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  1. I like Chase but I’m upset with the writing for him, and I’m not interested in his soon-to-be romance with BLQ! Why is he apologizing to the Qs? What did he do to them? Did I miss an episode? Maybe if he had been permitted to actually be mad and had been allowed to actually exact some revenge on Millow, I could see why an “apology” was necessary but none of that happened. AFAIC, Chase didn’t do anything wrong and has no need to apologize for anything! I have no interest in him groveling to Millow or the Qs. That story ended with such a horrible whimper! Literally nothing interesting happened.
  2. Yes, I believe that is his biological family. When RC was writing, he made Brad part of the Wu family, and I had hoped to see a resurgence of the Chinese quarter and more development for Brad. I'm in the minority in that I loved/love Brad! I wish RC had stuck around b/c I would have loved to see his vision for Brucas and Brad!
  3. @mostlylurking - I agree that everyone looked nice except for Maxie! I have no idea why they put her in that horrible dress! I wonder if they put some extensions in Willow‘s hair. It was curled but it had a lot more body than it usually does. That may be why it looked weird.
  4. What a bad episode!! The wedding took forever. I had to keep muting because I don’t care about Jarly or their “love” for each other!! I hate that every aspect of CarSaSon’s lives are played out. We see all the beats while other characters (like Liz) get shafted!! That said, Jarly do seem in sync. I don’t see how the show go back to CarSon and JaBritt if that’s the plan. Britt would be a fool IMO to get back together with Jason. And, SB, IMO, is making an effort and sparkling with LW. He seems invested in this relationship too. Again, I’m not invested in Jarly and don’t like their charact
  5. I really need GH wardrobe to understand that you do NOT have to be a Size 0-4 to look fashionable. There is plenty of fashionable, cute clothing and formal dresses out there for women over a Size 4!! I felt so bad for KSt in that monstrosity of a dress. No wonder she hid behind the desk for as long as she could. I'm not a fashionista but I could dress KSt better than they did. I'm reminded of the time they put KMc in another monstrosity of a dress that was clearly too small. I felt bad for her too. She had her hands in her lap trying to cover herself up. GH needs to do better! I know it'
  6. I know Jax said he would give Nina time to tell Sonny, but his cryptic way of speaking is annoying. I hate this soap trope and just wish it would go away. The way Peter just blurted out the truth to Phyllis made me wish Sonny had been at the Tan-O so he could have heard it too. They have Jax hemming and hawing and NO ONE would act this way in real life. I hate Josslyn and wish Trina had been allowed to stand up for herself. Yes, it's good that Josslyn is sticking up for her friend, but as it goes w/certain members of the Corinthos clan, they are always butting in and stealing shine from
  7. I couldn't agree more! I still watch L&O: SVU but Benson gets on my nerves. At one point, every episode was revolving around her, and unlike Cragen, she would personally investigate all the cases. ARGH!!!! I was desperate for them to showcase the other characters already. I also agree that there is not much more story to tell w/CarSaSon. If the show had developed Michael, hadn't killed off Morgan, and hadn't decimated the Qs, the younger generation could have become more important to the storytelling, etc.
  8. I really hate plot point writing. I guess Jason is into Carly now. Wow. I knew she secretly loved him, but Jason has NEVER secretly loved Carly. He got over her the moment she slept w/Sonny, and he NEVER looked back. I guess these two need to really be in love to maximize the drama for Sonny's return! Whatever. 🙄 Jax was great today! I loved everything he said to Nina. I also love the looks he gave. At one point, he looked at Nina like she was a crazy moron! There is no excuse for what Nina did. I still think the better story would have been Nina telling Sonny who he was and Sonny CHOOSI
  9. In all honesty, the lackluster, nothing end to the Millow/Chase story really zapped my interest in GH. We wasted so much time on that story for it to end with a huge, non-soapy whimper just like the custody trial with Nelle. It was so disappointing. I haven’t been watching lately because I have no faith that any of these stories will actually have satisfying endings worth the many months spent on them. I’m happy to be wrong and play catch up later though. So, Friday was the first full show I’ve seen in a couple of weeks, and I really enjoyed the scenes with Brando. They were cute to
  10. No, Wiley wasn't a factor then. Michael believed his child was dead, and Willow had given up her child. I was not regularly watching during that time, but I read that Michael liked Willow. He was cowardly as usual and lost his chance with her because Chase was more assertive and asked her out first. During this period, Brucas had Wiley who Michael didn't know was his kid.
