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  1. Kalani would have been better off with a turkey blaster. That sounds like it would rock her world.
  2. I think they enjoy the fight then have makeup sex dynamic.
  3. The coven sure likes flashing their boobage more than the typical Baptist. Don’t Catholics think all Protestants are heretics?
  4. The mod is probably gonna tell us to get back on topic but unfortunately many men are too shy to use the urinals and pee all over the seats as well. And if alcohol is served it’s even worse aim.
  5. Well at least there’s less chance of an ulterior motive when the guy is not hot. We know Aladin was not into Laura. Sumit and Jenny are pretty evenly matched looks wise, he doesn’t appear to want a green card, and Jenny has no money to bilk. So I think he actually does dig her and will stay with her for a while. I could see him bailing if her health declines because he is irresponsible.
  6. He’s 29 he just acts young. Bizarro world became everywhere else dark haired women dye blonde.
  7. Please production track down the soulmate. I wanna see this loser.
  8. He made him live in the doghouse and answer to Fido. Yup Larry works at McDonald’s and supports himself. I don’t remember if he is the manager or assistant manager but they do promote people.
  9. I’m sure Areola could buy a toilet seat. They are inexpensive. Some people replace existing ones whenever they move. It’s not an unsolvable problem but these people like to derp.
  10. He’s on The Other Way. It’s how he delivered Avery’s best sex ever. She has mentioned that almost as many times as Stephanie’s illness.
  11. Unless you have sharp vision I think you will be okay.
  12. All three of those couples were annoying on their seasons so you are better off having missed them.
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