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  1. I would rarely say this about a man with a nose job but I think his new nose is better then the old one. It DOES look sort of Pinnochio-like but it's better then what he had before imho. That's just my opinion though! :)
  2. Chris is what I consider a "fake Christian". He does it for show. He does it because he was raised with it and it's almost a superstition to him. He doesn't act remotely Christian. He's the antithesis of what a Christian man should truly act like. He lacks humility, compassion, kindness, and morality in general. Also, why are so many "Christians" having premarital sex??? These are the same people who would condemn gays to hell for being sexually immoral yet the bible says the same thing about ANY sex outside of marriage! ANY sex! Not just gay sex! If you aren't married and you are having sex y
  3. I’m with you on this. Haley is no prize and she’s uptight but Jake is one weird dude. I would be mortified if I had been paired with him. His sense of humor and dry personality would cause me to tear my hair out. His style is awful but that’s not a deal breaker to me like his personality is. He’s not physically ugly but he’s not my type. He’s just too odd for my liking. I don’t get all the Jake love on here. But, we all like what we like I guess!
  4. Agree. I’ve known both groups. I’ve known more middle class military service people and super wealthy ones. It goes both ways. My one friends husband is a doctor In the military and they own two 5,000 square foot homes and have a boat. He came from money and joined the service out of family tradition. Legacy is often a huge part of it and I’m guessing that’s how Erik’s family is. Kind of like the McCain family. All of the men in that family are in the military and they are loaded. Granted, there are politics and inheritances involved but still...legacy.
  5. Erik reeks of a mixture of white privilege and wealth but also incredible insecurity. I’m guessing, based on the photos before his facial surgeries, that he has low self esteem and feels the need to be uber in control of his partner at all times. It’s odd because his ex wife was legitimately beautiful. Way prettier and seemingly more “together” compared to Virginia. I think Erik should have been matched to someone more conservative like he is though. He seems pretty staunch about that and Virginia obviously isn’t. Erik must have told the experts he wanted someone fun and independent when in ac
  6. It's so disappointing because he was the one guy I initially reallllly liked on the show but he has turned into such a jerk lately! This season is such a nightmare. Also, they need new "EXPERTS" on this show. The experts made so many bizarre choices for these couples. Matching guys with pet allergies to partners with multiple pets, matching women who don't know if they want kids to men who call that a deal-breaker, matching people who don't want to raise their kids in the church with someone that is important to...the list goes on. These are BASIC things the experts should consider when m
  7. I truly don't even understand these guys who continue to ask for "submissive women". Is this a thing??? Are there truly women willing to just be meek, unassertive doormats to their spouses? Isn't marriage a partnership? There is something SO grossly sexist about wanting a submissive wife to me. That just stinks of a need to have full control over your marriage and spouse. It's weird.
  8. Karen wasn’t attracted to Miles. I didn’t even think she would stay married to him in the end. That relationship lasting still kind of shocks me!
  9. I agree. I dislike Erik to be honest but he’s being reasonable with this request. I know someone who did the same thing when she got serious with her fiancé. He was super allergic to the cats, she loved them and wouldn’t ever rehome them, they slept with her at night but when he moved in they wound up becoming “basement cats” and living primarily down there to make her fiancé more comfortable. As long as you can stay together while also keeping your pets compromises are going to have to be made and Virginia is being absolutely ridiculous and rude. I went from sort of liking and feeling bad for
  10. Agree. I’m so annoyed at her lack of compromise on the issue. He’s allergic and simply asking for the cats not to be in the bed at night with them but she has to have them in her “crevices”. She’s a baby. I adore and love pets and am totally team pets as far as keeping them and not rehoming them because of erik’s allergies but Virginia needs to compromise with the living situation. She’s being selfish.
  11. It depends on how bad the allergy is. I can’t be in a house of cat owners for more then 10 minutes. I start swelling up and sneezing like crazy and it’s pretty bad. I wouldn’t be able to live with a cat owner. But, this is something the experts should have known. I blame them 100% for this shit show. I feel the same way. Do we really have to watch them boil crabs alive and laugh about it?? Is this entertaining???
  12. I don’t like Virginia but I would choose my dog over a person I was just matched with a month ago in a heartbeat. There’s no way I’m getting rid of my beloved dog who is like family for some dude who I barely know who says he’s allergic. Not happening. The “experts” need to do better. Huge fail matching someone with a cat allergy to a cat owner!
  13. Exactly!! I don’t really have any feelings towards Haley either way but I DO think people seem to find her to be the villain when it’s obvious these two personalities are just SOOOOOOOO not compatible. Also, I would be weirded out by the short-shorts too. I mean, if we were at home or at some sort of costume party that’s fine but to wear Daisy dukes to a work event?? Huh??? Nope. Not cool.
  14. I find it interesting that on that “unmatchable” show the matchmakers said one of the most important qualities for a person to be matchable was maturity and not wanting or having to party all the time. Did they not realize this with Ginny??? She’s a drinking party girl. I don’t want to knock her life because it’s her life to live but she’s most definitely. NOT ready to be a wife with her lifestyle and habits. What were they thinking???
  15. I find Vincent very attractive! I love his “dad bod”. 😋
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