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  1. I see what you did. Excellent choice, sir. Jessica should vote to save her best pal in the house, Kat, but she seems mesmerized by Christie at times too. So to be safe have her go up instead which would be Tommy's only choice since he is sure that The Five are back together which is his dream of dreams for some crazy reason. (Nick: "Can we call it The Six? I'm your creepy, perv lapdog, Tommy."). Meanwhile that means that both Cliff and a now safe from noms because of the veto, Nichole (two for one good move here) can be rock solid against Christie.
  2. Grodner better arrange a "slip-up" sooner than later because this knowing each other for years and years is way too much of an advantage even over Kat/Holly pageant stuff let alone people like Cliff, Jessica, Nicole etc left high and dry. It won't just be the HGs that will be pissed. The more this goes on and on the more the viewers will be too.
  3. Tommy voted with "The House" aka the majority vote and the wishes of the HOH. Most hamsters usually do. That is why there are so many Whatever to Zero votes on BB. The weird votes were from Christie and Anal Lice who also knew Jack was going -- though perhaps Anal Lice's math may be as poor as her spelling abilities -- and would/should normally also have voted out Jack since they couldn't save him anyway. When the numbers are against you it is stupid not to vote with the majority and put a target on your back. The person voted out also understands this and doesn't hold it against his supporters when he has drawn the short straw. Again, it was totally whack-o that Christie and Anal Lice went against the house.
  4. But what if veto this week is the real diamond power of veto this time and Anal Lice is already up as the 3rd nom and Kat wins the superpower veto, takes herself off and puts Christie up. I'm off to manifest this.
  5. They always do that not to upset "the house" when the losing side knows it doesn't have the votes. So that way if one of Cliff, Nicole or Kat had won HOH next he could then go to them and say he "respected" Jessica's HOH and their will last week and please don't put him on the block since he showed loyalty to them in that vote. So I'd say the real question is more like why did Christie and Anal Lice vote to keep Jack since they knew they didn't have the votes. Yes it is silly because the outsiders know Tommy is still with Christie, Anal Lice and even the "late" (heh) Jack. But that is what they always do in BB 9 times out of 10.
  6. Well everyone watching TV could see he was doing it. I want Nick the Creepy Pervert out as soon as possible but now Tommy has invited him into the HOH bed for more cringe worthy creepiness this week and on top of that he is safe this week too, sigh.
  7. No it does NOT! It was a racist comment period. Jip is no big deal and stop purging English for something that no one remembers the roots too anyway. Save the anger for real racism or it just gives real racists the ability to laugh and call "PC" on everything en masse. Don't let them win with getting upset over nothing. Kemi (that is her name) never imitated an ape when watching David on the TV monitor. Bella never used the N word (which is a REAL racist word -- save the ammo for the intent of the user and not 17th century "roots" people don't even know about). "And there is my aunt with her former lover, Christie ... whoops." It better be Christie, Jackson and ANAL LICE. Who would be out there voting against Cliff or Nicole? Though maybe Cliff could save himself from the block by winning this come to think of it. They already have more than enough votes. Anal Lice should be the third. People online have en masse voted Jack, Christie, Jackson and some Anal Lice each and every day. It has been at campaign levels all over social media which "casual" viewers also use. And no one actually said that the HOH would be immune to The Field Trip to Hell. I would love for a twist -- listen up to me BB -- where they can so we would have the possibility of an HOH also being on the block with his two nominees at the same time. Now THAT, BB, is what I call a real twist. Make it so.
  8. Because they are told to before each show. And sometimes they just use CBS/BB employees in those seats to ensure that everyone will comply especially if it is someone controversial leaving. I am proud of not just this forum but the entire internet for refusing to call this guy anyone BUT Jackson. No BB, we are not calling this guy Mooshie or Mickey or Mikey or Mitchee or whatever you are trying to make happen. It is spelled jip so no it is NOT racist. Exactly. The root of the word has long ago been forgotten. In fact I never even remotely considered linking it to gypsy which is now also suppose to be a banned word, sigh. Time to get upset at "real" racism in this country and not go fishing stuff up that isn't and no one even cares about and just gives racists ammo for claiming all this stuff is "just being PC" as opposed to you know, not being right. Quit getting rid of half the English language for imaged slights that don't exist. Well a good episode except they left out the worst parts of Jack's behavior and he got off lightly really. Also Tommy as HOH ended the show on a real downer.
