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  1. Didn’t he say that before he could apply online there would have to be an investigation into whether they resided at that address for at least six months? But they could have started that sooner lol.
  2. I think he has been out since he was young. He was never married to a woman. That was Armando.
  3. With Charlie they may be starting a dick brothers trope.
  4. My brother is 58 and hasn’t worked in 30 years. Mooches off my parents. When they are gone he is going to have to scramble. He isn’t going to get Social Security.
  5. Oh you would love it. It’s also produced by Sharp and even trashier.
  6. A younger version of Stan and Lisa from Love after Lockup.
  7. Betty’s lasagna won for worst execution of an Italian dish.
  8. Also they claimed that in Ecuador siblings interfere in their sister’s marriage as a cultural thing. Doubtful, they are preying on his ignorance. Also even with erectile dysfunction he could have performed oral or digital pleasure on her. This is getting to be like Monica Lewinsky type semantics.
  9. Many people receive their social security after moving to other countries. Maybe if she renounces her citizenship it’s different. I thought her nickname was Wish.
  10. I thought when Ellie showered she gave the impression that the shower had cold water. She said she wouldn’t need caffeine after that.
  11. How about when Ellie and Victor potentially exposed their cab driver to Covid by removing their masks to make out in the back seat? This was November of last year, pre-vaccine so extra reckless. Sharp found an angle where they qualify for tax credits by showcasing local culture.
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