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  1. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E01: They're Back, Aren't They?

    That I get. And to do a funny with the cops.
  2. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E01: They're Back, Aren't They?

    Ok. I'll buy it but I wish they had made that clear. He acts like it is not an option.
  3. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E01: They're Back, Aren't They?

    I have not seen this addressed anywhere and It's driving me crazy. When Luci wakes up in the dessert with his wings why doesn't he just fly back to L.A.?
  4. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E10: The Sin Bin

    It was my understanding that the blinded guy was not Sinnerman. He was just pretending to push Lucifer's buttons and get him to commit murder. Pierce was the real Sinnerman. Didn't Lucifer say the blind guy was a fake?
  5. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E07: Off the Record

    My way of looking at it is that you go to hell for doing evil. Evil requires a conscious choice. Lucifer talks about punishing evil. You can be responsible for bad things but to be evil you have to know that it is terrible, know what the results will be and that it will hurt other and yet do it anyway. That lets mentally ill people and children off the hook. The guy who poisoned Chloe was in Hell because he chose paper over a human life. Reese chose to use a serial killer to try and kill Lucifer because he was sleeping with Reese's exwife. The people who are directly tortured are the ones who don't put themselves in those rooms because there isn't one life changing moment they regret. Someone like Charles Manson would not have a moment of regret. He would be tortured directly. YMMV. I think the chains over his mother's cell were because she was a Goddess, not just a human soul. She needed more securing than usual.
  6. Robin the Hoodie

    S03.E04: What would Lucifer Do?

    Am I the only one who picked up on the Lt saying about how Chloe is responsible for Lucifer changing and how she is special? Not sure if I can post this right after the show but I think it's petty obvious who the Lt is and he is not a love interest for Chloe. I mean, it just so happens he is there to save Chloe and now he is all full of praise for her. He is drawing her away from Lucifer. As to Lucifer being angry and upset, it looks to me like he is feeling lost. He has been The Devil for millenia and as much as he hates being the torturer his father made him he doesn't know who he is if he isn't The Devil. This is exploring his love/hate of who he is. He fear of changing.
  7. Robin the Hoodie

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    She admitted to hitting a girl and that she would never walk again. Per her ex the child wasn't killed.
  8. Robin the Hoodie

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    Hello. I don't post often but loved this episode so much. I, too want to know why Luci is sunburnt without Chloe there. Perhaps he became vulnerable around her as payment for Dad saving her life. He did beg his Father to save her. Perhaps that was the price. I also think that she was made immune to his powers because with Chloe he can't just reach out and take her rather he has to earn her regard. To do that he has to become a better man to be worthy of her. It doesn't bother me that she is not immune to anyone else power. We are taking about God so he can split all the hairs he wants.
  9. Robin the Hoodie

    Series Finale Live Chat (S05.E13: Return 0)

    I believe there is the possibility of a spin off which is why we had the three people help them in DC a couple of weeks ago. Shaw with Bear in the last scene seems to imply that she will be part of that or some other team.
  10. Robin the Hoodie

    S09.E12: Hell Bent

    Am I mistake or, when they are first in the Cloister, did I hear the instrumental opening to Hotel California? I need to watch the last two episodes again to see if I can catch everything I missed the first time through.
  11. Robin the Hoodie

    S08.E06: The Caretaker

    I don't think he does have those memories. Didn't they say 10 & 11 would forget what they did and how they changed things? I have to go back and watch again but I'm pretty sure he doesn't know. Yes, 9 still tries to help and so did 12. As angry and nasty as he was he risked his life twice to save the Earth. That has not changed. And from the fitz sound the thing was making as it floated away into empty space I would say it is not working anymore. 12 has a different personality, one very different from any we have seen since the reboot and I don't think this one has settle in as quickly as the last two. I think there will be more of a growth period for this one. Remember 10 was cheerful but had a very dark side which seemed to almost disappear with 11. Now it is back and the dark side is the major part of his personality. Also he has lost River, Rory and Amy to death. Not the same a his usual swanning off leaving them to live their lives. I think this one's attitude can be attributed to a build up of pressure which has exploded with 12. I will wait to see where they take us. All that said, yeah Moffitt is writing him badly.
  12. Robin the Hoodie

    S08.E06: The Caretaker

    It's your local broadcaster that is messing up the sound levels. The show may be perfect but when broadcast the local people can be lazy about making sure the levels are good. I'm thinking the Doctor's hate of soldiers may be a leftover from the Time War. He doesn't like the whole war machine and, as has been mentioned 10 wasn't all that thrilled to have to work with them. It could be 12 is less able to bury the pain of being a soldier and fighting. He never liked killing. Does anything know if a squaddie is their name for a soldier?