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  1. September 17, 2021 😘 Morning Show: Apple TV+ Sets Season 2 Premiere Date, Drops Trailer Featuring Julianna Margulies' News 'Icon'
  2. DJ Nash: “This is not the end of Delilah.” A Million Little Things: Is Delilah Done? EP Weighs In on Finale Burning Q 😣😣😣
  3. I guess they circle back to that arc because in next season, out of the blue, Eddie can wiggle his toes again. And walla, bye bye wheelchair!
  4. From what I know… Grace Park lives in Vancouver with her real estate developer husband & son. David Giuntoli and his family move to Washington in early 2020, due to their works in Vancouver. Romany Malco welcomed his 1st child in Jan 2021, a son. He is also a stepfather to a 17-yo and an 11-yo.
  5. What a depressing season finale! Is there any time jump that I missed? Maggie's apartment is now vacant. She's supposed to go to Oxford for 1 year, so logically the sublet period should be 1 year as well. Based on AMLT timeline, it has been only since 6 months right since she moves to England. And out of no where, Eddie can drive now? No adjustment period, and what about his chronic pain? Before going to the police, someone in the group should at least give a heads-up to Sophie that her case isn't that strong. It's good that they are so supportive but they need to keep it real as wel
  6. Iggy and Lauren’s stories are mehhh. Floyd succumbed to that tarantula is unbelievable and so out of character. He’s a man of integrity and self-pride. She’s shady. Don’t really like about how Floyd is being written. Floyd should be with Lauren and they can do boring things together, offscreen! Helen’s storyline in London, it feels rushed. I like her mum and agree with her re “the other family”. Mina, please stay there forever ok! I lost interest in SharpWin a long time ago, but I like their friendship. Their kissing scene is so-so, the song doesn’t help either. I think their sh
  7. We don’t know whether Eddie has been truthful when creating his user profile. His special need should have been indicated in his profile for potential drivers to see prior to accepting his request. Sloppy writing?
  8. Do the writers have any basic idea on how to run a restaurant? Do they think we forget about the MIA co-owner? Why can’t they let Delilah share some responsibilities with Gina in managing Someday. There are tasks that can be done remotely, like filling-up a loan application and following-up on its status. Delilah can manage banking/staff payroll/vendors payment/social media stuff remotely while in France. I always assume that Gina is responsible for the operational side of Someday and Delilah handles the financial/admin side. Delilah has been given an unthinkable amount of leeway in this
  9. Is there an editing mistake in the hospital scene involving Morales? Olivia sees Morales wheeling someone (is it Angela?) until the end of the hall. Then we see Morales enters the scene from another door towards the middle of the hall, on our right. So who is the orderly that Olivia sees earlier? 😲 If they’re trying to show that Olivia misidentifies the first orderly, they did a bad job, it’s confusing!
  10. Dear St Olivia Benson, I don't wanna see you in OC season 2, enough is enough, you have your SVU!!! To the Wheatleys, your story should've been wrapped-up in this season, it's no longer interesting!
  11. Amen to that 🙏 Why Mina came to live with Helen if she dislikes her that much? I may have missed some earlier episodes. Why nowadays, in most shows, every young adult characters has to be spoiled, entitled, ungrateful or super woke? 🤔
  12. So Dr Cassian Shin is not needed in ER or is not required to perform any surgery after that breakup? Wow, that’s amazing! 😱 2 more seasons? For real? Why? The quality of writing for this season is shiiiiiiiiiiit.
  13. Scenes between Rome and Sophie, OMG they are amazing! I hate it that Rome always make me cry, since season 1 😭 I hope Sophie remember any visible identification mark(s) on her teacher’s body, or else it’ll be he said-she said. No comment re Katherine/Eddie as I hate their current storyline. Am so sick of seeing Theo on my screen, he’s F annoying! Kudos to Alan for saying No More to Katherine and brave enough to stand up to her. I never like Tyrell since the beginning. Always thought that Rome and Gina have made a mistake by taking him in. Dude, know your place and stop being ma
  14. This is episode 13, right? I watch NA on and off. I know re Dr Kapoor but what happened to Dr Cassian Shin (DDK)? I think it’s time for Ryan Eggold to move on to the next project. The way Max being written is embarrassing, Max is now a caricature. I hope the custody battle is a wake up call to him re how important he is to Luna, she needs him to be safe and in one piece. Max’s overactive saviour complex stunts have to be toned down. There’s a drastic change about Lauren’s hairstyle this season. Wavy hair with perfect blowout and layers of clothes to hide her weight loss? He
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