if it's only for a brief time. This surgery wasn't even necessary - in the sense that it did not need to occur that day - so all the actions taken were to the extreme. I will never understand all the panic and will always consider it OTT when Monica never made it seem like that surgery needed to happen that day. And now . . . the kid needs yet another surgery. For me, when it comes to Nelle versus Carly/Michael. I will always be Team Nelle. I don't care that she left Michael to die. I don't care that she tried to kill Chase (or whatever she did b/c I wasn't watching at that time). I will root for her b/c of how biased the writing is. Nelle raised valid points last week, and I would have loved to see Michael actually consider them and actually talk to Nelle like a grown man. I didn't need loudmouth, SHEBEAST busting into the scene and saying her part. Carly is not needed in this story. Michael's posse of fools is not needed either. What's needed is to see Michael behaving like a grown man, and that's obviously never going to happen. Like w/Brad, I'm over this already. Just kill off Nelle and be done w/it. We all know Michael is slated to win like w/every story a Corinthos is in, so let's just skip to that and start telling some new stories. I'm a viewer who couldn't possibly care less about Wiley. He could die for all I care. I'm definitely not invested enough him to care about what happens to him, so this endless fighting for Wiley is not something I'm going to watch, esp. when the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Michael will win. Oh . . . . how exciting 🙄
  7. I mentioned Wiley dying being a good story too on another message board. In my version, Michael would browbeat Nelle into signing, they would do the surgery, but Wiley dies b/c of some complications or whatever. That way, Michael would have to live w/the knowledge and the guilt that he killed his son w/this unnecessary procedure, and Nelle could rightfully blame him. Michael could have a breakdown and maybe turn to alcohol to cope. To me, that would be more interesting than anything they actually plan on writing.
  8. I'm no Alexis fan, but Sam is an uber BITCH!!! What she said to Alexis was awful. I wish Alexis had been meaner to her when she dismissed her. She calls Alexis over (I'm assuming that's what happened b/c I usually mute Sam scenes) to assist her out of the jam SHE got herself in and then INSULTS Alexis!?!?! What a self-centered bitch! Alexis should never come to her aid again. Sam acts like she didn't know the terms of her parole. The terms are the terms. It's not the PO's fault, and it's not Alexis's fault. And, yes, you are expected to obey the terms of your parole! If you want your family together, quit committing crimes and getting in legal trouble. Simple! And I know many will disagree, but I'm finding this Wiley story very hard to swallow. This boy is not knocking at death's door. He's not on his deathbed. His lungs have not given out. He is not on a respirator. I understand Michael wants to handle this now. I get that, but they have him acting like if the surgery doesn't happen THAT SAME DAY, Wiley will die in the next hour?!?! Did we miss some scenes? Is it that serious? I don't think it is! It is an elective surgery. Nelle has a right to not want to rush into or to want some time to think. Again, it's not like the kid is dying right now. Now, I know we're supposed to see this as evidence of Nelle's unfitness, but I'm seeing it as Michael's. He's way too dramatic to have custody of a child. LOL! He's at a 10, and he needs to bring it all the way down. I also think it would have been better for him to pull Nelle aside and speak to her privately about their child. Sasha didn't need to be there, and Chillow definitely weren't necessary. Again, I know I was supposed to come away thinking badly of Nelle, but I came away thinking that foursome (Masha/Chillow) are all dramatic, OTT, and overall annoying!
  9. Yeah . . . I totally don't get the logic that Nelle has no love for her son at all. Why do ppl feel that way? What is the evidence that shows she couldn't care less about this child? There is no evidence that I can see. She loves her child just as much as every other psycho, criminal in PC loves theirs. I'm not sure what makes her so different from Valentin or Ava. I honestly don't get it. I pretty much hate anything dealing w/Wiley and FF through a lot of it, but did she say she didn't care about the kid? Did she do something to indicate she didn't love him? And I'm sorry but giving him to Brad does NOT mean she didn't love him. It's not like Brad was a complete and total stranger she just met at the bus stop. She knew her son would be safe w/Brad. Nelle just didn't want Michael or Carly to have her son JUST LIKE Carly didn't want AJ to have Michael so she gave him to Jason. What's the difference? Carly and Nelle are practically the same person. I'm truly at a loss as to what's so evil about Nelle. So, she killed someone or tried to kill someone . . . so has Michael and practically everyone else on this show. What is her huge crime? It can't be giving away her kid. Maxie did that too!
  10. I love Franco, but I couldn't agree more w/you. Franco is a reformed serial killer, and he works at the hospital, so why can't they re-hire Britt? I loved Brad, and they let him continue to work there after falsifying several lab tests! I'm sure other murderers and criminals work there. Liesel was COS! I guess they just wanted those two to fight, and for Ava to continue her plan of getting Nikolas to cheat on her w/Liz or Britt. I doubt she cares who. LOL! I loved Britt calling her "Nurse Perfect." I love Britt and hope she sticks around for awhile. I'm in the minority b/c I liked her look yesterday. I even told my sister that Sam looked really nice for once. LOL! I loved the hair, and the earrings. I loved the color. She's usually head to toe in black. It was nice seeing her wearing something different for once. I didn't love the pants w/the top, but at least it wasn't a black tee and some black/blue jeans. ---------- I loved Olivia telling off Brooklyn! That was the best part of today's episode. At the end of the day, Brooklyn lost ELQ millions (I didn't watch so I'm not sure what she did or how that happened)! I do know that would get anyone fired. Olivia was dead right about that. Brooklyn needs to grow up. She's not owed a job b/c she's Ned's daughter. She's been gone for years and only strolled back in town b/c her music didn't work out (or whatever happened there. . . . I don't know b/ I didn't watch that either). It's not like she even wants to work at ELQ. She was just there b/c she had nothing better to do and nowhere else to go. It is hard to have sympathy for her. But if I did have any sympathy for her, it was gone when she sold her stocks to the enemy. I know she's upset, but she didn't need to do that. Brooklyn has proven she's selfish, completely disloyal, and cannot be trusted. She's a brat. I cannot stand her. Does anyone else feel like Jordan's face just looks stupid at certain moments? I'm not sure what the actress is going for, but in some of her scenes today, she just looked dumb. LOL! Oh, poor Wylie is sick. Who cares? I'm beyond sick of hearing about Wylie!!
