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  1. Say what now? 🤔 😄 I think he looks like a constipated caveman with allergies. But I agree with the rest, particularly about his smirk. Did you catch his smirky-jerky smile when Paige said she felt she got the short end of the stick? He was obviously thinking, "Nuh-uh, I'm the good-looking one" -- which is in his head, imo, but he was actually feeling sorry for himself! Narcissists gonna narce.
  2. YES. Yes, yes, yes. I'm surprised by all the comments siding with Brianna. First of all, get your hands off other adults' stuff. You rearranging his stuff in his suitcase because of your OCD is NOT okay. Get yourself some anti-anxiety medication because that right there was just crossing alllll kinds of boundaries. Second, I agree with Geej above that she had an edge in her voice from the moment it spilled (see: anxiety). She critiqued his clean-up method, implying any functioning adult would use spray (omg, honey, STOP). He was *gracious* enough to let that slide, and then SH
  3. Wow, no, I don't get that at all. I think he's possibly the most mature, best male communicator this show has ever had.
  4. Yeah, that was interesting because in the past when people haven't wanted to be filmed, they included that footage for the drama factor. Brandon for example. Why does Chris get to call the shots?
  5. I wonder if it's just that there were fewer applicants to choose from what with the pandemic. I keep reminding myself that none of these people are smart, since they thought the middle of a pandemic was a good time to get married, get on a plane, vacation, and then move into communal housing, all with a million production people around!
  6. I cringed so hard when Erik put his hand on Chris's shoulder. (And this wasn't the first time, was it?) Chris was absolutely right to say don't touch me. It's so patronizing, and unfortunately there's a racial/political aspect that makes it extra-inappropriate on Erik's part.
  7. I was so pleasantly surprised by Jacob this week, and disappointed Haley is shutting down when it seemed like they were starting to vibe last week. What I liked about him this week was how communicative and straightforward he was. That is so rare in a guy, especially an awkward nerdy guy! And I also like that he wants physical intimacy and has the self-confidence to make moves and ask for that from her. Again, with his nerdy...dare I say Aspergery side...I was worried he'd be too wimpy to touch her or wouldn't need physical touch. And I guess I'm alone at the table but I find him very hot
  8. I think both her language and the breathy voice thing come from her faith. When I've watched the Duggars, polygamists, and other religious fundamentalists, they tend to use phrases like that. And women are encouraged to "keep sweet," vocally.
  9. There might be more to it, not sure, but for starters he's an anti-mask Trumper.
  10. He's a "traditional, conservative" guy. He's not looking for depth. He probably wouldn't even recognize it.
  11. Perhaps I'm at a table for one, but I still think it's possible Christina did get a text saying Henry's closeted, and I think it's possible he is indeed closeted. Even Henry said he believed the text was real at first because why else would she think she could hold it over him. Clearly someone in production was fucking around by sending the cast anonymous texts this season, so I dont think it's out of the realm of possibility.
  12. I'm not sure which thread to put this in, but... did we ever see/meet the infamous Mary, through whom Amelia and Bennet had previously met a couple times? With all their friends who managed to get screen time, I wonder why their one mutual friend was never shown.
  13. No one has mentioned yet that now we see that Brett said "no thanks" in response to Pastor Cal during their video chat (in response to "is there any chance you would continue with her"), NOT during the couch chat with Olivia!!!! Those dirty rat bastard editors. That is so not cool.
  14. Obviously, Amelia's politics were brought up by the editors, if no one else. A person's politics say a lot about their world view and knowledge and experience and ethics, and I find it shocking that Amelia's politics don't match her persona. I guarantee you her castmates (and other viewers) noticed and cared about that sticker even if you did not.
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