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  1. It’s a webcam site where viewers can tip/pay performers to undress and/or perform sexual acts alone or with others. There are others like Chaturbate (lol) and Cam4. They are free to watch for the most part (because freeloaders piggyback on the tippers) but sometimes require a fee for private shows.
  2. The inside the episodes have three standalone scenes tacked on so to the extent that you want to watch them at all it is easy to fast forward to them. Not that the commentary isn’t inane. The first week they were about 20 minutes in, then 40, then at the end. The second week it was like 20, 35, and 50. They also superimpose the words inside the episode in the corner on the added parts.
  3. With Angela’s smoking, weight, and anger issues she may be reunited with mama sooner rather than later.
  4. Although sometimes the term breeding is used lol. It’s funny that Angela rejects Jerry Springer because she thinks she is out of his league when objectively he is out of her league. He is a 4 and she is a 2. Plus with the chain smoking she will be lucky to make it to 60. Proven by his attraction to Lacey.
  5. So Aaron Carter is doing CamSoda shows now as well. He claims it won’t be porn but someone on Reddit recently linked to a vid where he jerks off with money shot so to me that crosses the line into porn lol. That may have been from OnlyFans.
  6. TMZ is confirming https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/19/90-day-fiance-larissa-lima-arrested-ice-cam-girl-show-move-colorado/ It also claims her cam show pulled in $100k. I know some cam web sites take about half the proceeds. https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/19/90-day-fiance-larissa-lima-kylie-jenner-makeover-paying-dividends-camsoda/
  7. Why am I not surprised that Lacey finds helping a first-grader with homework to be challenging. First they showed the kids using the trampoline unsupervised then Shane was sweeping leaves off it while the kids were jumping on it. Hey Brittany maybe with a smaller house you should have considered dogs that are under 100 pounds. I wonder which of those lazy fucks cleans up the dog shit. If Angela has a masters it’s in Tobacco Studies. Andrea and Lamar it’s the same storyline every week. Andrea was a young mom herself and fucked an inmate in a broom closet so the lecture to the daughter wasn’t coming from a place of authority. Murgh’s mother looks like Flip Wilson as Geraldine.
  8. Not a bad outcome, she brings little to this country.
  9. And even then papa said their interest waned lol.
  10. Structure would take time away from complaining.
  11. Silver dollars don’t sound that unusual. I have seen some that look like that rubber thing you use to open peanut butter jars.
  12. So in addition to the implants the doctor reduced the areolas from “silver dollar” size to “quarter” size. No wonder the surgery took so long.
  13. S Sadly Kermit is a sexier groom than Georgi or Florian.
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