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  1. Are we, though? The more this story drags on the more I'm unsure we're supposed to be on Sam's side at all. And she just doesn't seem to understand that she is on the wrong side of the law on this, that Delores is only applying the law because it's her damn job. And she just drove her mother to falling off the wagon. Alexis came to her rescue, she told her what's up. Sam lashed out at her, Alexis started drinking again. Jason's return has set Sam back 10 years. She is all about Jason. She is risking two more years of jail because she wants to be with that loser. Sam's whole raison d'être right now is this stupid storyline, she has nothing else going for her.
  2. "Michael, you have to do everything you can to get full custody of Wylie," says Willow. Chase, I have to marry Michael to protect Wylie. This is the only way. I was expecting that Nelle would bring up her kidney surgery as a personal experience to the table. I can understand why she wouldn't want Wylie to have surgery after what happened to her. Is Sasha wearing stockings with those ugly AF sandals? Sam being completely shutdown by Alexis and Delores was beautiful. Yes, Sam, grow the fuck up. Alexis should have gone to her AA meeting instead of answering Sam's phone call.
  3. They could have played up Sonny being worried about TJ because he did have a soft spot for him. Didn't he help put him through med school. Sonny is a thug in a $5,000 ($200) suit.
  4. I think that they pretty much anviled Harmony's death today. Willow could find the other half when she goes to clean out Harmony's things from the halfway house. And now Nina has hired Nelle to work for her, so that's not going to end well.
  5. Did Harmony tell Willow "when you were given to me?" instead of "when I gave birth to you," when she was speaking with her?
  6. Wylie spends two weeks with Michael. Wylie has to be rushed to the hospital.
  7. Jordan, not Jason. But they're both abysmal characters, so yeah. I liked Sam's hair and I appreciate that there seems to some effort in the past few episodes in trying to perhaps move her from the hobo clothes, but those pants and that top were terrible. I find wardrobe/hair/makeup to be really unfortunate most of the time. Honestly, I think the nurses and doctors in their scrubs look hella better than almost every other character.
  8. March 23, 3020. Dear Diary, Jordan is still an abysmal moron.
  9. It's the second time she hits him. It's the second time he arrests her. But hey, look who will be left out in the cold. Hopefully they'll write Sasha's dumb ass out after this.
  10. Lulu: BL privilege, blah blah blah, privileged. Lulu doesn't get arrested. People in glass houses and all need not apply. I hope a boulder falls on her stupid head.
  11. That fight was so bad! All I kept thinking the whole time was of the Rachel and Amy fight on Friends. At least that one was funny. BL v. Lulu was just . . . why didn't Lulu get arrested and thrown in the slammer? Her ass should be behind bars too. Anna should go back on vacation. Another 6 months, maybe a year. Forever would be better. She can take Peter with her since she wuvs him so much. Carly and Sasha. No words. If Chase is going to end up with someone who isn't Willow, my money is on BL. I hate Michael. I can't stand Peter. There's something wrong when I am actively rooting for Spinelli. I'm fine with Deception bringing Crimson down. Too bad Sasha is part of it.
  12. She was just being her intrusive, self-righteous self.
  13. This has gone viral! Maybe you shouldn't tell us that Lulu was the only one who viewed it. Lulu about being a good reporter. Thanks for the laugh, writers.
  14. To remind long time viewers and new ones that the show used to be good?
  15. GH should be a nice break from everything that's going on right now, but I know it's not when the hour draaaaaaaaaaaags. So Curtis sure knows how to choose his women. Portia cheated on her husband who was under cover and Jordan sleep walks through her days and lies to him. Pretty sure Portia is lying too about Trina. But Jordan's "thank God" reaction to Trina not being his daughter made me a bit angry. Curtis wanted to have a child, something Jordan did not want and he didn't press the matter further. So I thought her reaction was a bit on the mean side of things. BL can go and jump off the Brooklyn Bridge anytime now. She is incompetent, she doesn't care and of course those contracts that shouldn't have been seen by anyone have now been seen by everyone who follows this dimwit. She should hold hands with Lulu when she takes her leap. What is it any of Lulu's business what BL does and vice versa. I hate women being snippy at each other for the sake of being snippy. Also, run Chase, run! Sasha should be punched in the mouth. Also, nice try with her phone blowing up and how that must be the obnoxious, annoying off screen Lucy. Girl, please. Just stop. Stop with the breathy talking and go away. I really can't with her. This storyline makes me wish that Willow had really gotten pregnant last time. But then, she would likely still marry Michael and would end up playing house with Wylie and Chase Jr, because Michael is also a baby hoarder. I hate this storyline so much.
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