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  1. I don’t hate Voight as a person. He is who he is. One thing though, I still blame Voight for Al’s death. Honestly, I enjoyed watching Hailey falling apart! 😆
  2. 2 apparent themes of this episode - Stupidity and Embracing Reality. Stupidity: Gary - ruining his chance to start own family over what happened to his best friend’s daughter. Chose short term solutions with long term consequences. The “Topher” talk with the detective was cringey and stupid. Sophie better be ready to bail Uncle Gary out with her dad’s insurance money. Det. Saunders - putting more efforts and been focusing on Peter’s assault, pursuing Gary with only circumstantial evidence. He isn’t even interested to look further into Sophie’s case and what Peter could have done
  3. “9-1-1" Star Gavin McHugh Wants to Show Kids With Cerebral Palsy Their Dreams Can Come True The experience “has changed his life and his confidence, even his self-worth,” says Gavin’s mom, Lisa McHugh.
  4. Omg! I hate Claudette and her excessively curled faux eyelashes, grr!
  5. Yes, Jess was still wearing his wedding ring and she noticed that. They never mention about Tali’s therapy or the need for therapy after that fateful shooting. We also never knew who fired the shot, right? Nelson & Marilou, please come back soon! 🙏🏻
  6. I have the same thought. I think it’s better to pair Billie with AJ than Conrad. The talk between Conrad and Devon at the end was the best and heartwarming. Devon always shine in this kind of emotional situation/scene. The writers should tone down Devon/Leela’s PDA, it’s annoying! Devon to Conrad: “A million things happen every second to every single person on the planet. Some are joyful, most are inconsequential, and a few are unbearable. Those are the hardest ones to explain. Can you make peace with that?” 😢😭
  7. I will give Sarah the same advice/reminder that I gave to 911 Eddie’s potential new girlfriend - set the boundaries early on and never let him use “work” as an excuse for you to (continuously) be his unpaid babysitter and maid. Not worth it! Hey Jess, did it ever occur to you that Tali misses having you, her grandparents and her uncle around more often, and this is her way of coping with the abandonment? You are supposed to be a good profiler. 🙄 Re this week’s case, it will be more interesting and challenging if they follow the conspiracy theory route where the genetic researcher is
  8. Thank you Chimney for making me cry, twice‼️ The scene where he poured his heart out to Jee Yun’s doctor in front of the hospital was heartbreaking. Chimney and Hen hugging at the end, that was sweet and priceless. 😥 I adore the May-Harry (and ice cream) bonding time. We don’t get to see this much. Harry should tell Michael and Athena his true feelings because those two are quite reckless sometimes. This Claudette person, why is she being called the “legend”? I thought Gloria Wagner was the legend at that center. Josh once said to Maddie that Gloria held the place together. And what’
  9. ‘9-1-1’: Vanessa Estelle Williams Joins Fox Drama Series EXCLUSIVE: Soul Food alumna Vanessa Estelle Williams has joined the Season 5 cast of Foxdrama series 9-1-1 in a heavily recurring role. Williams will play Claudette Collins, a take-control 9-1-1 Call Center veteran who transfers back to the main Los Angeles station and shows the younger ones, including May Grant (Corinne Massiah), “how it’s done.” Claudette is tough but fair, outspoken, and confident as hell. Williams’ character will be introduced in Monday night’s episode.
  10. I remember in one scene (can’t remember from which episode) Nolan was asking Bailey “is it too early for date no. 3” or something. First date was the wedding plus one. Second date was when Bailey wore that ugly top.
  11. Why would you bring your date to your colleague’s house to babysit her baby when she gets to go to a fancy restaurant with her man? Worst date ever! I will dump Nolan if I were Bailey! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  12. Poli is yummeh‼️😍😅
  13. Agreed. The most frustrating plot line is the RSM Fertility story. It was brought to us in S1 and we still don’t have much clues on what’s really going on here. We knew about corrupted eggs that resulted in demonic kids, stolen eggs and Lexis with her tail. That’s it. I couldn’t believe that the team has stopped following up on that investigation after they couldn’t find Dr. Cara Autry. At least (in this episode) Sister Andrea has provided some clarifications re the 60 demonic sigils. Now we have some basic ideas re Sheryl/Edward collaboration and why suddenly Mitch was feeling the c
  14. That book will “eat” your finger! 😂😂😂
  15. David’s big O day was wild (with sexy fantasies) and fuzzy towards the end. Wow David, you broke your vows on the very same day you took them! What lead you to that forbidden kisses - doubts, temptations or blurry logics? Lexis told Kristen that she smelled like death. Which part of Kristen is dying? Is something rotting inside her despite being exorcised? She confessed to David about the murder and the guilt of getting away with it but she mentioned nothing on the infidelity. Dr. Boggs was right all along. Kristen has been affected by the killing far more than she'd want to admit.
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