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  1. Love requires respect and she has none for him. She may even have contempt.
  2. But then she could brag about her 19-year-old boyfriend who is at the peak of his virility. And who would be age appropriate for her to buy video games.
  3. I would rather have chlamydia for five days than a tiny dick for life lol.
  4. I do think making comments about the size of Austen’s genitals is crass. Whether true or not. What if he said that she was less than tight down there? Danni had a meltdown about chlamydia, which as STDs go is pretty minor and not proof that someone is slutty.
  5. At the time she thought that he was desperate and she had the upper hand. She thought wrong.
  6. I know not vat zis smell but I do not like!
  7. I was thinking moth balls. She couldn’t identify the smell and maybe they don’t use them in Ukraine.
  8. I think after Zied leaves her Rebecca will set her sights on one of her teen fast food coworkers. Until what age is Tarik planning to share his bed with his daughter?
  9. They asked him if he was hungry and he said no he ate on the plane. So they said well we will stop for drinks. Yet they order him fish and chips and then Rebecca is feeding him fried cheese and meatballs. He is already chunky but I guess they want him as fat as three of them. Is that orange eye shadow on Rebecca’s daughter supposed to be sexy or edgy or what?
  10. It seemed like Mykul was claiming that he was embarrassed by Maria making a scene in public. As if he has the potential to be embarrassed.
  11. Warehouse If you close your eyes when the Blanche DuBois of Grand Rapids speaks you would swear you are listening to a 75-year-old.
  12. Yeah isn’t the main ingredient in croissants butter lol?
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