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  1. C'mon now @GHScorpiosRule the CEO of a multinational corporation (or whatever the Show claims about ELQ) doesn't have time to pay attention to such trivial details as celebrity haircuts, unless such details have to do with his parents, Jason or Josslyn.
  2. Yes, she was convincing as the grieving mother who went off the rails after her son died. I've gotta say, I was thrilled that GH's former "Patrick" beat "Jason" as lead actor. I shook my head that the clip of Oscar's death that GH picked for competition for an Emmy focused on the dead boy with Drew and Kim, when all three actors no longer work at GH. I was really taken aback when former "best actor" Maurice Benard and the former "best actress" introduced the next award. Benard both looks much older than his age, and the way he speaks seems wooden/like a struggle to be real, genuine, present and enthusiastic. I have thought that his performance on GH showed that he's not invested these days in being a good actor, but now I actually wonder if there is something genuinely wrong with him. The contrast between him and the actress was glaring IMO.
  3. The last scene of Ric that I remember is his line to 'Jake' that "you're marrying my ex-wife," I think the day before the wedding that didn't happen because "you're Jason." I think he entered Sonny's hospital room and was never seen again? Ric wanting to get back together with Liz when he returned to be near Molly was weird, because in their last interactions years ago she called him "cruel" and wanted nothing to do with him after he brought baby Jake's paternity into question during the Alcazar murder trial. At that time, he showed contempt for her for her loyalty to Jason. Their first scenes together when he returned showed no indication that they'd been in touch/made amends in the years he'd been away; he talked like he'd never actually gotten over her.
  4. I agree. I think Francis was put in a very difficult position, both as a woman facing the public and as an actress who had to play Laura falling in love with Luke. This spring, NLG chatted with/interviewed TG (while they were in quarantine in their respective homes) and Geary said he can remember being the guest star at some mall event after Luke raped Laura. He said female fans were yelling at him "Rape me, Luke!" He asked them to stop (which they did).
  5. She told someone (I think Julian) right after they got married that she wanted revenge on Nikolas for pretending to be a ghost when she was institutionalized and manipulating her into telling him where the Helena painting was by saying "Kiki is in hell with me but she'll forgive you if..." She felt that Nikolas using her grief and guilt over her daughter's death was unforgivable.
  6. For those of you longing to see classic GH, you should watch ABC's "the Story of Soaps" On Demand. I just watched the second half live and was pleasantly surprised to see Robin and Stone's love story highlighted prominently (but didn't care for the brief Finola Hughes commentary because she wasn't on the show at that time in history).
  7. She told Brad that she was giving her newborn son to him and to Lucas to raise, that she didn't want Michael to raise "my son." What she actually meant was, "I'm giving you my son for safekeeping, and then when I get out of prison I'm coming for him." She didn't care that he was in a home where he was loved after she made the choice that he should be there. By intending to take off with Wiley, she disregarded all the bonds he's formed with people and thus his sense of security. That's not love as far as I'm concerned. I don't necessarily agree about the conversation. It is rather well-known at this point that Nina was pregnant and it's not firmly/officially known what happened to that pregnancy. It's well known that Nina has been obsessed on and off with being a mother. For someone who thinks like Nelle and wants what Nelle wants, there is no better target for manipulation for empathy and gaining an ally. I sort of assume that scene was more about the Show setting up an "I know/I've bonded with my child already" plot point for Nina whenever the reveal happens that Nelle is hers. Also, I just think Nelle is generally delusional in life. I remember that Nelle had concerns about Wiley's surgery. Monica approached her with articles, and Nelle walked away dismissively. Nelle said something about not wanting to hear from Monica's surgeon colleagues - it came off to me like well she's your grandmother so whatever she says, and whatever anyone connected to her says, is suspect. Monica is a surgeon,so she does have expertise. And yes she's a grandmother, so she is invested in Wiley's good health. It's not like she's eager for someone to cut into her toddler great grandson. It's not a life threatening situation right now, but it would help his quality of life. It's not as if Michael's family was pushing for Wiley to get a nosejob.
