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  1. Sure. Women being supportive of each other is always a great sight. I think we all had to suffer through watching women being catty to women (or Carly being catty to other women), but the convo being about Michael is most certainly not my cup of tea. I wish Willow wasn't having the talk with someone who finds it hard to find any flaws in flawless Michael.
  2. The show really insists on contrasting Michael and Chase, don't they? Is it me or is the Violet actress still as big as she was when she first joined the show and it also feels like she's been missing her two front teeth for a really long time. Shut up, Willow! And shut up, Sasha with the whole Michael is just being a Q and a Corinthos all at once as if it justifies being a complete doucheturd. I could have done without the Willow/Sasha scenes. Girls, in the words of the eternal Maya Angelou, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. And can it with the outrage, Michae
  3. Sonny looked extremely confused those times the camera panned on his face. He blinked blinked blinked and reminded me of my dog when I used to have one when I used to send him fetch me something and he always came back with the left slipper for some reason then looked absurdly hopeless and confused when I said "no." Russell managed to drag himself 20 miles from the compound on a badly injured leg and Britt went searching for her mother wearing heels. You know, what Nina did was bad. She should've told the truth or used Sonny against his family. But I can't even with this whole Nina
  4. It wasn't a preview, it was the ending of the episode on Tuesday.
  5. Yes, it's Victor. Robert called him Vicky.
  6. You're not keeping up with the rewrites. I think you meant nine months. That said, I wish I can purge that NF storyline out of my mind. So Spencer pled not guilty without even thinking that he would need bail and that he'd stay in jail if he couldn't post bail. He doesn't even have $5 to his name since his father cut him off. And I wish Laura and Kevin would've just stayed out of this. I'm glad they're forcing Spencer to get a job, but they're undercutting Nikolas. And yes, Nikolas is a trash father. And Esme inviting herself to live with Kevin. Her going elsewhere should have
  7. Do you think LW was able to keep a serious left when she said her line? The whole NF storyline has been unrecognizable because of all the retcons they've done within the last NINE months. What a joke.
  8. It wouldn't be a surprise if he did, but at the same time, why can't he just contact the realtor? I wouldn't be surprised if Sonny told (not asked because he doesn't ask) Ava to give him Charlie's. Because he's rich but that's how he rolls.
  9. They sort of did, but I think that the writers are also trying to drum up sympathy for Austin. They gave RH a brand new character to play and they want us to like him.
  10. Sonny: If you wanna stalk people, hurt people, be a total dickward, just don't break the code and make sure you don't get caught, otherwise you have to pay the consequences, like you are now. Also, if you wanna terrorize a woman, that's totes fine too. Our valiant hero, ladies and gents. Do bugger off, Sonny! No one is wondering why Esme hates Ava so much? Like there's hating someone for the sake of someone you care about, or trying to mooch off of, and then there's irrational hate when you never met the person. That Willow/Carly conversation was incredibly cringe. Carly and
  11. Michael isn't bribing the DA. He is bribing the AG.
  12. I think he spent a night at her place before he left for St. Lucia. But regardless. The point still stands about Michael not knowing that Peter was in NF or that he burned down the Tan-O. Knowing this show, though, they will say that he found out off screen from Maxie or something.
  13. They'll invent something. After all, Nina has known ALL along that Sonny was alive. I mean she kept him from his family for NINE months. There's a CCTV somewhere that shows her standing on the bridge with Sonny. She's the one who shoved him the water. So attempted murder, I think? That tracks, no?
  14. Deadbeats always return to the scene of the crime when they're terminal and looking for absolution from the families they've abandoned. That said, didn't we just finish with a storyline like that with Mike and Sonny? Do we have to go on this merry-go-round again? Like figure out a different storyline, you lazy mofos. I'd love to be paid what they get paid to be a hack. It's like the dream job. I can pretend to be a writer too. Willow and Michael are still puke inducing. The way they slobber all over each other is still gross. Yes, he's smart, and yes, she's smart, blah blah blah. WE
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