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  1. ItalianAngel73

    S24.E10: Bull Down

    Oh my gravy, nooo! Not Jet and Cord! I'm going to miss those guys. Seriously. Eff you, Leo and Jamal. Just eff you. I hope they go next. Yes, even over the insufferable Brenchels. Rachel: "I'm just a girrrllll!" Oh, STFU, you whiner. Was it terrible for me to admit I had this feeling of grim satisfaction watching those "bulls" slam into Rachel like that? hehehehe. I was so hoping this would be another non-elimination leg or one of those TBC legs. Sadly it wasn't so. Well, I'm out as the only team left to root for is gone. I admit I do (did) like Connor and Dave, but I'm just not feeling them lately. Caroline and Jen are nice but pretty useless, Leo and Jamal are two faced sneaks (I go between liking them and hating them and right now it's full on hate) and Brenchels are just...ugh.
  2. ItalianAngel73

    S24.E08: Donkeylicious

    Aww, sad to see Flight Time and Big Easy go. They were fun guys with a lot of class. I'm disappointed in Dave and Connor's behavior this leg, especially Dave. I will say that it was classy of them to help Leo and Jamal after they U-turned them. In turn, it was classy of Leo (I think, I keep forgetting who is who) to ask Connor if he needed help at the Road Block. Can't stand Brenden and Rachel. Especially her, when she grins in that smug bratty way of hers. The way she was bragging about how much she knew calligraphy, just ...ugh! I was like "hell yeah" when the monk judge rejected her first try. Love Jet and Cord. Hilarious seeing Cord sitting with the monks and the monks wearing the cowboy hats. Cowboys for the win!
  3. ItalianAngel73

    S03.E17: The Jolly Roger

    One thing I didn't understand was why didn't Hook just tell Regina and Emma what was going on (that Ariel was really Zelena and she (Zelena) placed a kiss-Emma-and-her-powers-will-vanish curse) on Hook? Maybe Regina could have come up with a counter spell. I know Hook was faced with a terrible choice: Kiss Emma/she'll lose her powers or everyone she loves will die, but Emma (and Regina and even The Charmings) should have known what was going on.
  4. ItalianAngel73

    S03.E18: The Law of Sacrifice

    The exchange between Nick and Monroe & Rosalee on speakerphone was hilarous: Monroe and Rosalee (in unison) "Your captain?!" I knew that mama Grimm was going to take the baby. Nick to Renard (after Adalind woged): "Seriously? You find that attractive?" hehehehehe That baby is adorable.
  5. I think I know which quote you're talking about. It's from part 2 of the season 5 episode "Sick and Tired". I'm trying to find the exact quote online. I think this comes pretty close: "You know I'm tired of you knocking Minnesota! We might not be as 'sophisticated' as Miami, with French boutiques, valet parking, and facelifts for Christmas vacation, but we have family and community! And so what if we have farms? If we didn't have farms you couldn't eat, if you couldn't eat you couldn't go on a diet, and if you couldn't go on a diet what will you do for the rest of your life?!"
  6. ItalianAngel73

