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  1. Question: On the application for DCC do they list stuff like where they go/went to college or anything like that? Watching Season 9 and it seems like because they featured Melissa Wallace that Kelli was impressed with her for studying Mechanical Engineering with a Pre Medical specialty and a minor in dance. Side note: The only other person I know that has gotten a Mechanical Engineering degree is my MALE cousin.
  2. Episode 1008: How in the world do the girls on the top row of the Squad Photo keep from falling off the back of the risers?????
  3. Possibly but I'm thinking that her degree could work with something Cowboys related. Who knows.
  4. Samantha Finglass posted today that she's been accepted to a college in Washington State studying Intercollegiate Athletic Leadership M.Ed. Think she's preparing for a role with the Cowboys??
  5. Is Jalyn returning for sure? I can't keep up with it all due to all the uncertainties surrounding COVID19
  6. Episode 303: When Cassie was talking about learning the jump split and saying how much it "hurt". There's no reason whatsoever for her not to have had that jump split down from the start if she'd grown up around DCC. Erica's office visit: Dunno about y'all but I didn't get "pissed off" from her. She looked "upset" but I wouldn't call it "pissed off". I think Kelli was trying to bait her into saying something that'd get her cut.
  7. How far into training camp did Dayton Bramhall get cut? Watching that season right now.
  8. Haha this reminds me of a funny story. My Dad was a Pharmacist with a major grocery store chain for many years. The store office stairs were right next to the Pharmacy and a bank branch inside the store. One day the store security caught some guy trying to stuff a pound of hamburger down his pants. They brought him over to the office/pharmacy and asked Dad to watch them while they went somewhere and called the police. Dad said that he was trying to decide where to shove the guy if he started running. He decided to go for the bank since if he shoved him there the alarm would go off summoning the police anyway!
  9. Now you see why I don't mess with IG except to follow the occasional person LOL
  10. With Instagram you can fix it to where your account is "private" (You have to approve your followers). I don't have anyone following me. I've never made a post either. I don't post on IG or Twitter (well on Twitter I respond to and "like" tweets and occasionally will private message a specifically news/weather personality).
  11. Here is an excerpt from the Audition FAQs. I thought this was especially interesting since there was discussion of whether or not there was an "S" on "Cowboy(s)". "Please work through the US consulate/embassy in your home country to obtain the proper visa for audition travel, and be mindful of extended timeline should you be selected as a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader YOU SHOULD BE EXPECTED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF LAWFUL ELIGIBILITY TO WORK IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." Was it Charlotte that asked that question of a candidate? Where I live all fitness center and gym locker rooms are closed at the moment. If Texas is following the same rules I don't see how a TCC could change into practice outfits at The Star.
  12. Season 4. Does anyone remember who cut TCC Cathleen Williams' "big sister" was? I'm thinking she looked like Michelle Keys but not sure.
  13. Episode 1206: Michelle Keys choreo - what song do they perform that to? I think ballet Briana (the one that learned to cook broccoli in her hotel room) was way too immature to have even made Training Camp.
  14. Season 8-9: Kaitlin Phillips - She quit during the season because of a car accident right? Morgan Jordan - She was cut for almost missing her interview during her 2nd audition right?
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