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  1. Just saw Kelsey Bond get cut at semifinals in season 6. How many times did she audition before she made it?
  2. I think it's the uniform I'd like to know how they all recovered the right poms after they threw them!
  3. Yeah I knew that. I probably should've worded things differently. Besides her and the Japanese candidates that's come along(Yuko and Yoshiko are the only ones I can think of) have there been any other TCCs that English wasn't their first language? These girls that get cut need to think before they open their mouths after Kelli tells them they've been cut. Case in point: Liz Reuter telling Kelli and Judy she'd rather have been cut way before she was than being strung along. Also while I feel sorry for Meghan Flaherty, she was definitely out of line the way she handled her cut.
  4. Episode 505: Is it me or does it seem like Paula Tabares (sp?) didn't speak english very well?
  5. OK lets go with "strongly dislike". (side note: not a Star Wars fan) Remind me what happened?
  6. When Kelli's talking to Lacey Minchew about "perception": Wonder how people "perceived" HER when she was a cheerleader? Still blows my mind that they took the Minchews over other people after they admitted that they both had pageant obligations. ETA- Have I mentioned how much I HATE Kitty!?
  7. Which do you think contributed more to Lauren's dismissal. The interview answer or that solo? I don't have a dog in this fight and never had an opinion on Lauren.
  8. Episode 402: Again....Minchew sisters...ugh DCC shot themselves in the foot by taking them even though they both said "this is my first priority" or however they said it. Reminds me of the time Kelli said she could "tell when my daughter is lying to me". Oh really?? Geeez. Also, don't know why Lauren Castillo bothered to show up to finals after her interview answer. "I make the uniform". REALLY?? And her Solo was just "meh".
  9. Yeah she was. And I'm sure JJ had NO clue who was a rookie and who was a vet. Now Charlotte on the other hand since she'd been at rehearsals... They didn't cut anybody else after Taryn in season 12 right?
  10. Yep it was. Which surprises me even more that Kelli allowed it with "rookies". UGH why does Pluto repeat scenes!?
  11. This was the year Kalyssa Singleton was a rookie. Not Victoria's rookie season. Also the season Christina made it as a rookie
  12. How many people are normally in Show Group and why did K&J allow the three Show Group Rookies to perform before the squad was announced in season 12?
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