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  1. *Disclaimer: I'm not an historian* This is an interesting topic which has made me do some reading and learn more about our history. What I found was this: For the Constitution to be ratified, 9 of the original 13 states had to agree to it. It seems that there was much discussion and difference of opinion between the states about what powers the federal government would have vs. what powers the states would retain. It seems most likely that each state had its own motivations for wanting to restrict the power of the federal government. While Virginia didn't end up being the deciding vote fo
  2. I have to agree with JJ - this case was confusing as well as boring. IMO most construction issues are dull, though, so no surprise there. It is a good example, however, of the problems that arise when responsibility boundaries are not clearly defined. Also, in the hall-terview, it sounded as though the defendant was blaming the plaintiff because his addition was too close to his pool and the (kitchen?) window was too low to install a backsplash. But I thought he said he didn't use her plans and instead did the work all on his own. Did I hear that wrong? If that was the case, how is she
  3. The 2nd Amendment was based on protection of slavery? The colonists worried more about protecting slavery than the possibility that external forces (or even the new government) would use force against an unarmed (and hence, an unprotected) population?
  4. I suspect most of us do (including me) - it is hard to resist that, but you have to at least try. After all, we aren't all clones of each other and react differently.
  5. I'll bet many women do! I used to love turtlenecks and cable knits and I had to give them up along with other cozy clothes that I can't wear now, even in winter. I know some people who have brazened it out at work, carrying little remote fans around, but that isn't something I felt comfortable with.
  6. Good for Stacy London addressing menopause. There are so many issues around it. It is hard enough to deal with symptoms in a personal space, but when you are at work it can be very awkward. Unless you are in a business that has a lot of other women (especially "older") dealing with the more visible symptoms like hot flashes can give your coworkers poor impressions. If you think that the "oh it must be that time of the month" type of thoughts (or comments) are unfair, the thinking around "oh, she's going through the change so she's totally unreasonable" is worse. The more it can be normalized,
  7. Sunny says that Ramona (of Real Housewives of NY) is "privileged" and the show is "vapid" - obviously she doesn't watch the show, because I think that's kind of the brand of RHONY. This is not a "deep" show, and tbh, these are not "deep" people (although I'm sure they'd be offended if you told them that). If you want to inject deeper content than party plans, fashion, and interpersonal issues, you need to do it in a more nuanced, natural way, not as a lecture. I think it can be done, but it would take a defter person than the new housewife appears to be to make the housewives think much about
  8. Haha to Yvette asking Colin Farrell where to get a pint! Despite being sober (I think he still is), he was able to suggest several places to go with good humor.
  9. Re: not accepting student IDs for voting. Not all states deny student IDs for voting, but some do, and that may have something to do with the state requirements for acceptable IDs. Whatever IDs are allowed for voting should meet similar requirements to validate that the holder is the same person who registered for voting. There are some IDs that are intended for "internal" use by the organization that issued them and don't validate identity outside of that organization. Depending on the school, not all student IDs may include much supporting information. while some gun permits might have that
  10. Judge Judy didn't have experience with electronic signatures (at least when this case was heard). She's considering only types of electronic signatures that involve physically signing something and then sending it via email or fax (or something like a credit card machine) so there's a signature to compare. However, other e-signings don't use any "physical" signing, just the submitter's agreement that the electronically produced "signature" (which doesn't look anything like the person's signature) will be considered valid and they provide supporting documentation to verify that. In other cases,
  11. If only our actual legal system worked as quickly as the one on GH! Or maybe not, since the GH legal system has a tendency to act on little or scant evidence, with minimal investigation, which is why innocent people end up in their prison system and career criminals seem to bounce out without even having to get parole, etc. However, it was hilarious that Martin's recording of the judge (secretly recorded) was sufficient to get the Superintendent of Police (!) to make personal visit to the prison to release 2 (only 2, what about all the others who were sentenced by the very biased judge -
  12. I would guess the attorney is a relative or friend, so maybe the trip alone was compensation.
  13. In my area much of the show was pre-empted for what is sure to be the top topic tomorrow - Bill Cosby's release. I wonder what Sunny will say about what seems to be a big misstep by the prosecution (at least that's what gathered from what I heard on TV and radio).
  14. I agree this is an issue. It just seemed so awkwardly shoehorned into a topic that was only tangentially related. It would have been better addressed as a topic on its own.
  15. I agree. I thought it was clear that the "no family, no friends" policy was meant to reduce the number of people entering the country who might carry the virus. The whole discussion seemed to revolve around workplace accommodations for breastfeeding moms. As it happens the policy for the Olympics was reversed, so this "hot topic" is now moot.
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