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  1. I continue to hate Peter and his chipmunk cheeks. There are better characters on this soap who should have babies before Peter. So now I'm rooting for a miscarriage caused by him and his lying ass. And Maxie and her delusional self can just take a hike. The gall of her to compare Peter to Franco. There is a difference between the two. Franco isn't faking being reformed. Nikolas and Spencer are the rich people I hate IRL. Yes, go cry in your 10% that's probably worth billions of dollars. Am I supposed to feel sympathetic for either of them? Nikolas and the asshat he has for a son can live on that 10% several lives over and never go hungry. This shit is especially tone deaf considering the state of the world we currently live in. The writers could have made the effort to rewrite some of this. So honestly, fuck them and the horse they rode on. Nikolas can get shot and fall off the parapet again and drown and Spencer can stay in France and never come back. Ava's makeup looked nice. I'm glad the sparkly makeup they usually slather on her face did not make its appearance. MW is such a beautiful woman.
  2. No. Lucas could be dead and no one would ever know. Although I can give Sam some credit for spending time, off-screen mind you, with him. Meanwhile, Carly and Michael don't give a rat's ass about him. I'm still baffled that Willow and Lucas did not share a single scene together after the truth about Wylie came out. The writers could have written something really powerful. Two parents grieving for the baby who died and the one they thought was theirs. But skippidy skip over that and right into St. Michael needs a wife, a wife he wanted to date before Chase and all his charm swept her off her feet, to stake a better claim on the baby and into a custody trial, of which the outcome we already knew, we go. If you guys didn't know, I really hate Michael.
  3. Drugs are totes free in PC. But Sasha will probably be the first victim of this opioid crisis that's coming to PC. She'll die, then Michael the eternal martyr will self-flagellate at the altar of St. Sasha, in the endless cycle of Michael's girlfriends dying because CD can only generate anti-chemistry in his pairings, see everyone single one of them. If I'm an actress being paired with CD, I start worrying about my job.
  4. Oscar is still a great grandson, though, so what percentage share could he even had. I think the shares that could have really tipped the scales are Scout's because she would have inherited Drew's shares after he vanished / died. Hard to tell, no one held a funeral for him. I'm sure the math is massively fudged up to say that Valentin now has 50% of the ELQ shares. Tracy, Ned, Dillon, Michael, Jason, Jake, Monica vs. Skye, Lila, Maya, BL plus Dany and Scout's proxies. Edward is rolling over in his grave. Sam could try and redeem herself by having Aurora pump money into the hospital, but Sam works with half a brain at the best of times and Aurora is never mentioned.
  5. No. But the difference between her and Maya, and BL and Sam is that Skye and Maya are not on screen. So the people who will get dumped on are the ones we see. If Skye ever returns for a visit, then I'm sure what she did will be dragged out. Or I'll drag it out.
  6. Sam by Jason's bed reminded me of Teresa weeping over Ethan and how they belong together. So really not a stretch in the acting since is a weeping pathetic nightmare when it comes to Jason. And Jason's first thought was about Michael losing his job as CEO. Checkmate again, Sam, you once again lost to anyone who is a member of the Corinthos clan which you are not a part of. Well played, idiot. ETA - Jason jumping to the conclusion that Michael might lose his job was all sorts of stupid and him talking about ELQ not being in the family anyone was also stupid, seeing as I'm pretty sure he did not know someone was buying up the ELQ shares.
  7. We all hate that sort of plot point, except for the writers. I wasn't paying attention to her tracker to see where Wylie was. Nelle shouldn't have been brought back. She will lose. She will either die or be carted off to some mental institution. Lately, I can't help but think of Heather Webber whenever she's on screen. Was she? I thought she quit because of Olivia being an overbearing jerk. Or Maybe it was Carla Hall who quit?
  8. Jason wishes he was Drew. A far better character, who cared about his family and adored his children and wanted to spend as much time with them as he possibly could. When Sam told Carly that Scout was so confused, you know, Sam, maybe Scout is confused because she doesn't understand why the parent who took care of her and was always there for her suddenly vanished. Fuck Jason and his broken brain. At the rate he's been collecting all these brain injuries have been going, he should be a drooling mess.
  9. Her plan was to skip court to go kidnap Wylie and vanish with him and Martin popped her balloon. I liked the new Delores. Too bad we won't be seeing her again. And Sam gets what she wants, Jason is awake, and I hope he has full on amnesia and is turned back into Jason Q. He freaks about about his haircut and his missing leotard.
  10. I wondered the same thing, and arrived at the same conclusion as you. The only he would care is if Valentin got in bed with Cyrus somehow and this guy now has one of his paws in the ELQ pie. But then, there's this whole business with the hospital too. The vote is coming up about becoming the hospital's bank, going up against Cyrus's bid. I'm assuming Valentin is going to use Dany and Scout's votes for a resounding no on this one. Wouldn't it be funny if as a first order of business, Cyrus told the hospital to transfer Jason to Mercy?
  11. Sam hasn't even interacted with Nikolas since he got back. Sam could have easily petitioned the court to allow her to see Jason because this is extreme circumstance. He was in an accident, he might have to get the other half of his brain removed. It's not like she's not allowed to be in the hospital or get direct news from his doctors. And the hospital staff bending over backwards for her is just *eye roll*. No one will be thanking her for handing over her children's voting proxies until they're fucking 18 years old. But hey, she can have a beer with BL and they can chat about how stupid and selfish they both are.
  12. I think acting opportunities might be a bit more difficult to come by during the pandemic. If she didn't capitalize on whatever Dancing with the Stars did for her, I doubt she'll be doing anything now. Sam in attack dog mode is always so very pleasant, no matter who plays Sam. Those scenes with Brando were cringey and painful to get through. Just fuck the guy already, and let's all move on from this irrational hate you have for him, shall we. Meanwhile, Valentin is convinced that Sam will give him the children's voting proxy. I hope she is barred from entering the Q mansion after that. Brando would have been better off going back to Chicago, because seriously, who needs this sort of family. They're a bigger headache than they are worth. Jason got a new buzz cut, meanwhile Julian has not gone to barber since he married Nelle. Life is hard, man. Ava is still awesome.
  13. Actually, I thought it was funny to see how they had Jason lying on the ground. Arms spread, leg folded under him. He looked like he was standing, then swooned. I started wondering if he would put a hand on his brow before he fainted away.
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