  8. THIS. Willow intended to walk away from Wiley after the truth came out, but then Michael and Sasha pressured her to stay in his life and in her heart she didn't truly want to walk away. She wasn't excited to be a family with Michael and Wiley; she reluctantly agreed to it for Wiley's sake whereas Michael is clearly happy they got married. Nelle has thrown Brad under the bus, knowing that out of two of them he is the "innocent one" and claiming to be his friend. She knows that Wiley was/is attached to Brad and Lucas as his parents, but intended to leave town and for Wiley to never see either of them again. I can't recall a single conversation Nelle has had about Wiley that wasn't about deceiving/getting revenge on Michael and Carly or trying to prove she has the ultimate authority over what happens to Wiley because she is his biological mother. Even in the conversation with Martin, she made it sound like visiting Wiley in the hospital was about putting on a show for the nurses so they could be called as witnesses in court. She referred to him as the "kid" and Martin told her not to do that, and to cry in court. It all makes me think she doesn't actually care about a mother-son relationship or if Wiley will have a good life. Say what you will about Michael and Willow, but they are both attached to him because of the bonds they've formed with him. Willow, especially, does not see Wiley as an object/some "kid." If the Show really wants to keep drawing parallels between Nelle and Carly, Nelle will show up to court with her new significant other/husband - her bio mother's (ex) husband, Valentin. Speaking of marriage, did Michael ever legally marry Nelle? I just remember she was pregnant, Michael and Nelle were having a wedding ceremony in the Q mansion (right about where Michael and Willow got married), and Carly interrupted it. So I don't recall if they finished and then it was annulled, or what.
  9. I agree. The tears (of sadness) glistening in her eyes that she's entering in a loveless marriage with Michael in front of his family (minus his sister Kristina, Grandma Bobbie, Uncle Jason and of course Uncle Lucas) and without anyone there to support her came off very real to me. And Josslyn can EFF OFF with the "Willow is good enough for Michael" stuff. You brat, Willow is way too good for Michael. I don't get why Nelle would want to marry her son's 'former grandfather' Julian. I'm not sure Julian was ever around Wiley enough for Wiley to know who he is/trust him. Is it because Julian is a business owner in Port Charles and as a result would seem financially stable?
  10. IMO that line should have been "...getting Scout to sleep through the night [since she lost her father]." Scout is no longer an infant or even a toddler, but waking up repeatedly through the night would make total sense for a little kid missing/feeling insecure without the father who was so devoted to her. I feel sorry for Scout having to accept Jason as her new/replacement father.
  11. Elizabeth absolutely wants people to forget Franco's past. She does believe he has changed. For years she has been desperate to believe she has/had good judgement, both as a responsible mother and as a woman who thinks people have really reformed deserve a second chance. Yet I think there's also the part of her that is bothered by the perception of her as "the nurse who married that serial killer - what a pathetic, naive woman she is." I recall that back when she was involved with and in love with Jason, she would say stuff like "such an honest man" and that his job (killing people) didn't "touch his soul." She had a scene with Jason in the PCPD interrogation room after he killed Alcazar, where she basically said to his face she wanted to stay in denial about him killing people. It just comes down to that Elizabeth can't deal with acknowledging that men she has loved willingly hurt and/or kill people - e.g. Jason murdering Alcazar/whomever, post-tumor Franco putting Tom in a cage and shocking him with a collar to torture him. Of course Sam blames Kristina, because she needs to see herself as a selfless, protective sister. She is delusional regarding her family - her sisters and mother, her ex and her kids. Agree. Elizabeth was an artist way before she ever met Franco, but when the Show put her with Franco he became the Star, the Artist in their relationship. I believe the set location that used to be her studio became Franco's Art Space (and where he locked up/hid Tom in the cage). She should remember that she loved to paint and could try to do so professionally. Also, if Elizabeth got some more education she would be well qualified to be an art therapist