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  1. I am still waiting for the legal parts of Sonny's return to be addressed. How do you go about getting someone declared "undead" (sorry for the vampire reference, but I couldn't help it)? Maybe Sonny doesn't care about Social Security, IRS, and a zillion other things including bank accounts, mortgages, investments because he has a cash business? It would be a nice change of pace if Sonny's return inspired some counseling visits by Sonny, Carly, Jason, Joss, etc. instead of the insipid whining about how Nina "kept" Sonny in the dark for nine months. Give Kevin something to do professionall
  2. Ha! I can't remember this plot point from Downton, but the (hypothetical) writer should have considered: a) Different country and legal system, b) Different time (earlier 1900's not 2021), c) Different circumstances (pretty sure this must have been soon after Matthew's death, not decades later). Maybe they should have looked for something more recent for inspiration (Knives Out?)
  3. I don't think Sunny is a snob in conventional terms of money and class, but her education and previous job as a prosecutor. When someone doesn't have equally impressive credentials, she seems to minimize the validity of their opinions.
  4. It is probably a losing proposition for Jonah Hill (or any celebrity) to ask that people not comment on his body, good or bad. People will comment on anyone they see as having money and fame. In a way, Sherri is right, asking for that is just giving the signal that it makes a difference to you and anyone who wants to bug you is going to do that. Maybe if they don't put pictures on Instagram and other social media the attention will diminish. As for "regular people" - I think it is best not to make comments on a person's appearance, unless it is a special case (bride at a wedding, for exam
  5. No one should be subjected to that kind of thing. You have my sympathy for having to work in those conditions. I'm not in a position like yours, but I have had to tell people that if they are interested in getting me to change my mind or do what they want, the worst way to do it is to scream at me, insult me, or harass me because that will only convince me that I'm right and they are wrong. It doesn't matter what the issue is, if someone's idea of communication is yelling, I would consider the "conversation" over. If they want to talk calmly and civilly, I'm willing to at least hear them
  6. Possibly but it's a position a lot of us are taking now - especially in terms of anti-vaxxers. I'm just not interested in changing their minds anymore. Life is too short to deal with people like that. I think that's unfortunate. I think there should always be space for people to have diverse opinions and be able to share them. Changing someone's perspectives doesn't often happen in a split second, though. It can take time for ideas to sink in and take root. Understanding why someone feels so differently from ourselves can give us insight into what in their world is missing or wrong
  7. I think Sunny stepped in it - not interested in understanding (Trump, anti-vaxxer, etc.) perspective. It sounds as though she only wants to hear from people who think what she thinks. That is not the way to either learn why people are passionate about positions that differ from yours OR give you an opportunity to persuade them to consider your perspective. This position she took sounds like a very closed mind to me.
  8. I don't understand why they had that interview. If all they do is interview each other and their friends/family there is little value. On a personal note, I think it is too bad that there's so much emphasis out there on being "pretty" or "beautiful" on social media. I'd like to hear more about cultivating a good personality, which will last longer than physical attractiveness.
  9. Katie's book apparently has plenty of observations that people don't agree with, and she seemed to take the chance to say some pretty harsh things. Probably not going to win her many friends, I guess. However, whatever RBG said is what she said, and if you're going to let that diminish your overall opinion of her, it seems shallow. People aren't going to believe what you believer 100% of the time. Making "excuses" for why she said what she said (she was old, she had been sick, etc.) denies her "agency" for choosing how she feels, thinks, and expresses herself. I'm sure none of the hosts w
  10. Not everyone who has a gun (or guns) has them primarily for home protection. They may be hunters or sports shooters. In those cases, having the weapons and ammunition stored some distance apart is sensible, to avoid home-based misuse and also to keep anyone who might break in from using them against you or stealing a good-to-go setup without much effort. For home protection, storage may be best based on the layout of your home. Having the gun in one safe and ammunition in a different one could work fine as long as you have a way to access both of them relatively quickly and easily (think handg
  11. I wondered about this, too. When I was in secondary school and college (in the last century), there were counselors available for anyone who wanted to see one. I don't think that the emphasis on this diminished in recent years, so this comment just seemed out of touch.
  12. It was so disappointing that Brook Lyn decided to try this lame manipulation in an effort to make Austin look bad. Why are Olivia and Brook Lyn so afraid to find out whether the kid is autistic or not? Minimum, they'll know if things need to be changed up for Leo. Also, the very, very, very annoying part of the Austin/will story line is that no one has yet produced anything that would result in a change in a legitimate will other than a pretty vague note that Edward thought about adding Jimmy Lee back into the will. He didn't even draft a new will (unsigned), for crying out loud.
  13. Ron and Clint Howard were delightful! It is so refreshing to hear such sensible and thoughtful brothers talking respectfully about each other. Their parents did something right!
  14. Quick dating - I agree with Sara and it is the advice I give people - you have to date someone for at least 1 year or 3 major holidays to get a pretty good sense of how they react to things. You'd hate to commit yourself to someone only to find out that they turn into a massive jerk with their family (or yours) at Thanksgiving because they have unresolved issues about holidays.
  15. Sherri and her gun - I wonder if she mentioned the nightstand for the sake of making a joke (in the nightstand with her "special toys") rather than it being the actual location. OTOH, I suspect that a number of people don't secure their weapons so they can get them at a moment's notice. The problem, as I think Joy mentioned, is that unsecured weapons can be misused so easily, especially if there is a stressful situation (tie-in with the previous conversation about mental health!).
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