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  1. All I can say is thank God Cinco is finally gone. He's a complete mushmouthed nullity and his endless boring vacillating (or playing, whatever) has dragged down the whole season. America chose wisely. One of the new girls reminds me of Vanessa Marcil. For once I'm actually interested in the new arrivals, or her, at least.
  2. Yeah, adding "a short guy" made it perfection. But now that Shannon has found that she can get inside the vacant space behind Josh's beautiful blue eyes she's willing to take him back. Another great Matthew Hoffman line was that "they're glowing like a Spongebob nitelite." That's so off-the-wall it's genius.
  3. Kyra's Extreme Valley Girl accent is hideous. She can't end any sentence without adding an "-uh" to the end. "Oh-uh my-uh God-uh!" She even said "Woooo-uh!" Seriously, I'm muting her convos and using closed captioning.
  4. I had to google Will's job, "budtender." So basically he's a store clerk. Although when they showed a glimpse of his Instagram, it seemed to have a section for modeling photos, no surprise.
  5. I had to laugh when Josh told Shannon she was exactly his type and she looked like all his previous girlfriends. She seemed to take it as a compliment, rather than thinking, "And how did they work out for him?"
  6. I had a bit of an epiphany during the Bourbon Street Bead Beat challenge. Will and James are much more tolerable when they're almost inaudible. If they had been on mute since the first episode I would have enjoyed the season more.
  7. Noah responded by sneering (approximately, I'm not going back to get the exact quote) "says the One Direction manager with a star tattoo on his neck." In other words, attacking Kenny's profession and appearance. Whether you agree with that or not, it's just as petty as Bennett making snide remarks about Noah's maturity and intelligence.
  8. Uh, smokeshow? He was wise not to attend. Spencer probably had some emergency water treatment engineering to take care of.
  9. That and Tayshia with her "vunnerable." Gah.
  10. Trabants had plastic bodies and two-cycle engines, like a leaf blower. Just a small step up from a motorcycle, but at least you were out of the rain. When I visited Germany in 1990, just after reunification, Trabants were broken down by the sides of the roads all over the place. East Germans had driven them as far as they would go and just walked away.
  11. Bennett went to Harvard, where he majored in Condescension. Because he's sane?
  12. You're right, of course. I should have said I'm missing the days when the time advantage really did mean something in their ability to get the next flight/boat/train out on the new leg.
  13. Agreed; the market segment was a confused jumble. There's a balance between a snappy edit and making everything a blur. I was also mildly annoyed that they're still doing the "First team to leave: 3:22 AM" bits at the beginning when they're all just piling into the same spoon-fed plane at the airport anyway. Although, at least they were honest enough to have Chee saying as much.
  14. In the original Temptation Island, almost 20 years ago (cough), more than one contestant was simply identified as an "Ivy League Graduate," which was the show's shorthand for "unemployed."
  15. Apart from that, I wasn't thrilled by by the volleyballers saying "there go the hillbillies" about Team Catfish. It's okay if we call ourselves hillbillies, but for someone else to do it is derogatory. By and large, it's good to have The Show back!
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