at GH. Franco as so-called art therapist is a joke. Someone with his criminal history and post-tumor behavior should never get that sort of position in a hospital. But of course this is a soap, where a criminal who helped hold a GH doctor prisoner and tortured her with electric shock, and who shot a nurse in that nurse's own home, got to be chief of staff. I know it's not going to happen, but I really want Willow alone to get justice for what Nelle has done. Michael's own behavior has a lot to do with why he and Nelle are where they are now re: Wiley. But Willow was correct when she said to Nelle, 'you used my baby as a prop.' Nelle did in fact used a deceased newborn as a prop to hurt Michael. She willingly married Willow's rapist (not knowing he would end up dead), in an effort to get her hands on ELQ shares. She also forced her way into Willow and Chase's home and assaulted Willow, then got away with it. She has verbally tried to taunt her and insult her on various occasions, whether it's 'you're so selfish that you gave your baby up and that's why we're here in court" or 'your baby is dead, deal with it, Wiley is mine and I'll do as I please." I would like to see Nelle lose her battle for custody, and then spend time behind bars specifically for the assault on Willow. I then want to see Michael holding Wiley in the hospital, Lucas happens to walk by and Wiley yells out "Daddy" as he reaches his arms out, straining away from Michael. And I also want a horsie.
  12. Especially since Earth Day was literally last week. Ugh. I want Robert, Finn and Chase to have a "Three Men and a Little Lady" type situation with Violet as long as Chase and Willow are broken up, Hayden is out of the picture and Anna has her head up her ass regarding Peter. Seriously, either Robert or Finn being in love with Anna when her behavior is so. very. stupid. really bugs me. I genuinely like the grandfatherly, fatherly and uncle affection I see from the three men.
  13. I hope Willow does not turn out to be Nelle's twin or Nina's bio daughter because Nina has too much arrested development emotionally to try to be a mother to Willow, and Nelle is ... Nelle. The creepy factor has already been done on this show - Alexis and Sam, who are mother and daughter, both slept with brothers Sonny and Ric, and both had Sonny's daughter except Sonny and Sam's daughter was stillborn. Sisters Elizabeth and Hayden both slept with Nikolas; Elizabeth slept with Drew and Hayden tried but Drew rejected her. Brothers Jason and AJ both slept with Carly, Keesha (I think), Sonny's blond sister, and Elizabeth.
  14. I agree, yet her attitude is consistent. When she wanted to go (back) to work at Perk, Sonny told her someone had that job and she was put out that Sonny wouldn't just give her the job/fire or re-assign the employee since she was ready to work. Elizabeth's scenes with Mike and also Sonny were terrific. Herbst is wonderful in scenes as a compassionate nurse, as a compassionate friend/mentor type (the scene with Willow at the baby's grave), and as a mother with any of the three boys. I appreciate whenever we get to see that she has/had a life outside of her relationship with Franco. Willow has been through so much already - she does not deserve to have Carly and Sonny, and Joss and Kristina as in-laws. Her being "stupid" by believing that Chase is having an affair with Sasha is not really the issue in my mind. The real problem with their relationship now is that she shouldn't be with someone who would lie to her and go along with an idiotic plan in order for their relationship to be over so she'll do "what's right for her and Wiley." He knows Sasha already has a history of being an idiot because she was Valentin's partner in deceiving Nina. Chase has shown he doesn't respect Willlow's free will and judgement. Michael seems mostly in love with Willow at this point, so I expect Willow will lean on him because Chase's poor judgement has broken her heart. Can Sasha please leave town now?
  15. THIS. I swear I remember that Michael liked Willow, but then she got together with Chase. He and Sasha hooked up and then started dating. I am getting the impression that Michael settled for a relationship with Sasha because Willow was not available. I believed that Willow and Chase fell in love as she came to trust him while she was working to let go of her baggage from being in a cult/being Shiloh's victim. She happily moved in with Chase, and they agreed about wanting to have children in the future. I saw none of that depth in the Michael and Sasha relationship. The claims that they were in love rang false.
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