  11. Josslyn is sickening. She is written like a complete Jason prop. Why have they made her a total mini-Carly?! She has no individual, unique personality. It’s a shame they haven’t made her an individual with her own thoughts and feelings. She's just a parrot of her mother! Were her scenes even necessary?! Did we need to see her blowing smoke up Jason’s butt?!? And has she met her dad? Her father has never liked Jason! Wake up, Josslyn! And Britt’s description of Jason as the “perfect guy” just boggles my mind. Is a serial killing mobster really the “perfect” guy?!? A guy whose own kids are
  12. I'm so happy Chase is free!!! It's about time they moved him on from propping boring Millow. Let them sink or swim on their own. I'm beyond ecstatic that he is away from those two bores, and I hope the writers have a story in line for him. I only hate that the show keeps trying to act like Willow was genuinely trying to reconnect w/Chase. She never was! That was clear. Her heart was never into it, but at least she admitted to lying for months and we can stop the narrative that her lies started when Chase fell ill. Liz was straight up wrong for trying to play Terry against Britt. I
  13. I guess Peter will never really die. That's all. And we have LW to thank for it. 🙄 It is sad that GH doesn't know when to wrap up a plot. I'm Team Austin (mostly b/c I have no deep love for the Qs - esp given how they treated my BW/AJ), but why did Brook Lynn give that paper back to Chase?! LOL! I wouldn't have done that. Just keep the paper, Brook Lynn! Peter's back so is Chase really about to be freed from being a Millow prop . . . . eh . . . I don't know. I certainly hope so. This story is overdone. LOL! It's burnt to a crisp. It's a DOA, boring story that no fan base likes. Som
  14. She could have, but I really don't see any reason why she had to. As far as Terry knows, Britt doesn't like any of the ppl at the table, including Terry herself so I'm just not seeing why Terry would have included her in the invite. I also think it's fine for Terry to do things for the nurses on her own. They are not joined at the hip simply b/c they are co-COS. If Britt wanted to invite some of those same nurses to lunch w/o Terry, then that would be fine too. I've managed to maintain real, genuine friendships w/the ppl I supervise so I'm not of the opinion that Terry cannot be friends
  15. I completely agree that they should have said hello to her. There's no reason to not be civil. I hate the very sight of Bobbie. She annoys me as much as her daughter, and she should remain fired (IMO) for what she did to Nelle. From what I was reading, it sounded like Britt tried to sit w/them. I haven't had a chance to go back and re-watch those scenes so I wasn't sure what happened. But if she just said hello, then they were being bitchy to just be bitchy. I get it. Re: the Epiphany and Liz demotions (or whatever) - Even though Cyrus asked Britt to do that, Britt relished in doing it.
