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  1. SaveTheGreyhounds


    And Donald's response: "I'm in the will?!" I have also heard that Raiders actually took inspiration for that scene from the old Scrooge comics! (Don't have a source, but awesome if true!)
  2. SaveTheGreyhounds

    TBP Tip Line: Suggestions For Future Episodes

    I Tweeted it, but Season 5, ep 7 of Drunk History ("Drunk Mystery") covers D.B. Cooper. Agatha Christie, ,\and Circleville, OH... could make a fun Cold Case, should the week's main case require a palate cleanser.
  3. SaveTheGreyhounds

    S02.E03: A Random Killing

    My brother went on a camping trip where they were supposed to visit a Civil War cemetery, but that part of the trip was canceled when the caretaker was killed. We later found out -- probably because of KYW -- that it was part of Cunanan's spree. Also, it's probably a rights thing, but KYW doesn't sound anything like that.
  4. SaveTheGreyhounds

    The Real O'Neals

    Responding to this in the Dan Savage thread.
  5. SaveTheGreyhounds

    EHG Mini: More American Crime Stories

    The Versace murders would be wonderful to see more about. My brother's Boy Scout troop was camped next to the Finn's Point National Cemetery the night the caretaker was killed, and was supposed to tour the cemetery the next day. We didn't realize the significance until later.
  6. SaveTheGreyhounds

    S03.E10: Long Live The Queen

    I was really impressed by the breath-bending, but the thing that prompted me to post was... Fort Bosco! The bear got a fort! ("You mean, platypus-bear?" "No... just bear.")
  7. SaveTheGreyhounds

    Mike & Molly

    What's interesting is, once he gets over the shock and hurt, Carl shouldn't actually be that surprised. I think it was last season, Grandma made a reference to Carl's grandfather, and when Carl said, "I though he was dead!" she answered, "He's dead to me!" Sounds like pretty much the same situation -- someone in the family leaves for selfish reasons, and Grandma writes them off and tells Carl they died to protect him.