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  1. Luke from Gilmore Girls. It needs no explaining. Joey from Dawson's Creek. Just too Mary Sue-ish for my personal liking. Noel from Felicity. What's the male version of Mary Sue? Angela Chase from My So-Called Life. Jordan Catalano from the same show. They piss me off tremendously. Marissa and her gal pal Summer from The O.C. I didn't watch that show just because of the general stupidity, but because of the stupidity of the two girls, too... I came back in the last season - all credits go to delightful Taylor Townsend.
  2. TV Themes that are so good I couldn't imagine these shows with different ones
  3. For anyone who ever loved Ennio Morricone, intro to Italian tv series La Piovra (The Octopus), the best tv show about mafia (imo) and one of my personal favourites : And this was featured almost throughout season 3 of La Piovra, sometimes even as an ending theme:
  4. ratgirlagogo wrote: Grounded for Life was my brother's and my favourite show when we were teens. Still lol-ing when we remember some of the Finnerty clan's antics... Also, Kevin Corrigan is just perfect in it. But, Donal is love... Donal is life... Coincidently, he was in a Tv show Life, with Damian Lewis, one of my first serious tv-boyfriends. Band of Brothers and The Forsyte Saga are a must watch, imho.
  5. Top 5 sitcomes (in no order): - Coupling (UK) - Men Behaving Badly (UK - 'cause, apparently there was the American attempt... seriously, why?!) - Monty Python's Flying Circus - Absolutely Fabulous - Whose Line Is It Anyway (US) And if we are to stretch the list, I'll add MASH and Frasier
  6. I've learned that if a person with xx chromosome gets into a partnership with a person with xy chromosome (and especially if there is a lingering annoyance among them... or even open dislike), they will definitely end up together... twu wuw and all of that.
  7. I think this is a huge UO, but I do not understand the appeal of Orange is the new black. It's boring. Characters are mostly two-dimensional. Drama is not enough dramatic, comedy part is not particularly funny... I don't like it. *waits for stones to be thrown her way*
  8. Oh, the SVU! The show that got me into hate watch - just so I can yell at Benson and Stabler, and the stupid faces they've got on those times when DAs would criticize them and their righteousness ("but we really care for the victims!" - stfu! all the other detectives do too). Also, rape is bad, awful, degrading, disgusting (and so much more that my limited knowledge of English language is preventing me to describe) and rapists should be put in jails never ever to see the day light,..., but in all honesty how many sexual assaults are done in such sadistic mannerism as shown in SVU?! I stopped w
  9. Quark - I don't know why, but he was always my DS9 crush... I'll go and sit in the corner.
  10. Can I add one more show on my already packed list? It's V, the original one from the '80. I know it's cheesy, and probably doesn't stand the test of time, but little 8-year-old girl in me is doing cartwheels on the thought that Michael Ironside is coming to save me (the planet, the planet!) from those lizards.
  11. My problem with the show is that it's not La Femme Nikita. I like Maggie Q, but she is nowhere near Peta W (acting, looks, charm, looks, charisma, looks - and if you can't already tell, I have a girl crush for Peta), Shane West... the idea that someone actually thought that he would be good in role of Michael?! Laughable at best. Especially when compared to Roy Dupuis!
  12. Jeremy Northam, also known as Mr Knightley... Le purr and le sigh! Which leads to another show I've tried to like, but I couldn't: Emma, mini-series with Jonny Lee Miller and Romola Garai. I couldn't detect any chemistry between them. And my personal opinion is that they were both wrong for the part(s).
  13. I know him as Captain Sisko, but oh, my, yes!
  14. Timothy Olyphant as seen in Deadwood. Gabriel Macht in The Suits. Adam Baldwin in Firefly. I wasn't even born at the time, but Telly Savalas in Kojak! Michael Ironside in original V (I wasn't even 3 at the time that show aired, but man, oh man!) and every cartoon he ever voiced. Dean Winters in OZ, in commercials as Mayhem, as Dixon in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,...and basically in everything he ever was. Also, Michael something who played Gus Pike in Road to Avonlea! I was a pre-teen and I wholeheartedly belived that that is how all boyfriends will ever be
  15. Like many already stated, Mad Men and Downton Abbey - I love period drama (is it a period drama if the setup is in 20. century?), but those 2 shows are just too boring! And Peggy woman from MM is someone I never ever want to see on my TV screen, ever again!!! (yes, this talk deserves this many exclamation marks) To add, The Tudors. I love history, I love period drama, I loved so much pretty in it (a.k.a., guys!), but just no. And trust me, I've tried. Caprica, also known as BSG prequel, on paper sounds like something I will watch to no end (it's scifi plus it had Eric Stoltz). It was t
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