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  1. Does GH really not know when a plot is done and dusted? When an arc needs to be buried and never revived? Why is Peter's body not in the freezer? Why? I don't want to see this. If others are interested, that's cool but I'm just not. I was sick of Peter BEFORE he "died," and I sure don't want to see more of him now! I don't even care if another person moved his "dead body." He supposedly died so just move on! Does the show think it's cute to see Josslyn keep tossing Spencer into the pool? It's not. I hate Josslyn. She's an obnoxious brat just like her mother. The Hayden crap is infr
  2. Britt walked away. If I were Monica, I would have given Terry the position since Britt stormed away like a child. IMO, they were both snapping at each other, but I wasn't paying close attn. I'm sure they will become friends though. What else is the point of this plot? I don't hate Terri. She's ok, so if she gets more friends than Liz, that's fine w/me. I was a fan of Ron C. who wrote for the entire cast. They may as well write for Terri and use her. Re: Sam/Jax/Shawn - Screw you, Show!! Your retcon is crap. I agree that Sonny could be doing more to find out his identity (I guess Go
  3. Thank you! I had forgotten that part. Someone mentioned the same thing on another board so that means Sam, Drew, and Curtis know as well!! This is beyond lame - to retcon a story where so many ppl played key roles! And why? Is RB coming back or something? Why dredge all this up again? I'm happy Sean is out, but I don't want to see Nikolas in jail!
  4. This Hayden retcon is really troubling because so many ppl know who had her shot, including Hayden. Are they really going to try and act like no one knows?!? This is ridiculous!! Well, I guess the show that acted like Liz and Lucky didn’t even know they had buried a completely different child would act like Liz, Laura, Hayden, and possibly Sam don’t already know (or suspect in Sam’s case) that Nikolas was behind Hayden’s shooting. This is beyond lame. That plot played out only 6 years ago!! I just can’t take this arc seriously. Hayden KNOWS who shot her!! She married the man and f
  5. I haven't had a chance to watch the show in a few days or keep up w/the boards, and I must admit that I haven't really been paying attn to the Shawn/Alexis plot but . . . . . are they acting like Laura doesn't know who shot Hayden? She knows Nikolas did that. Elizabeth knows. Elizabeth used that knowledge to secure Laura's silence re: Jake Doe really being "Jason." Does Laura not know the crime Shawn wants to investigate? I would think she'd be a little less eager to help Shawn knowing it could hurt her son. BUT I fully admit to NOT paying attn to this plot at all. Maybe she has no idea but I
  6. I guess I have a heart of stone - Maxie's blubbering was getting on my nerves. LOL! I'm gonna need her to shut up about her baby. The baby is right there. You can see the baby every single day at Crimson. I just can't with her . . . . esp. knowing she gave her first baby away to Lante!! She didn't cry this much over her very first baby. My goodness! But don't mind me! Like I said, my heart is a stone when it comes to Maxie and her pain. I wonder what Spencer is planning w/r/t Trina now that he's revealed himself. Is he going to meet her secretly. I want her to just find out who he
  7. I hate when I want to both love and laugh at a comment! LOL! So, my sister didn't watch today, and I told her what Austin said about Dr. Jones, and she literally said, "Why don't they leave Tony Jones alone? He's been dead for years!" It seems like we all thought of Tony, not Lucas, which is just plain sad. As a former JaSam fan (before the SOS), I would say Jason did show emotion when he broke up w/Sam. They were actually really good (IMO) back in the day, and I have always HATED Jason Morgan. Their chemistry was good, and I liked the pairing until it was ruined. I have no dog in
  8. As a hardcore Brucas fan, I have never understood why others don't understand that the person who cared about Lucas and Brucas and basically the entire cast - Ron C. - left the show (or was fired). To me, it's been obvious for years now that the writers don't care about Lucas. The most action Amy, Lucas, Brad, Felix, Epiphany, etc. got was when Ron C was writing for the show. The moment he left, and Jelly (Shelly and Jean) fast tracked the Brucas wedding - skipping over Brad being married to Rosalie and everything else - I knew the writing for them would pretty much end, and it did. IMO
  9. Why is Sam permanently stuck in "bitch" mode? Why? She's so unpleasant, rude, and nasty all the time. It's exhausting and boring at this point. Her attitude w/ppl is beyond annoying. I was hoping when she declared her "independence," she might lighten up a bit and not be so nasty all the time but I guess not! She was unnecessarily short and bitchy w/Austin. I can't stand that about Sam. She was the same w/Brad, Julian, Brando, Dante, and now Austin. It's not cute. I agree w/everything Brook Lynn said to Maxie today. First, Maxie is the only person that will get them caught before they w
  10. I must have seen his real name and just assumed that was the way his character's name was spelled too!!! LOL! I must admit I have always found it funny how viewers all spell "Shawn" a different way. Hahahaha!
  11. I always thought it was Sean! LOL! I've seen it spelled all three ways by viewers - Sean, Shaun, and Shawn! Haha!
  12. I was hoping Valentin would come in and see Maxie w/Bailey. I know it's Maxie's baby, but she's being such an idiot. She is looking like a loon, and Valentin won't hesitate to have her locked up in Shadybrook! There will be nothing Brook Lynn can do to stop him. They are going to think Maxie is deluded. She may even start saying Bailey is her baby, and I bet Brook Lynn will keep quiet to "protect" the baby! I can't wait for that mess to play out! I am not opposed to Fiz but the Friz and Fanna fan in me still thinks it's too soon for all these touches, lingering looks, and hands to faces.
  13. I'm enjoying Jax/Britt. I didn't get on the Jason/Britt train so I'm fine w/that being over over. LOL! I'm not a fan of Jason romances anymore. To me, they are all the same, and I'm no longer interested in seeing Jason in a romance. Brax is fun. They have good chemistry, and I think they would work well together. I'd much rather see Britt w/Jax than Jason. Jason is right where he belongs. I hate Jarly, so I skipped/muted all their scenes. I didn't even see this ring y'all keep talking about. I saw a box and Carly smiling. I rolled my eyes and hit mute. I did . . . unfortunately . .
  14. Ewww . . . no . . . just no to a Josslyn/Cameron relationship. I hate that they are putting those two together. I like Cameron and wanted to watch his scenes, but I have zero desire to see him w/the mini-SheBeast! Josslyn is awful. I love Brad. I think I'm in the minority on that, but I'm always happy to see him. And I love his friendship w/Britt. Those two are gold together (IMO of course) each time. Loved their scenes today! I also hope Brad is released soon. He didn't do anything (IMO) Carly and others haven't done. There's no reason he's still sitting in jail. I also loved the
  15. I knew there was something I forgot in my post but then Michael is forgettable!! LOL!!! Thank you for saying this!!! Michael already admitted he doesn't care about Nina seeing Wiley so he can shut up about the blackmail. Is he going to whine about that forever?!?! You're the idiot who gave in so punch yourself in the face and shut up!
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