  9. Thanks. An http link like yours I an click on. The Twitter links sometimes posted here don't work for me. So it is much appreciated. And ... much enjoyed. And glad Twitter posters haven't just forgotten his racism either. Love the Kemi Karma phrase and the water bottles celebrating their return to the fridge.
  10. So what are they doing over on Twitter. I don't have an account because I don't like Twitter except tonight it sounds okay for a change. And yeah one of Christie/Tommy have to go next or at least Nick the Perv because otherwise they will lure Jackson back in and the monster will be re-born with Nick taking Jack's place ... in more ways than one too (*cough* Anal Lice *cough*).
  11. She'd probably nominate Cliff and Adjective instead. "Cliff, because I want to slit your throat" Adjective, because I never got to know you."
  12. Unfortunately the studio audience is made up of fan-sheep that are told when to applaud and obediently follow orders and/or behind the scenes workers that are thrown out to fill in as the audience and applaud everything. I know production wasn't happy about Jack though so maybe they won't light up the "applaud" sign for him since it would make for good TV and get Grodner a little off the hook if people didn't worship Jack when he exits. (Well I can hope and dream that anyway). They are NOT blind to them. Do you not get this is a game. You use other people to get you to the end. Don't worry about it. I never heard of the guy either and I never saw either show nor intend to do so. Eh, from what I've read here the outsiders aren't running around bullying people and rubbing Jack's nose in it. They just seem happy that they FINALLY have a few days without being bullied themselves or being on the block. You know, their first days of real happiness since coming into the House. Don't think that is a power trip. More of a "I forgot what it was like to be happy and now I remember" trip.
  13. No one has to kiss his ass. Christie/Tommy/Anal Lice will be still coming after him and he will need to kiss the outsiders' behinds for protection. He is now a handy number for them to use. And if Kat protects him some it is because it is for HER game; not his.
  14. Yeah one of the local CBS ones in my area is carrying a pre-season game too. Fortunately there are 2 CBS affiliates within my cable area and the other isn't. Why? It just sounds like a G-rated shout-out to Charlie's Angels. I mean it can't be Kat's Angels because the old TV show's Charlie was a middle-aged man who behaved more like a protective father and the Angels were all young women. Okay this has gone from being a creep to being a true pervert. I hope the people where he works get tons of feedback about this. No one like this should be allowed near kids. Hell the fact he has a thing for Anal Lice who is really young looking and skinny so looks like she is only a few years beyond childhood herself is sick enough.
  15. If this is Jessica's 15 minutes of fame in life she sure made it count.
  16. There. Fixed it for you. This guy puts out the most creepy, non-normal, sex-crazed, kinky vibes of the lot of them. Run far away from him, Bella. And I hope he is never left alone in a room counseling children again for the rest of his life.
  17. LOL. They see through their bullshit. Everyone is playing everyone else. It's called BB. It is what the whole game is about. And Jack has said the far more terrible things in the house because of his overt racism and then throws in his brand of misogynistic behavior as well so how is he not worse than Jackson? So Jack has to go first both for Kat's game otherwise Jack will win this game having his solid four plus Nick will join him if he survives making it a solid five. Then we will be back to square one with Jack running everything again like the whole first month plus. NO THANK YOU!! So we need to get the leader of the Lord of the Flies out the door now. In other words, you can only get one of the Jack-Asses out this week and it needs to be Jack first. No one on here is saying Jackson is some angelic guy. He is just a smaller fish to fry devoid of any real power right now at this point. And next week a handy "number" to use. So Kat doesn't care how she is being "treated" in a game per se. She's a big girl and playing one smart game. She isn't some weak, frail person who will shrivel up and die because Jackson or anyone else says anything bad to her. Kat isn't going to let a few insults stand between her and half a million dollars. If she can she will use Jackson to her benefit and laugh all the way to the bank at his expense. About the double elimination thing. I agree with others above that The Field Trip to Hell is messing with the "usual" schedule while stupid Christie is just busy painting by numbers and NOT expecting the unexpected. And hey maybe The Field Trip to Hell will change how a double elimination is handled this season since it has gotten stale and routine the old way by now. Maybe the double elimination this season will be the top two vote getters out of the three nominated will both leave next week.
