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  1. Not to make light out of a real situation, but i hope anyone in the line where Dorian is coming is safe. I know its not on subject...however its a real issue. #Thunderstruck i had to add this so its a little on subject. Sorry in advance smh for this comment paragraph. My thoughts with everyone.
  2. Can't wait to see!!!! Also, as much as TS is iconic I'm ready for a new song....it doesn't do anything for me anymore...The Ahhh AHHH AHHH does sometimes...however nothing else in that song does.... I would love a song like this!! hahahah I swear I would legit get kicked out for dancing to hard in the bleacher area, but like it gets me going...obvs they would have to chop and remix it a bit. So there isn't those awkward pause moments and make it a litte faster...but hello yall feel me. Also have to get Beyonce's ok and put new lyrics....Also, all 36 girls would actually have to be able to hit beats...so no Kashara's, Amy's, Holly's, Maddie's at point only Nicole Hamiltons, Mia, and Crystals... hahahah
  3. Also this vid which im pretty sure yall have seen..However, why??? I love Jenn C, but this aint it imo The music is terrible Little Mix's worst song ever. Not only that it def exposed the soft serve girls Amy, Caroline, Tess etc that they have no flavor. The choreography is not that good either hahahah
  4. Has anyone seen this..it shows how Amy and Maddie transition to point which is cool.
  5. Like I said, your opinion is your's and mine is mine..... Daphne's rib cage yikes
  6. I felt backhanded for Ashley and I wasn't even cheering for her, but something def feels suspect...... I wonder if the personality test exposed her for having a brain or something...thats to dangerous in DCC world. Gina Marie not so much, this season they seem to be over having to carry girls to the end knowing they never had a chance.
  7. "I came back to be America's Sweethearts, Often Imitated, Never Equaled, Internationally Acclaimed, Your Dallas Cowboys's Cheerleaders Kelli Sis"
  8. k, we def watching a different show. Also to add, you said she is worse than Cassie....that is a joke (imo). You said she is in the same realm as Christina?? No Maam, regardless of show edit...she was dancing well last year too..... She fell out of turns, so have a lot of good vets...it happens...your opinion is your opinion though. The more and more they show her dancing she dances pretty well...I mean it's right there... I'm just not on the VK hate train sorry.
  9. Coming back from the dead after I got Khaleeshi'd by TPAB This last ep. Kat is my girl and I love her. VK is honestly the best DCC legacy they have had dance wise...people can hate, but she dancing better than most of the faves. Those cuts legit took my eyebrows off!!! So harsh, but I kind of like it since they do sometimes bring girls along and they know they just dont have it. Which will later hurt the team in the long run to get dances down within their groups. However, since the groups this seasons are not dancing A1 it doesnt really matter hahah. I have a feeling that Kat is going to be a Jordan Chanley 2.0 and that she was on the bubble and Vets step-up and say they want her on the team and Rachel A. is sacrificing certain game days to let Kat learn the dances. Crazy I know, but I am theorizing Other theory Rachel is pregnant and by the end of season she won't be able to perform depending how far along she is. However, that theory dies do to Allstars...Idk idk...
  10. I have become a Bridget fan. She has moved up on my list based off her being a Lizzo fan.
  11. Oh an "insider" like a Gina leaving insight. I will have to wait til sunday I guess to see if they are correct. I hope they aren't. Rachel A. should dance every game over last place vet Christina.
  12. How 100% is this because swapping Rachel A and Kat are such random swaps. Im not here for this!
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