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  1. She showed up to uniform fittings still dressed from working in a daycare or someplace with kids. No makeup, hair up and sloppy clothes. Surprised Kelli waited to cut her until the next practice. Was it the next practice that she didn't know the answer to a question Kelli asked her as well?
  2. Here in Ky we're not on "lockdown" but all restaurants that can't do carryout are closed. Stores and businesses that aren't "essential" are closed. Grocery stores are either trashed or just plain understocked. I've been looking DAILY 2-3 places for toilet paper and only yesterday found some at my regular grocery. Stuff that you wouldn't normally think of people hoarding they are. Not sure I can take another month of this but according to what I've heard it could be "months". Just seen on twitter (putting it here because it's about auditions)
  3. Watching the Belk fashion show (episode 905). Totally WRONG that they informed the cheerleaders after a few "do's and don't" were shown that THEY were going to have to model in the fashion show.
  4. They'll cycle around on Pluto eventually. Unless you buy them (and I'm not sure where they're available for purchase) Pluto is the only place to see them unfortunately 😞 . ETA - I just looked and iTunes starts with season 3.
  5. Just saw on Twitter: I thought ShellyB was no longer with the Cowboys??
  6. Episode 705: Kelli was supposedly "sick". Why the heck wasn't she at rehearsal when she demands that the girls show up sick or not? Actually had a "thought"...She might have been in the office or somewhere hiding and watching.
  7. In the US? Hadn't heard that. I live alone and my Mom lives alone. I've been spending a few hrs a day over at my Mom's since this started and also going to the grocery for her and me and the same time. I had to move back in temporarily with her last year when I broke my arm and by the time I was well enough to be able to move back home lets just say that things btwn us weren't "pretty" (they've improved a LOT now).
  8. What was her rookie solo? I forget. Only one I remember was her throwing that garter and hitting Judy instead of I think it was Jay?
  9. I FINALLY found some "off brand" TP @ my local store this evening. I have a friend that works overnights there in the Bakery and every time I complain about finding stuff she's like "Get your BUNS out of bed at 8am (they have senior time from 7-8am) and get over there!" LOL. (side note: I only bought TWO 6 roll packs and they were both for my Mom).
  10. Haha I should have checked my Twitter bookmarks right away but I didn't
  11. Episode 308: When Cassie was crying and hugging Judy after the team announcement she said "I was holding it back. I'm sorry"....what did she mean??
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