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  1. I feel like this was different because LW was playing Carly's quiet grief, and showing some awareness of a woman and children not related to herself, grieving. When Carly was dealing with Morgan's death, she was focused on her own pain, Michael and Josslyn's. She yelled, she dramatically broke a photo frame on the ground and shattered the glass at Sonny's feet. In some ways, it seemed to me a repeat of her reaction when tween Michael got shot in the head. I don't count her work in flashback scenes because she wasn't supposed to be playing Carly. I think maybe she showed awareness outs
  2. I totally agree!! I HATE that they are insinuating this is totes not fair/that he is clearly a victim of a racist judge.
  3. Maxie should be worried. Her behavior shows blatant stupidity. When she said she literally aches for Louise, my thought (and I say this as a non-mother), "get a breast pump, and secretly give the bottled milk to BL for your daughter who needs it instead of picking up the baby and calling her "Louise" in front of Valentin! Gah. That's the story starting now until whenever. YES!! This is a good guess And so is this. Nikolas very deliberately scared Hayden into abandoning her precious daughter, leaving her with Finn. (And he also hired someone to kill Hay
  4. Finn yelling was very melodramatic when he was reviving Chase. Could Willow's "come back to me" have sounded any less enthusiastic, when Finn told her to talk to him? She looked like Finn had betrayed her, and she and Michael both looked pretty upset at the news that he's not going to die. They are SO selfish and gross!! But then Willow looked generally relieved, even happy, when Elizabeth spoke to her and Michael personally, so I'm confused as to what the writers and directors are going for here. UGHHH at Cameron and then Elizabeth falling all over themselves to apologize to Jason
  5. Yes. I wonder if they've gone overboard in directing the way Kate __? (sp) is supposed to have Willow look at Michael versus the way she's supposed to look at Chase. She apparently has been told to look at JS like he's a guy she loved a long time ago but is now repulsed by, and wishes to leave him in her past because her heart and life are completely consumed with Michael and Wiley. The problem is, CD and K_? have anti-chemistry, her eyes don't "glow" with him, and the writing for them has been so awful, that it seems more like Willow has convinced herself she is in love with Michael. She ke
  6. The only people who know Michael and Willow are "in love" (aside from Wiley. because of Michael's monologue a few minutes after they moved in with her) are Dante, BL, and Sasha. Dante has other stuff going on - pretty sure he has no idea about this wedding. BL stayed home with Bailey, and cried. So only Sasha was present and knows that Michael and Willow are lying to Chase and Chase's family, Anna, and Elizabeth. Did anyone else find it funny that Michael didn't seem to notice that his ex-girlfriend looks to me in her second or third trimester of pregnancy.? Within the last month, she aske
  7. I think Carly is hurt and upset for several reasons, one of which is that this is a rather unique situation (Britt and the circumstances is not like his former love interests, except for the fatal disease factor). She likes to think of herself as the expert on Jason's past and present. She can tell Jason feels something for Britt (the handholding she witnessed, Britt's phone call a priority), and when he shuts her out instead of at least slightly explaining, she is worried he may want to have a relationship with Britt ....which means now that she's single and he's single and time has passed s
  8. You (and I) missed Carly announcing to Jason that she saw him holding Britt's hand and asked "What's that about?" She was trying to get him on the phone because she was gleeful to tell him that Cyrus was being taken away by the FBI. Also, I interpreted her words as "if you're interested in a relationship, it's you're move now." I don't see it as her pining; more like "this guy seems to genuinely like me for me as I am. I'm not lying and keeping major secrets like with Patrick or Nik. So this feels good." Do you mean Luke Spencer and the forced marriage to Stavros Cassadine? ---
  9. Britt didn't know Robin was alive. Anna's issue/concern with Britt was about Emma, being inappropriate and forcing her way into Emma and Patrick's lives. When Britt got on stage at the Nurse's Ball and announced to Patrick, Emma and everyone else that Patrick was the father of her baby (Ben/Rocco) and Emma would have a baby brother or sister, Emma got upset. Another example was when Britt and Patrick were a "couple." Little Emma ran away from Kelly's. Patrick, Anna, and Mac were in tears from being scared/worried, and then Sabrina came in with Emma, saying Emma found her on the docks. She t
  10. I'm confused - is this just since he has returned from being a fugitive? When Sam came to Casa Corinthos to ask Jason if he killed Franco, she told him (and Carly) that she went to his house to talk to him and when he wasn't there, she thought he'd there (at Casa Corinthos). First 15 minutes of the Show were pre-empted in the DC Metro area/DMV for a special report on the Biden-Putin Summit in Geneva. UCG moment - Elizabeth's "to me?!"and WTF reaction when Britt approached her,, cheerful and beaming, and announced she wanted to apologize. Carly's tampon sweater returns. Why is s
  11. It sure seems that way. IMO this was the Show's subtle way of all but confirming he's part of the Q Family. True, and I don't understand how either Phyllis or Nina think Nixon Falls could be her permanent home. She doesn't have a job there and hasn't expressed interest in working anywhere. She doesn't have a place to live; hasn't she been staying in a room at the Tan-O all this time? At this moment, now that Elijah has been taken away to jail, she knows exactly three people in Nixon Falls: Phyllis, Lenny and "Mike." Or, 4 if you count the police officer who has dropped by a few times
  12. The Show made the same kind of choice when Becky Herbst was pregnant with baby #3. Elizabeth is her usual thin self when she's in the hospital bed at GH due to hypothermia and her doctor, Kelly. announces to her, Lucky and NIkolas that she's pregnant. She gets admitted to Shadybrook immediately after that, and boom, she looks several months pregnant in her scenes in her room. Herbst said in an interview that she told the bosses she was pregnant, and they told her Elizabeth would be pregnant very soon. I guess the idea of a storyline of Nikolas and Lucky WTD drama was too good an opportunity fo
  13. Yes, it occurred to me that the closest Bobbie will ever come to having grandchildren from BJ is Maxie's kids. That reminds me, has Bobbie ever had a scene of meeting her youngest grandchild, Donna? The thing that gets me is Willow wouldn't be in this situation if she had gone to Chase and dumped him immediately upon finding out from Michael that he and Sasha broke up. The declaration of love, and the sex happened while Chase's condition was progressing. He didn't go from feeling a little ill when he got home from the family dinner to collapsing on the floor in minutes. Her behavior h
  14. Not today. I ... think ... the Show is building toward it after the Finn-Chase emotional scene today. But, seems like the most likely scenario is that Finn will come up with a cure after the Willlow-Chase "pity" wedding. If anything, Michael and Willow look like the pathetic, pitiful liars they are. Chase and Willow were in love up and adorable until however many months ago - not years ago. She just told him in December she still loved him, and happily kissed him not long after that. So Willow behaving like she can hardly stand to be around Chase and is so overwhelming in love with Micha
  15. Wow, Stella is giving Carly a run for her money in meddling and trying to boss her family around. She talks like TJ is a h.s. student who is jeopardizing his chances of getting into college by going to see Shawn at Pentonville, and like Jordan and Curtis are early 20-somethings who argued over some household chores and then decided to divorce. Soooo, Jordan has some awareness that Curtis and Portia have feelings for each other. I guess all her skills of observation are focused on Aunt Stella and her soon-to-be ex. Carly to Michael: "I trust your judgement." Since when?!?!? You radiat
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