  18. Kat is NOT playing FOR him. She is playing for herself. It is in her best interest and those in her oursider alliance to get the leader of the pack out first ... Racist Jack. It is a game and you better play it as a a game and not let petty emotions and likes or dislikes rule you or you lose any chance of winning. Leave the emotions and dislikes to us fans. A player in the House can't be bothered with that personally, just use it as game ammunition to manipulate others and further yourself is all. And Kat has been doing this perfectly. She may not win but at least she is playing hard and pretty damn well given she was frozen out of the original Six/Eight/Nine. Jack is in a firm four with him along with Anal Lice, Christie and Tommy. And Nick wants to be his loyal sidekick now. If Jack stays he will probably win the game. Meanwhile Jackson has become at least a temporary outcast this week so he is important to keep to lure him into becoming an extra voting number the outsiders will need next week. Again, Jackson is a meatshield AND someone who will go after Christie/Tommy as they go after him next week thus advancing Kat's and everyone else's game. Kat has no love for Jackson and called his actions out to Holly quite a lot. But you get your revenge by playing smart and USING Jackson for your benefit.
  19. Now you did it. You jinxed it. If these hamsters screw up again and Jack stays it is all on you!!!! 😫 😎 I hate that BB is trying to cover this up. They should go after him and play the good guy role for just once in there lousy, checkered history. Which of course they are not doing but hey stop trying to sweep weeks of Jack racist crap under the rug like it's okay if we don't mention what happened this summer and it will go away on it's own. This crap never goes away on it's own and BB is becoming an enabler of same with their casting followed by their "spin" shit. So true. Please don't vote for Anal Lice because that pretty much saves one of Jackson, Tommy and Christie from the block. Also I wouldn't mind Nick out of the house right after Jack because he is now become a creepy, kinky, stalker-like weird-o guy. Then Anal Lice so Creepy and Racist can fight over her in the jury house as she sighs and thinks she is the center of the universe. And the extra two weeks would give us time to examine The Life and Times of Jackson to see if he reverts to Mr Spoiled Brat again or has grown any. No growth? Then out you go. (Or Tommy before him if it is in the best game interest and if he has driven me to the point that I now hate theatre because of him).
  20. If? Jessica already both won veto and and held the ceremony and kept her noms the same. One of the Jacks is out this week. The only question is which one. Hopefully they won't screw up the vote and it will FINALLY be Racist Jack out the door. Huzzah!
  21. Yeah. Jackson was spotted eating a cucumber!
  22. Anal Lice: "And God" -- who is he again I get them all mixed up, this sure is a big like book -- "said thou shall not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife" If she is smart -- and I doubt it -- she is thinking she is an idiot and glad to be rid of the little bugger. (Hopefully Tiger Mum figuratively slapped her around some after she got out). Hopefully he loses his job (probably quit anyway to go on the show) and is barred from every possible job in this field forever. Not good enough. No guarantee Dr Jekyll won't turn into Mr Hyde at any point. As you think so you become. Dude is a for real sick-o and should be kept away from children at any and all costs. Exhibit A. This is NOT normal behavior for anyone anywhere ever. He is the one that needs a therapist. I love when freaking bullies get a taste of their own medicine. Cry me a river, Jack. I'll laugh while paddling on it.
  23. No it was not scripted. Remember you only see the condensed version of anything that goes on in the BB house on TV. And a version that starts out from point A and goes to point B as the editors try to make some sense ot the storyline so have it have a beginning, middle and end like a script indeed would. But in reality it went on for I don't live near NYC but I sure as heck know Staten Island is way the smallest of the boroughs and politically the most conservative by far as well. I just figured it was common knowledge too. And Tommy, no real Broadway actor does this over the top crap. Only ensemble lifers with no real talent.
  24. But Kat voting out Jack over Jackson makes sense at so many levels. Number one she is in close with Jessica and Jess has made it clear she wants Jack out. And HGs go out of their way to "honor" the wishes of the HOH aka "the house" unless it is suicide for their own game to do so. And all the newly formed outsider alliance agreed to work together to get Jack out this week over Jackson. If Kat did NOT want Jack out that would raise eyebrows in her new alliance she is at least playing along with. Not the other way around. Also Jackson is a perfect meatshield for her. He will be Christie's target next week if she gets a chance to strike back; not Kat. And again Jack is far more the clear and present danger that could win it all if he stays this week whereas Jackson is in a weak position now. Even a "goat" position possibly having been cast out at least from now from his old alliance and adrift and a very handy number to use.
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