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  1. Where do I try that? I can't find any link but the one that has all the cable providers on it. Thx ETA- WOOHOO! I got it to work! Thanks!!
  2. Someone pls refresh my memory. Was the disaster where Holly Powell's top popped off at solos her last audition?
  3. I got lucky and found her insta (https://www.instagram.com/briannawilhere_/) Wow she's changed (for the better)!
  4. Ahhhh ok I wasn't sure if it was her or the current DCC Brianna. What's her last name/insta name?
  5. Whatever happened to the NY Brianna that learned how to cook Broccoli in the hotel room?
  6. Apologies if this has been posted. Didn't take time to check http://www.cmt.com/news/1824894/cmt-renews-dallas-cowboy-cheerleaders-making-the-team-for-15th-season/
  7. Problem is once I dropped CMT from my cable package I can't watch MTT on CMT.com either. Somehow when I log into CMT.com with my cable provider's info it "knows" I don't have CMT in my cable package. The only things I can watch on the CMT MTT page are the extra/bonus videos. Definitely NOT going to re-add CMT to my cable. I went from almost $180/mo down to an estimated $95/mo (I haven't received a bill since changing packages) dropping the package that includes CMT.
  8. Of course they did AFTER I cancelled that part of my cable package 😠. What're my other options for watching and which do you guys think is the best? Of course I more than likely wouldn't have been home on Friday nights when the show aired anyway. Just started a new job (very long story).
  9. Thanks. I'm absolutely ready for 2020 to be OVER.....especially after tonight (had a flat tire on my "new" used car 😞 )
  10. Have they ever "officially" announced the team or taken the squad photo for 2020??
  11. You're expected to participate in everything and be happy about it. That Mikko chick (the assistant) seemed stuck up and snotty to me.
  12. Has anyone heard anything about CMT airing MTT? I just checked the website and there's no full episodes there still, only "clips".
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