  16. Here's my unpopular opinion: The nurses did nothing wrong. Ducking now . . . Why would Britt think they would want her to sit w/them? This wasn't a work event. It was an after hours social event. IMO, they're under no obligation to suck up to Britt after work too. Granted, not being nice to superiors could impact promotions, etc., but I don't think they will, or should, be fired b/c they didn't want Britt sitting w/them at a completely unrelated social event. I like Britt. I always have. I esp liked her w/Patrick and w/Nikolas and love her friendship w/Brad. I'm not enjoying her rec
  17. @racked and @Cheyanne11 - I agree w/you both. I still like Spencer too. That said, I no longer have the same sympathy I had for him earlier this week. I never expected him to tell the truth immediately, but he really played up the "victim card" knowing he did EXACTLY what his dad accused him of doing. It's just hard - for me at least - to maintain my sympathy. He will deserve the comeuppance he gets when all is revealed. That said, I do think he has legit complaints re: Nikolas (who I also love), so I also hope they keep his motivations complex. I'm angry at him right now b/c the blowback agai
  18. Laura has so many issues w/the way the son she abandoned as a child is raising his kid, but what about her mothering? Way to kick a guy when he's down, Laura! She didn't even try to comfort Nik once lying Spencer left. I know she's upset w/him, but her parting words were completely unnecessary. Nikolas knows he messed up. I would think a loving mother would say, "I know you regret what happened tonight, but don't give up hope. Spencer won't be angry forever" or something a bit comfortinga and hopeful! She was just pouring salt in his wounds. Shut up, Laura!! She makes me sick when it comes to
  19. I didn't know if I could talk spoilers here but yes!!!! How moronic was that line? "Is our fake marriage going to be about us? Ummm . . . no, it's not b/c it's a fake marriage." I heard her say that and literally asked out loud, "How much of a moron are you, Carly?"
  20. Laura gets on my nerves when it comes to Nikols. They retconned her to have this son, and IIRC, she was written to have voluntarily abandoned him. I do not remember all the details, but I vaguely recall that being the story. I'm not saying what Nikolas did was right, but I understand why he did it. As he said to her today, he wanted Spencer to really understand how it feels to be terrified. I get that. She can say, "Hey, I understand but this probably wasn't the best way to handle the situation" w/o coming off like a judgmental witch!!! Especiallywhen she's buddy-buddies w/mobsters and o
  21. I may in the minority, but Laura gets on my nerves when it comes to Nikolas. She was NOT a good mother to him, and she always favored Lulu and Lucky over him. If I were Nikolas, I would have told her to leave and keep her commetns to herself. And if she cares so much about him acting like a "Cassadine," maybe she should have stuck around and helped raise him! I cannot wait until Laura finds out that Spencer was the stalker or ONE of the stalkers. I'm sure she won't apologize to her son, but I need to see some egg on her face! She's beyond annoying when shes starts railing about Nikolas and his
  22. Maybe on a better written show, I could agree but GH is just not that deep. In all honesty, I think it's a combination of bad writing, bad direction, and bad acting. Willow "loved" Chase. Now, she loves Michael. And because it's Michael - the show's original Golden Boy - she cannot show that she has any residual feelings for Chase at all. Michael must prevail over Chase, so any "love" she had for Chase disappeared. It would have been great if they really explored the cult's impact on Willow but they glossed over it. If I hadn't been watching, I wouldn't know she was ever part of a cult.
  23. And this has been one of my main issues with this story! If I hadn’t been watching prior to this arc, I wouldn’t think Willow liked Chase let alone loved him at one time!! She claims to care about him, but I haven’t seen any of that caring from her. She has acted more inconvenienced and annoyed with Chase than anything else. Her supposed good friend was dying, and all she could do was whine about not being able to screw Michael openly and freely. I never saw her holding Chase’s hand or encouraging him. She always had a constipated, annoyed, irritated look on her face. It was clear she w
  24. I love him so far! But then I'm an admitted RoHo "stan." Not really a stan, of course, but I always enjoy him on my screen. I literally started watching soaps b/c of his portrayal of Todd Manning. I followed him from OLTL to ATWT back to OLTL and then was happy to see him on GH - in any form honestly. I would prefer if Franco were still here, but I'm good w/Austin!
  25. I didn't get to see the entire show today, but I did see where Chase gave Willow yet another opportunity to be honest w/him. Did she take it? No, of course she didn't. She continued to lie! This was the time for her to free herself and tell Chase the truth, but she didn't take it. I loved how Chase rolled back when she leaned in to kiss him. That has to be the FIRST time I've ever seen her go for a kiss. She's usually looking repulsed by Chase. Willow is such pure trash to me. I also don't care what Chase does to Millow. I cannot stand Michael or Willow. If he causes them to squirm and no
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