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  1. Racism against Asians is the new antisemitism in the Academic and political world. Principally because so many really bright kids get great test scores and dominate the competitive entry for schools that the children of the Upper East Side compete for if they don't go to private schools. Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant High School is now predominately Asian and they are targets. I am not surprised that Carole disdains the food and the culture of the Asian community. For all of her vaunted experience as a so called TV producer and so called "Writer: she is in fact one parochial piece of crapo
  2. I think this exactly right. The ones who protest the loudest about racism are the ones who never interact with people that don't look like them. She treated the happy go lucky girl in the ice cream parlor with curl lipped contempt. Everybody that I know that lives in New York has been to Chinatown for dinner and knows what Dim Sum is for crying out loud. That includes 90 year old Italian grandmothers who never go off the block. Carole is just the worst. Bring back Jill. Or Jules. Or Heather. Or Kristen. Or even the vagina bedazzler girl. Anybody but this horror.
  3. "Strange nicknames for $100 Alex" "The luge." "What do the women at the Regency call Tom's Penis?" "Correct. It is amazing how they all put their lips to it one after another."
  4. I think this is very astute. I did not appreciate Heather when she was on the Housewives. In retrospect she seemed quite normal and nice. She stood her ground and held Ramona's craziness at arms length. I do think she went a little overboard on the vacation when Luann invited over some party dick but I get it. She was playing the respectable woman card. I did think the way she treated Kristen was a little off but what can you do. All in all she is missed. If she came back with Jill and they dropped the glower twins it would be a lot more fun.
  5. Sorry. I have to respectfully disagree. Water finds it's own level. They are prefect together. Which is good because they are fated to die alone.
  6. Lavender has a very subtle flavor. I enjoy Chamomile with Lavender herbal tea now that I can't drink anymore. It gives a hint of sweetness. I have never had that ice cream and I look forward to checking it out the next time I am in Chinatown.
  7. I think Carson has or had a deal with Evine and that is where they know each other. The bare bones "celebration" was obviously a Bravo production where they put the principals in a room with a lot of alcohol in the hopes that there will be an explosion. So of course there are no decorations. They got it dirt cheap or for free off of the quick shots of the opening when people walked in. It is par for the course for reality shows who never want to pay for anything.
  8. I don't think there was a rumor that Tom was gay. I think it was just Bethenny and Carole being the vile bitter jealous dried up witches that they are. What was the reason that they had to laugh it up and say on camera that Tom is gay and Luann does him with a strap on? Oh they are vile and nasty pieces of crap. That's about right.
  9. I think John made the wise decision to limit his appearances this year so Tom would be the target of the bile. There is no doubt that Dorinda wants to be the center of attention....that is why she specializes in drunken sloppy filibusters that make her look like a moron. John can't catch a break. When he was teasing Carole about her ill fitting leather dress he had people complaining on these boards. I don't think it bothered Carole all that much as she kissed him on the lips when they were saying hello. I bet all of these women get a lot of free stuff from John. I don't believe Bethenny's cl
  10. I think it was definitely Wo Hop. I haven't been there in years but if it was there then the food is grade A good stuff. We used to hit Chinatown back in the day before a long night of drinking at the South Street Seaport. Good times.
  11. Personally I think he has been intimate with a few vegetables. Not much different than being with Carole so is that really cheating?
  12. Frankenstein isn't friends with Igor. Margaret Hamilton wasn't friends with her flying monkey. They just need somebody to kick when they make a mistake. They were minions and appendages to be discarded when they cease to be useful. Watch and see the skinny girl kick her to curb like she did her mother, father, lovers and husband.
  13. This exactly right. Carole is a professional stooge. She honed her craft as an appendage to the Kennedy's and perfected it as the flying monkey for various alpha housewives like Heather and Bethenny. She is such a Stooge I think we should call her Iggy Pop. Or maybe Ugly Poop which is the face she presents to the world. She has a definite case of Resting Poop Face.
  14. This. Did anyone notice how desperately unpleasant the Bethenny/Carole scenes are every time they happen. The Chinatown visit is a case in point. They couldn't talk about the food or the culture or the experience of dining in an authentic Chinatown restaurant. The whole time they were there Carole had a face on like she had to take a dump. The only thing they do is make gay slurs against Tom and Luann and imply that she wears a strap on because he is gay. I know Satan Andy has no self-respect but that is a little much even for a piece of garbage like him. Finally who in their right
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