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  1. Of course she can. Even a dumb dumb like Carly can buy cookie dough, cut it up and stick it in the oven. We know her favorite isles in the grocery store aren't the veggies and fruit ones.
  2. I doubt that. The writers are not interested in that sort of storytelling that could shockingly make their characters more layered and interesting.
  3. Pretty sure Willow was supposed to be Nina's daughter for a while before they changed gears to Nelle. The Willow actress fit the bill better looks-wise as Nina and Silas's daughter than Nelle.
  4. Greenland is a nice place with nice people. They don't deserve to be saddled with Willow and Michael. Shoot them into the sun instead. The sun will take care of them.
  5. I find that the show did Willow a huge disservice. And this has nothing to do with Chase or how much I hate the Willow/Michael pairing and how I think both characters are absolute trash because they really are. Willow was brought into a cult by her own mother. Her father was either killed by Shiloh because he was trying to get his daughter out or committed suicide (He was murdered IIRC, but I really don't), Shiloh sexually abused her and raped her. She became pregnant. She managed to get away from Shiloh, she was alone and pregnant, she gave up her child for adoption. Then she met Michael
  6. I watched yesterday's episode this morning. I didn't think it would affect me, but the Chase/Violet scenes were actually bittersweet and I thought the Chase actor did an excellent job at everything. I got misty-eyed and I ffed the wedding because I had read comments, but caught the part where Chase asked his best friend Michael to put the ring on Willow's fingers, which honestly, FU for that writers. I really just want Chase far away from everything to do with Willow and Michael. Those two can go and bask in their eternal shining twu wuv away from good people. The dress they put Sa
  7. So Brando is a complete dumbass. For the first time he felt like he was making a different since he left the military? Dude, you get that the Corinthos organization are a bunch of thugs in suits (or tight t-shirts in some cases), that they are the mob. I swear, the writers must be a bunch of degenerates that working for the Corinthos organization makes a person feel useful. Get the fuck outta here! It's too much to hope that Sasha will just tell him to get bent and not allow him near the baby. This douchenozzle had to be reminded that he has a child on the way. Not by the best role model
  8. Of course they can. They reach new levels of self-absorbed and suck every single time they deign grace our screens. Now we'll be treated to longing looks across the room and Michael looking like a beaten dog because that's the only expression he knows. And Willow will sob and weep in her pillow while Chase is asleep beside her. I'm genuinely not sure if the writers know how they've written them. But they get extra vile every episode they're on.
  9. Am I supposed to feel bad or sorry for Willow's tears and Michael's distress? This clusterfuck is of their own making. They were slept together, were circling each other, then they decided to get an annulment because reasons, all the while being jealous of Sasha and Chase. Shit like this happens when you're a coward at heart. If Sasha hadn't come in what she perceived as a moment between Willow and Michael, then she might still be dating that dumbass. And Chase gave Willow a bunch of outs that she didn't take. So in my own words, the two of you can go and get fucked. Thanks! I
  10. I'd be okay with Emma coming back to PC because that teen scene needs some sprucing up, but I find the actress painfully bad. Her acting hasn't changed all that much.
  11. Bobbie didn't lose anything when Lucas gave Wylie back to Michael (Wylie wasn't ripped from his arms, because Michael doesn't do shit like that). Instead of Bobbie being Wylie's grandmother, she's his great grandmother now. He's still part of her family. That's probably why she doesn't care about what happened to Lucas. I'm down with BL/Chase. I find them strangely sweet together and I just can't with Willow. I'm still trying to understand how someone goes from a mature grown-up relationship to Michael. But yeah, there are good possibilities for BL.
  12. Out of curiosity, is there anyone on here who likes the Willow/Michael pairing? I will lowkey judge you for it, but I promise I won't throw any stones.
  13. I'm not sure where to start, so let's start with this. I really resent what's going on with Chase. I really resent the pity marriage. I resent that Sasha whose brilliant idea is was for Michael and Willow to get together has moved on from those two, that she is pregnant and happy with her life (although how long that will last seems to depend on Gladys). I resent that Chase will go (probably not) to his grave calling Michael his best friend and believing a lie. I resent that when Chase inevitably gets better, he will find out the truth and lie to hang on to Willow. Because god forbid we get to
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