    S01.E05: Insomnia

    Ha! I thought the same thing!
  7. ItalianAngel73

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    Did anyone else notice: In episode 1 when Regina crashes Snow and Charming's wedding she said: "My gift to you is this happy, happy day", and tonight Zelena said: "My gift to you is this sad, sad day"? I'm glad they explained how Zelena got her green complexion. Hmmm....green with envy. Pretty clever. Thought it was cool that Walsh was "The Wizard". Nice scenes between Hook and Henry. I can't belive how much Jared Gilmore has matured from season 1 until now. As usual, stellar acting from Robert Carlyle. However I'm was disappointed in the interaction between him and Belle when she went down the cellar to free him. I'm a hard core Rumbelle fan, but I'm just not feeling her lately. It's almost as if Emile de Ravin is just phoning it in. And I wanted so badly for Rumple to add "I love you, Belle" after he told her to run. Ah well, I guess that's what fan fiction is for. Glad to see Tinkerbell this episode During the episode I turned to my guy and asked: "Okay, so we know Cora is Zelena's mother, but who is her father?" (for awhile I was sure it was Rumplestiltskin, but now I'm almost 100% sure he isn't) my guy: "It's Darth Vader" me: "Don't joke about it. I wouldn't put it past the creators to do something like that." Admin note: As a courtesy to your fellow viewer please stick events beyond this episode (including previews) in a spoiler tag, thanks. I've edited the post. Thanks!
  8. Sophia is trying to make small talk with her sister, Angela, whom she hasn't seen/spoken to in 30 years: Sophia: So....still have that cat? Angela: The same cat I had 30 years ago?! *** Blanche: Oh, boy, I’d love to put some surprises in my will. Like leaving a small remembrance to each to the men who has brought some special joy or pleasure to my life. Dorothy: Where would they read that will, Blanche? The Astrodome?
  9. "She could be in a coma. Put a man within five miles of her, she'd roll over and shave her legs." -Dorothy, talking about Blanche *** (Dorothy and Sophia walk into the house dressed typical funeral garb) Rose: Why are you both wearing black? Did you just come from a funeral? Dorothy: No, Rose, we were singing back up for Johnny Cash. *** Dorothy: I promise that I will say Hail Marys until Madonna has a hit movie.
  10. ItalianAngel73

    S03.E17: Synchronicity

    I'm so glad they finally explained how Wesen know Nick is a Grimm after they woge. And even though Monroe and Rosalee thought they solved the problem by having Nick wear sunglasses to their wedding, something tells me all will not be smooth sailing on the wedding day. The scene in the living room with Nick, Juilette, Adalind and mama Burkhardt was awkward. I don't even want to think about what is going to happen if and when Adalind finds out that Nick's mom killed her mom. I thought the ending was kind of sweet when Adalind had Sean hold the baby and she said "Say hello to your dad," (or something to that effect). Something quite sexy about a big strong man holding a tiny baby. And I just knew Nick was going to be interrupted by a knock on the door as he was about to propose to Juliette again.
  11. ItalianAngel73

    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I was a member of TWOP (more of a lurker there, I think overall I posted about 10 posts through the years). I plan on being more vocal here. btw, huge huge OUAT and OUATIW fan. :-) So anyway, my thoughts on the finale: good episode. Thought it was a bit rushed, but everything got resolved and I'm glad Alice & Cyrus and Will and Ana got their happy endings. Loved how Jafar 'got his" at the end. Thought it was kind of meh how The Jabberwocky was just pinned to the wall again. I thought the character was so underutilized and could and should have been much darker and scarier. Loved how Will's true love's kiss broke Ana out of her "love spell" with Jafar. Alice is such a bad ass. I love how the female characters in OUATIW and OUAT aren't these weak, 'damsels in distress'. The wedding was lovely and I loved seeing The Wonderland characters there looking so happy. Ana (in lavender, first time I've ever seen her in a color other than red) looked beautiful and Alice did too. By far my favorite moment of the episode was when Alice ran over to Will and hugged him. I teared up that that. The ending, with Alice reading her adventures to her (adorable) daughter, and them (with Cyrus) having a tea party/picnic was a very nice way to end everything. I hope that other characters besides Will/The Knave show up in OUAT. Since Will and Ana/Red Queen are together again, I would think that she would show up in Storybrooke too. Since it's certain that Ana is one of Cinderella's stepsisters, *that* could be a storyline in itself. Bring back Cinderella/Ashley Boyd (Jessy Schram) for a few episodes. Also bring back some of the other Wonderland characters for "flashback" scenes to Wonderland. Also, I would love love love to see The Mad Hatter/Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) make an appearance. He's one of my favorite secondary OUAT characters. And of course I would love to see Alice and Cyrus again.