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  1. If you click through to his IG there are a bunch of shirtless pics.
  2. That may be but how could they know just from his forehead and eyes that he is attractive? Maybe when the cameras aren’t rolling they discard the Covid protocols.
  3. Who is too tired to lift a utensil to their mouth? And if so, how do they have the energy to chew or swallow? How did Sara Rose manage to graft a plunger to her face?
  4. I don’t think Jasmine knows what husky means.
  5. Jasmine leaves Gino home and parties with a stripper; Kim and Usman clash over sleeping arrangements; Memphis is angry at Hamza's immaturity; Mike's habits gross out Ximena; Ben gets bad news from Mahogany; Alina reveals something she's been hiding. Airs 01/23/22
  6. For those who are interested both Steven and Kurt were interviewed on the Reality Steve podcast last week for about 30 minutes total. It’s the second half so you can skip the early topics. He will have Jennie on to discuss the trafficking tomorrow.
  7. She hasn’t gained like he has. I bet he still eats a lot of American comfort food and huge portions when she cooks.
  8. Listening to Loren complain nonstop for a half hour is not my idea of entertainment.
  9. She reminds me of Shawn’s baby mama on Love After Lockup.
  10. If they were smart they would buy an inaccessible place. They can visit her at her place or one of the siblings’ homes. One of the reasons I live in the city is because my relatives are afraid to live in the city lol.
  11. I’m sure Gino would give her a facial for free.
  12. And he’s a creepy pale ginger a la Danny Bonaduce.
  13. Do kids really need a millionaire dad? They are probably fine with middle class parents who treat them well. The spoiled ones don’t turn out well.
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