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  1. I don't know about that. Nelle is a murderer and a liar and Willow thinks Wylie is her son, even though she doesn't claim him as such. Willow made it a condition in the adoption that Julian has no contact with the baby, even though she's walked that back since. Her freaking out about Nelle seems legit to me. Plus you know, arriving at Brad's and finding Nelle there must be pretty disconcerting. I'm happy to see Taggert, I'm sad he'll never win against Sonny and Jason. Aunt Gladys, is she a bit on the crazy side, or is she just pretending. It's like she's on these fact finding missions or something.
  2. No. Let's not taint the characters we like by implying anything with the Beast.
  3. I am so over Nelle. She was gone. She should have stayed gone.
  4. It bothers me a lot the way they write Sam/Spinelli. Can they not write her with her family like that. And by family, I'm not talking about Carly/Sonny and fucking Jason. Also, I thought the text message was fake and that she was just looking to get away from Peter. But I also missed the first half hour of the episode.
  5. About Gladys, Sonny and Carly. Carly is insufferable, but we already knew that. The way she spoke to Gladys was uncalled for. And her Ava quip about how she always lands on her feet and the eye roll. Someone needs to beat the self-righteous out of her. You also always land on your feet Carly, no matter the situation you find yourself in, somehow, you always manage to come back to annoy me another 20 years. Am I the only one hoping that Glady is some big crime boss come to take Sonny down, or some undercover agent there to collect dirt on him? Either way she loses, sadly, but the way she was standing there and the way Carly was eyeing her so suspiciously, and if Carly is suspicious, then there MUST be something wrong with the woman.
  6. It's lazy writing. If Helena who was a scary woman is scared of him, then Valentin must be scary. Valentin is a wimp. He can't even scheme right.
  7. I've sort of wondered about that. Other than Joss being a pretty girl, I don't know what qualities she has that boys would find attractive. So just snap out of it, Cam. I was surprised that Dev rejected her. The Laura/Nikolas scenes were really good and I really enjoyed the acting on both ends when she was reading him the riot act. And how in the world did Nikolas and Ava come to the agreement to get married? Codicil for marriage? I missed something. Mikkos is not Baby Wawa's pappy? And look at him about to kidnap his own daughter. Smart move, Wawa. Smart smart move.
  8. Nikolas is an idiot, mostly, but the actor is good. It bothers me a lot that the writers write the characters chasing after their own tales when the actors have the talent to deliver good and entertaining performances.
  9. I didn't think this show could shock me, but color me shocked. I was expecting Ava to walk in all wet and stop the wedding, but I did not expect Nikolas at all to be the one walking in soaking wet carrying her to interrupt the wedding. Also, how many times must we listen to Val and Nina exchange vows? Enough already, show! I can't believe Diane has to spell it out for JaSam that they have to be parents first. This stupid story arc is going to be even worst than the one that just ended.
  10. They've done a real hatchet job on Sam. Sam: I want to be the best mother, I wanna show I can be the best mother, best mother blah blah blah Parole officer: Where are the kids? Sam: At their grandmother's. Me: . . . Yesterday was the first show I watched since before Christmas, so I missed whatever scenes she might have had with her "children." This shit makes me miss Drew even more. They did not show him all that often with Scout, but at least, I knew he lived at the mansion and was a more hands on parent than Sam.
  11. Make sure you don't fall off from shock.
  12. Sonny is such a stupid man-child. How dare you not tell me? How dare you not trust me? How dare you keep sikrits with Jax? Jax committed a crime. I wish Sonny's glass house would finally cave in on his dumb-dumb head. So Valentin tossed Ava down the parapets. What a charmer. I was hoping until the last second that he would go over and die already. But no such luck. The men on this show sure love bullying Ava, but that's probably because girlfriend has a bigger pair of balls than they do. Aww, are Sam and Jason breaking up? Say it ain't so! [/sarcasm]
  13. Especially since he seems to be doing just fine in his parenting? Yeah. Violet is cute and all, but she's already had more facetime than some of the other children had in a year. Two years in some cases.
  14. It was Trina who knocked the waitress who then knocked Valentin. It's because Laura chatted with Trina earlier about the portrait and Nikolas's death. If anything, the portrait being set on fire should make Valentin happy, so I don't think it's the real deal, but a print instead.
  15. Guard at Nelle's door to Carly: Confidential information, take a hike. Chase to Carly: Blah blah blah blah blah blah. And didn't I tell you? Blah blah blah blah. Wait! I forgot to give you Nelle's dress size and the way she folds the towels. I'm pretty sure Lucas will wake up remembering what Brad told him about Wiley. Jason goes to visit Ned because he needs something from him. Ned wants to give ELQ shares to Olivia and Leo, which is a terrible idea. Hopefully Tracey descends on him with the vengeful wrath of a golden goddess.
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