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  1. I knew I recognized her from somewhere! I love that actress, she did a great job - nice to see her in a dramatic role this time! I agree, it's a shame to drop him without at least mentioning him - at least say the character job a job elsewhere or something! It's particularly annoying since they spent time getting him to be with Grace and now they just pretend it never happened. I liked him and was hoping to see him have a greater role this season but I guess no such luck! Sigh.
  2. Did anyone watch the season 2 premiere? I'm a bit confused about the timeline - it seems like minimal time has passed since the previous season and this one, but I'm not sure if they explained the reason for getting a new boss? I believe they said since Sinead ended up going to rehab the new interim charge nurse was Damien but other than her there was no "head boss" person like this new character last season. Also, what happened to Dr. Evan Wallace (the guy Grace was into last season)? They showed him in the season 1 summary in the intro but no mention of him or Grace being in a relationship o
  3. Thank goodness she picked Lucas! Anything else would have been unrealistic from how the season went (and really how the last 3 seasons were with him spending so much more time with her). Lucas courted her all season and deserved his happy ending. Nathan only reminded her of Jack and I'm glad she finally acknowledged that. I'm truly excited for next season to finally be something other than a love triangle.
  4. There is a Canadian version of the promo as well which shows more from the finale and also shows Rosemary saying more of that quote with a different order of images "some for a REASON (Lucas), some for a SEASON (Nathan), and some for a LIFETIME" (Elizabeth alone but in front of the Mountie office). I think if the image placement was intentional it was just to stir interest, not to hint at anything. Here's the link to the promo on their twitter: On a similar note, I definitely think the ending was to misguide us into thinking she'll pick Nathan, but she's choose Lucas in the e
  5. After this new episode, it seems obvious to me that Lucas thinks she's still into Nathan after that hand holding scene, but in reality Nathan has already decided to move on (the previews for the next episode seem to give off more of friendship vibe). Nathan will probably end up seeing Fiona next season because the scene with Allie hinted to a possible romance. Plus it looked like she friendzoned Hickam when she was chatting with him. Lucas will be upset for most of episode 11 and Rosemary will be the one who goes missing after she falls off her horse. At some point Lucas and Elizabeth tal
  6. Exactly! She doesn't know him - and he barely knows her yet says he loves her and wants her to love him back. But they have no common interests. And in this episode it's clear that her only concern is for Allie, her student, and yet he still hasn't set Allie straight about them being together. She acts like a brat when she doesn't get her way and he says he's still going to try to get with Elizabeth even though she's made it clear that she's seeing Lucas now. They're exactly the same and he's a terrible role model. Lucas literally gets better with each episode. That office scene was 🔥
  7. I think I would actually enjoy that triangle way more! 😅
  8. Seriously, if Elizabeth doesn't want a man like him I'll take him! 😂 Maybe Fiona would appreciate him more, she deserves a guy who would give her all the love and sweet gestures!
  9. Lucas came to ask Elizabeth to go for a drive and brought a gift for her to give to Allie and Nathan. She said she didn't want him to have any secret sorrows over PDA so she asked him to walk her home and they held hands, very sweet and definitely had Jack/Elizabeth vibes. Then Clara was getting her dress hemmed in the shop and Jesse was mad about it (no sure why he thinks he gets a say in her dress length) and they both storm off. Christopher picks up flowers Jesse threw aside and gives them to Rachel then he goes to Henry's office and Henry asks Mike to teach Christopher all about the oil bu
  10. I remember her having this actual conversation with Clara right before her wedding - Clara was upset about her vows because she was remembering her first husband (Abigail's son) and Elizabeth said if she could go back knowing what she knows now and how it would all turn out with Jack, she would still choose to love him because their time together was so special even though it was short. So I guess that could be good news for Nathan but then again, her love for Jack doesn't necessarily equal her potential feelings for Nathan. She might say that regarding Jack but it doesn't mean she would
  11. Right! And I think we saw a bit of that in the first couple of episodes this season - Lucas said his jealousy got the best of him and skipped town, only to return and immediately apologize to Elizabeth for not saying goodbye. Then he told her he just wanted her to be happy and stepped back after he saw her walking to dinner with Nathan, assuming that was a rejection and only really speaking to her about his mother. He didn't attempt to win her back and "not give up" like Nathan did because he was trying to be respectful of her choices.
  12. Believe it or not I actually read a comment from a Nathan fan who criticized Lucas for telling Elizabeth that Gustav would clean up the dinner plates - apparently "real life is messy and involves cleaning dishes" so they should have shown them cleaning up afterwards instead of having a private chef come pick it up later, because that's just not what life is about. Like seriously? I understand they won't always have a chef waiting on them but this is a DATE - it's okay for Lucas to tell her to not worry about cleaning up! Isn't the whole point of courtship to impress/pamper the girl/guy? When J
  13. Exactly! As of this point in the story, it makes no sense for her to choose Nathan just because "that's where her heart is" as many Team Nathan fans have said. He hasn't done anything to prove himself to her. No true romantic gestures, no common interests or connections other than them both raising kids alone. Wanting to have kids and a family is an important thing, but Lucas has also mentioned wanting to start a family and has shown interest in little Jack multiple times so that's not a good argument against him. Lucas has gone out of his way to make Elizabeth happy - started a library, gotte
  14. If I remember correctly I believe New Year, New Me was the original title of the film when it was supposed to air at the end of 2019. When they rescheduled it to premiere this year instead they changed the title to A New Year's Resolution. The On Demand menu might have some sort of mix up from the original title.
  15. I really enjoyed A New Year's Resolution - of course I'll always watch anything with Michael Rady in it! I think he and Aimee had good chemistry and I think the fact that they started liking each other from the beginning (like her making the first move with her number right after meeting) was nice to see since in most Hallmark movies the leads tend to have a love/hate relationship going on (or something related to getting a business deal/account) so this felt a bit different from the usual Hallmark formula in a good way. The conflict seemed a bit randomly thrown in though, I feel like it could
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