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  1. How the !@& did Stefano know???? Of course it's a soap opera 🙂
  2. Was Sami Brady ever punished/reprimanded for altering the paternity test results for her sister Belle Black? And how long after the truth came out about Belle's paternity did Roman and Marlena split?
  3. Did TPTB decide to put her with John as a love interest because Wayne left the show or was there some other reason? I totally agree that Marlena had more chemistry with Roman than John. They should have kept John with Kristen. The ONLY time I think Marlena and John had any chemistry was when John ended up delivering Belle @ the Horton Cabin.
  4. I asked this in another thread so apologies for repeating myself. Would love to find video of Marlena pregnant with Sami and Eric. I've found video of her pregnant with DJ and Belle. Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find video of Marlena giving birth to Sami and Eric?
  6. Episode 1006: Who thinks Megan B pulled the Anatomy and Physiology card out of her @$$ when she realized she was about to be cut?
  7. That explains why I didn't know. Just not into following the NFL/Cowboys/Football this year like I have been in previous years.
  8. Ohhhhhhhhh gotcha. Hadn't heard this. Was it just Cowboys or a bunch of players from different teams?
  9. Huh? As in the same kind of thing as sneaking out to the stands and taking pics of yourself drinking?
  10. Episode 607: During the office visits I thought I saw Abigail Klein on a calendar cover. Did she ever make one that any of yall know?
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