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  1. This, and Robert's line yesterday to Sam in response to her"you can't do this to me!!!" protest have been the true highlights! Sam being angry at Anna made me roll my eyes so hard. Honey, Anna is a WSB agent; you are a convinced felon out on parole. She may no longer be part of Sonny, Jason and Carly's world but she sure still has the entitled behavior. I am really hoping it's at least in part an act, since Drew shot the guy who was holding Valentin at gun point and he and Valentin were making their way across the bridge together when Peter shot Drew in the bullet-proof vest.
  2. My reaction to "MY grandson" "MY hotel" was UGHH, typical Carly. With a personality as self-absorbed as Carly's (Sonny's, too) humans, property, etc. that are connected to her are hers and hers alone. Not to mention, the mother of his son was married to his best friend at the time the son was conceived and born. He is hardly a good man who has led an exemplary life. I wish someone would send this to the Show. Amen!! If the Show really wanted to do a story about a black man or woman facing racism, I would be on board for any of the others. Shawn however, is, in fact,
  3. I think the Sam and Elizabeth mentions were because he has a son with each of them. i.e. the point is that even after he's had a kid with a woman Carly was determined she, not that woman, be his top priority. There's also the factor that there isn't a reason for people to be talking about Robin and Jason's relationship from 20 years ago, around Britt now esp. because Robin left Port Charles with her husband and child. The only thing I didn't like about that scene was Britt's opinion that Elizabeth is still carrying a torch for Jason. I believe the "torch" is residual hurt that he chose M
  4. I've gotta give credit where credit is due: aside from Brando kissing Sonny's ass. Joss with Cam and Esme, and Sonny wanting Carly to kiss his ass about fatherhood, today's episode was excellent soap writing. Britt shutting Carly down (especially after Carly's "I'm the price of admission" line as she was encouraging Britt to be with Jason) was AWESOME. KT owned it and I genuinely laughed when Carly looked offended at the mentions of her behavior regarding Sam and Elizabeth. Trina angrily shutting Spencer down as he was "complimenting her" and trying to talk his way into her good gr
  5. Yup - totally in character. Joss is Carly's daughter, she is a teenager (giving off the invincible vibe), and she's experienced dealing with a psychotic female who tried to destroy her family in the past, so she is very over confident that she can handle whatever Esme does. Reading gems like these in your summaries are for the most part, better than watching the show. I say for the most part because I'm a fan of Elizabeth scenes that are not about or including Franco, really enjoyed watching Maxie let it all out to Peter in the hospital, and love it any/every time someone gives Carly
  6. Nelle, using manipulation tactics, had more or less convinced Joss that Carly was mentally unhinged and had indeed tried to kill her by shoving her down the stairs at the Q mansion during the (Wiley) baby shower. Joss and Nelle were close-ish after Joss found out she got the kidney that saved her life from Nelle. Yes, Nelle and Joss got into a physical fight on the docks. Nelle was all "you're supposed to be my sister [because of my relationship with Michael/our kid] but you're an ungrateful brat" and Joss was furious upon realizing she'd been used as well as hearing what other stuff Nelle had
  7. Are you talking about his line "I fell in love with you but then you were with Sonny"? It was vague enough that I got the impression he was talking about when Robin was no longer in his life, he had given up Michael, and was spending more time with Elizabeth. (I still remember SJB' Carly's jealous line to Elizabeth that she already got rid of/drove away one "angel.") I have to give the blond ladies on this show credit for some great, convincing acting in the last few days. EMc did a phenomenal job behaving as a young LW/Carly's mini-me and LW really sold Carly's rage, pain and shock that
  8. It would be interested to know what she thinks. I actually didn't see it as trashing their relationship. Monica 's line about Robin doesn't mean much IMO because she was not close to Jason at the time he was with Robin to really know what she meant to him, and she's saying this as a mother who wants a real relationship with Jason. When Ned asked her if she approves of the wedding, she never said yes. She keeps saying she wants Jason to be happy. Actively hating Carly isn't going to bring AJ back and will only cause tension in her relationships with Jason and Michael. With the exception of
  9. She really did, and it felt like she deserved this moment of joy. Kristina has been through a really rough time: her alcoholic mother went to court and then to prison for stabbing her brother Dante with a syringe meant for Franco, in one night both her boss Julian (with whom she had a good working relationship) died and her dad was presumed dead, she got to be in propping/supportive role in Molly and TJ officially becoming "domestic partners" on Valentine's Day, and Sam made it clear on at least one occasion that Kristina is expected to stay with Danny and Scout indefinitely while she is out
  10. I'm confused why there are floating, glowing balloons in the pool the color of Josslyn's dress. Was part of the reception supposed to be around the pool? And now Joss is channeling her mommy, threatening Esme with mobbies? Sonny tells Carly he knows now that he got up and lived for her and the kids. Omitting the fact that he had been declaring his love for Nina and making out with her on various occasions. And Carly, telling him it was torture taking off her wedding rings, as she removes Jason's engagement ring and goes to get Sonny's. There aren't enough gag and eyeroll emojis for this
  11. Michael was the one proclaiming "Mom and Jason are in love" at that wedding. It's interesting to me that not once has Jason said "I'm in love with you/I'm in love with Carly." Jason has told Carly in the past "ILY too" when Carly said "I love you." Now she tells him she's in love with him and she starts to undress him as he tells her no rush. What I get from this is all the emotion and desire is coming from her. Their first kiss (LW as Carly) was earlier that day, after Carly told him she was falling in love with him. I've seen SBu play Jason with genuine emotional investment, when Ja
  12. I doubt the current writers know/care/remember that. The line about her son was bull, but "Good luck with your bride, you're going to need it" was the second best of the day after Monica's line about "your attorney/pre-nup." I couldn't tell if that was SBu genuinely smiling and laughing at how LC delivered that line, or Jason's appreciation that Monica was showing up for him. I think maybe both, given how much history these two actors have working together. The only other actor there in the church with as much (or nearly) history in the Q Family/on the show is WK. I thought Carly looked
  13. Heeey, what did the sea turtles ever do to you?! ( I say this as someone who saw sea turtles up close abroad and was fascinated; they don't deserve to have to deal with Sonny in their environment.) It's interesting to me that after all the comments I've read about the actresses playing Carly, I really saw Sarah Brown's Carly in LW's Carly when she was sitting by herself, with that shit-eating contented grin on her face of "I'm finally getting what I always wanted!" I just know that look is going to be wiped off her face when drama and/or violence happens during the vows or reception. I a
  14. I am wondering (esp. after the "Did I say something wrong?" line re: Britt) if the Show is going in the direction of Austin having Asperger's. Yup, and Spencer and Esme could not be more deserving of her bitchiness. Trina is her best friend but was pre-occupied with being upset that her mom was in an accident with the commissioner and Joss has known Spencer since he was a little kid, so i didn't have a problem with her confronting them. I totally agree!!! You put it perfectly. NO. Clearly. I assumed his lines about learning to love each other by raising you
  15. Eh, I think it's just pretzel twisting poorly written melodrama to create angst for the wedding day-month. Totally agree. SB gives off an annoyed brotherly vibe when acting with LW's Carly. It is his place as a father trying to protect his daughter. She is his top priority. He is rightly angry that someone from a Mob family tried to intimidate Josslyn. He also knows that Josslyn (unfortunately) loves and misses her stepfather. NIna's lies and "relationship with Mike" absolutely impacts Josslyn's life. Not even close! I remember my cousin's daughter sounding like tha
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