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  1. Universalhunter

    S04.E09: Jamey & Ari

    Regardless of whether a transgender female is a "real" female, a lot of people are not going to be comfortable with that type of relationship, especially if the woman is pre-operation. That's truly not something to hide. I thought Jamey handled the situation very well. He treated her with dignity, he didn't lose his cool, wasn't outwardly judgmental. But it was clearly a shock and something he wasn't comfortable with in a romantic context, which is okay. It's a big piece of information to swallow. He seemed like a nice person.
  2. Universalhunter

    S04.E05: Chitara & Priscilla

    Yeah, they don't even try with the searches anymore. I feel like in the first couple of seasons, they would at least try to get something, they didn't just search one thing and call it a day. It's really been phoned-in this season. Next season Nev will just show up and make the call, nothing else. Hopefully Max's return will help!
  3. Universalhunter

    S26.E13: Reunion

    Yes. Bananas is just pissed that Sarah and Jordan beat him at his own game. I have no doubt that he would have thrown them in if he had won that last challenge, and he would be the one saying it was all just a game. He has no real income outside of challenges, so he comes in and expects the big paycheck, to the point where he expects people to be okay with just handing it to him. He can't separate the game from reality because he's made the game his job, which only works if you win. It being an "act" doesn't really excuse him treating Sarah, his supposed good friend, the way he did. You can put on a personality without alienating, insulting, and being a monstrous dick to people you actually care about. Which is why I don't believe he's such a good person in reality.
  4. Universalhunter

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    There's actually been a lot. The infamous Lauren and Derek, the emo kid, the guy who got arrested for weapons of mass destruction, the dorky-looking rapper named Albert. There was one girl who was real, but they tried to act like she was being deceptive because she only sent the guy face shots. I think there were a couple more as well.
  5. Universalhunter

    S26.E11: Bye Bye, Love

    I think it was definitely the touching that got her kicked off. There's precedence for it, with Vinny getting booted for pulling down Mandy's shirt. Either way, I think they knew that she would only escalate from there, so they just came and got her instead of letting it get even worse. I'm not a fan of Leroy. He's no better than the rest of them really, he's a follower and he joins in on the pile-ons like the rest of em. He's just more subtle about it. I think the show really wanted him to win, because in any other challenge, he would have been sent home with Nia, not given a better partner. Just ask Sarah. I'd love to see Jordan and Sarah win. I like their relationship, and I see a bit of a winner's edit in how they've been portrayed. I'd be okay with Jay and Jenna as well- them pulling off a huge upset would be an amazing ending.
  6. Universalhunter

    S26.E10: Lovers In The Dark

    I think Jordan knew it was the only choice, but I also don't think he's very smart at the game. He's still a lot like a newbie in that way- he bases a lot on emotions and pride and shaky alliances and lets that affect his judgment. Jay and Jenna have grown on me. I'd be happy to see them back on more challenges. They seem to be good people and they aren't horrible performance-wise.
  7. Universalhunter

    S26.E10: Lovers In The Dark

    I assumed he just let her do it. The final is next and there's no point in fighting about it, especially when it's objectively the smartest choice. We see one partner unilaterally choose for the team all the time- it's just usually the men who do it. Zach and Jonna, when she couldn't even formulate a reason for TJ after letting Zach make the choice comes to mind. No one's going to throw themselves into the last elimination and there isn't any compromise to be made, so one of them had to make the unilateral choice.
  8. Universalhunter

    S26.E10: Lovers In The Dark

    They both got to the bottom of the second, Johnny moved to the third and had to wait to go down till Nany transferred. He fell. Nany moved to the third, and then fell on that one as well.
  9. Universalhunter

    S26.E10: Lovers In The Dark

    Everyone except Nia got onto the 3rd rope. If someone else from each team fell on the first or second, Leroy and Nia would have won. Bananas and Nany (and Jay, Jenna, Jordan, and Sarah) both fell on the third, so Nany didn't actually get any farther than Johnny did.
  10. Universalhunter

    S26.E10: Lovers In The Dark

    Good for Sarah for not ceding to her partner and making a decision for her team. It was the right one and even Bananas knows it, though he'll act like a victim. He said it himself, you don't want the strongest teams against you in the final. I'm team Jordan/Sarah all the way. Glad Wes was okay, it made me sad to see everyone laughing at him. That more than anything showed these peoples true colors, and they aren't pretty. I thought most of these people did like each other somewhat outside of the game and would want to make sure he didn't have a serious problem.
  11. Universalhunter

    Hart Of Dixie

    Magnolia was 2 and Lemon was 16 or 17 when Alice left. She stuck around for a couple years after Magnolia was born, so I don't think they can spin it as being overwhelmed at the thought of another baby. I hope they don't try to explain it at all honestly- let Lemon and Magnolia bond with Scarlett, but I hope they don't pull out the trope of the absent parent reuniting with their kids with an excuse, being forgiven, and quickly forming an amazing bond.
  12. Universalhunter

    S08.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

    This was the best premiere in awhile. The level of talent seems to be higher and if it stays that way, this is gonna be a great season. Cody was my pick of the night. His tone is just beautiful, very easy and soothing to listen to.
  13. Universalhunter

    S26.E07: That's The Way Love Goes

    So, the men on this show are usually pretty sexist, but this episode was freaking incredible with how much they managed to pack in. Jay and Wes were the only ones not acting completely demeaning toward the women in the house. Zach and Reilly saying women are made to be inferior and Zach calling them swamp pigs- those two are the ones acting like swamp pigs. Especially disappointed in Leroy, because he seems so nice typically. Both their strikes in the challenge were on him. Nia beat Avery, so it isn't like she disappointed in the elimination and left it all to him. And then he goes on about he "knows they're girls" and how Nia needs to show him something? Please. I liked that elimination game though.
  14. Universalhunter

    S26.E05: Love, Sweat, And Tears

    So, I was eating when Nia decided to drink sweat. Took about ten minutes before I could take another bite. That is absolutely disgusting. I love Wes. I can't help it. He's the only person who knows how to keep things interesting and he and Jordan are the only ones with the balls to actually shake things up and not give players like Bananas a free pass. I'm rooting for Jordan/Sarah to win- they're good, they both really want to win, and if I was 16 again I'd totally ship them because they're really cute together. And I may be mistaken, but didn't TJ already tell them about the exile? Why were they so surprised-looking when they saw that tape?
  15. Universalhunter

    S26.E04: Crazy Stupid Love

    Nany is always acting a hot mess over a guy, so I don't have much trouble believing this is for real. I don't understand the Zach/Jonna thing either. He left her with no warning and no explanation and refused to speak to her until now, I guess? Of course she's upset and hurt by him, but it doesn't seem she actually did anything wrong, so I don't know what his issue is. He's just an asshole IMO. Just because you don't like her romantically anymore doesn't mean you have to treat her like shit. I'm sad to see Jemmye go, she's one of my favorites. She's funny and doesn't take it all so seriously and personally.