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  1. it makes perfect sense that Alex would jump.at the chance to do research, even for little pay. With her personality and demeanor, she belongs in a university lab, NOT a corporate boardroom. She wouldn't last long with her snarkiness, sarcasm and anti-social behavior. That stuff is far less important in a lab setting. Maybe I missed it: why did she take a corporate job in the first place? All I remember is the episode where the family came to her fancy apartment. I don't remember a job search at all.
  2. Why are people so shocked about Ruby's position on vaccines? Sadly it was all too realistic. In real life you have the Jenny McCarthy nonsense. On top of that, some older blacks still harbor skepticism about the medical "establishment" because of the Tuskegee experiments. Is that skepticism still justified in 2020? Of course not, but old habits die hard
  3. A couple commenters beat me to it - what was more absurd? A bunch of dads all watching pornhub at a kiddie ballet class? OR The dancer finding her video after only five seconds of Googling? Doesn't access to sites like that require some effort, like a paywall and age verification? I presume she didn't have an account so she knew her boyfriend's log-in credentials?
  4. Since the dawn of sitcoms almost 70 years ago, writers have lazily relied on this same device:. Character has a job interview that goes disastrously wrong (mostly their fault). But the interviewer admires their moxie, spunk, resilience, creativity and some other attribute so they get the job anyway
  5. I imagined Dre and the other black husband at the gala camping out at the bar, getting smashed and good-naturedly arguing Lakers v. Clippers. While letting their wives enjoy themselves. but instead we get Dre pouting like an 8 year old. Writers really wasted an opportunity
  6. Did anyone else notice that When Jay and Joe were talking, Jay said "like your Cousin Lilly"? Though it's easy to forget, Lilly is Joe's niece.
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