  11. Thanks! I thought that happened. He had a box of crumpets and other stereotypical British things IIRC.
  12. IIRC, wasn't Gary in support of her going before they broke up? Am I misremembering that? I could have sworn he learned about the scholarship (through someone else of course) and bought a bunch stuff for her to take w/her. And maybe that's when she didn't get it or whatever. I could be wrong, but I thought Gary always supported her going. It's a huge opportunity.
  13. Exactly! Eddie is happy, renewed in his marriage, inspired by life, and about to renew his wedding vows, so his sister thinks that's the right time to drop the "you may have murdered someone when we were kids" bomb on him?!?! The day before his vow renewal? Why would anyone do that to someone they supposedly love? I was cheering Eddie on when he got angry w/her. He was right to be angry. What she did was incredibly selfish, IMO. She could have waited until AFTER his vow renewal to tell him what she suspects. There was no need to do it the day before this major event in his life! I also agree w/those who don't think Eddie killed anyone intentionally. They were both high. The girl probably fell into the lake, and Eddie tried to help, or they were both swimming and she passed out or something w/o Eddie's knowledge. Who knows, but I highly doubt he actually caused her death. Right?!?! It reminds me of Dakota Fanning in "War of the Worlds." Early in that movie, she tells Tom Cruise - her father - that he's not going to reach her teenage brother in the way he's trying. It's actually pretty wise advice for a 10-year old, but then she spends the rest of the movie acting like a she's 5, screaming and standing around while aliens are trying to capture her. I wanted Tom to let the aliens have her. She was that annoying. Theo is super wise sometimes (calling out the flirting btw his dad and the singer) and then extremely babyish (asking for cuddles or whatever). It's very odd. I'm w/you. Pick a lane and stick to it! Like many others, I'm also loving Gary w/Darcy. They have great, natural chemistry! I do think he asked her out b/c Maggie was leaving, but that's fine w/me. He needed to move on from Maggie anyway. I cannot stand her. She needs to go to England and stay there. I know she's probably not leaving, leaving . . . but why not? On "The Good Doctor," in the first season, one of the doctors got in trouble or something and had to find a new job. He left, and I expected him to come back, but he never did. I don't know if there was BTS drama there or what, but can't we get that w/Maggie? Can't she just leave and NOT return?! LOL!
  14. Can I just complain about this Michael/Willow/Chase/Sasha nonsense? First, it's not 1950. The very idea that Michael needs to be married in order to obtain custody of his son is downright insulting, especially since that same child was just the son of TWO MEN?!?! If Port Charles is that backward, why was Brucas even allowed to adopt?!? Port Charles is in New York - a very progressive state. Michael is wealthy and basically a good guy. He does have a juvenile/young adult conviction, but that was years ago. He's kept his nose clean since then (unfortunately) and is the CEO of a major corporation. Nelle gave her son to a friend to spite the biological father. That's the biggest hook he has in why he should be given custody. Plus, once her lies were uncovered, she was found trying to kidnap the kid. She can claim she was afraid for her child, but she handed Michael a dead baby. That was cruel and very deceptive, and should be enough to sway a judge that she shouldn't have custody. Now, I have no issue w/Nelle making problems for Michael. In fact, I love that she is, and I would be FINE with her getting custody. I wish that would happen. I wanted her to run off w/Wiley before she could be caught. She could run away w/him now, and I would not be bothered or care. My issue is w/this marriage scenario. The idea that Michael will have an advantage b/c he has a wife just really bothers me as a family law attorney. That's lame. Single parents are awarded their children against the married other parent every day in court's everywhere. It's about what is in the best interest of the child. Second, we all know this lame story is being done to push Willow/Michael together. The writers are so committed to keeping Michael and Willow squeaky clean and pure, that it's ridiculous! Why can't Michael and Willow just cheat on their partners like normal, more interesting soap characters would do?!? We all know Chase and Sasha will cheat first so Mousey Michael and Weeping Willow can get together with "clean hands." Michael/Willow will yell at Chase/Sasha about how they only got married to protect precious Wiley from Evil Nelle and never expected their partners to take advantage and cheat on them. Then, they will fall into each other's arms. Ugh . . . how sickening! I'm sure it will be similar to Michael and Kiki getting on their high horses when it came to Ava/Morgan though MiKi had been in an emotional affair for MONTHS prior to Morgan hooking up w/Ava. The writers downplayed that, and acted like the huge crime was Morgan and Ava sleeping together when I would say it was Michael lusting after his brother's wife/girlfriend for months and said wife/girlfriend emotionally cheating w/him. If they want Michael and Willow together, just do it. Have Willow hanging out w/Michael to help w/Wiley since Michael is completely inept and incapable of doing it w/o someone's help while Sasha and Chase are off doing other things. Show Michael and Willow developing feelings for each other and then wanting each other more than their partners. Simple. No unnecessary, forced marriages needed. Show Michael and Willow doing the WRONG thing, and ppl calling them out for it. Make them interesting. Give them some personality. Dirty them up a bit.
  15. Don't know about Cameron, but it looked like Trina's first kiss ever. Very awkward, but I like those two.
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