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  1. I missed the Malena moment between Melissa and Charm. I will have to watch back now, I was top busy being mind blown by them discussing Gabby being a weak link after showing her slaying the group number..
  2. OK, this my last and final statement on weight discrepancy that the DCC and K&J seem to have. Reasons it is a big deal to me: 1. They have taken girls in with bigger weight issues than Gabby and they have been able to become Group Leaders/Points. 2. Mentally you can damage a person's psyche. Need I mention Courtney who had to leave the squad because of an eating disorder. Im pretty sure a lot of the girls have some sort of mental anguish now from their time on this team and it needs to be brought up. Remember that crazy Chelsea, I think she was right that sometimes the judging is out of line..I've seen these girls in person multiple times, they are Kate Moss skinny it looks painful. 3. Not to bring up or start fights, but when it comes to diversity/racial issuesit does seem like the white girls get passes when it comes to belly giggles and it just frustrates me so much. Now I understand it's their job to stay in shape and had Gabby been like that girl Katy I would have been ok with her cut, but to me the wiggle she had was something that could be fixed before season. She wasn't fat in the least bit. EX. of girls with similar or more wiggle jiggle that went through Finals and TC looking like this and still made the team... I mean come on now....
  3. Ranking of girls after this ep. 1. Kristin - Still holds down my top spot. 2. Meredith - She is winning 3. Lisa - Fire dancer 4. Chandi - Didnt get to see much of her 5. Amanda - Amazing dancer 6. Kelcey - Ok Erica Wilkins 2.0 7. Taylor - Haven't seen her yet but moving her up based off what I have seen from others. 8. Lily - still is boring to me as a dancer 9. VK - Im rooting for her, but I personally didnt like her solo I thought she had nice moments, but other moments she was counting in her head and her turns.... 10. Kat - Girl bye
  4. I would love Kitty to take Judi's spot. I mean she is legendary and she gets girls in shape dance wise. I love her, but thats because im always around people like her including myself haha
  5. Holly said " The D TOO good to be doing kicklines for $120 a game " BAHAHAHAHAH
  6. I would be careful on this particular blog because, the team was announced like 5 pages back...so if you dont know the team dont go back on the pages you will spoil it for yourself. Do it Do it ! hahahah its cleansing. I think we should take a stand and write to Kelli and Judi and be like meet us at the STAR, its about to a dance off hahaha
  7. Me too she would have been a great leader...over Alexis...Alexis is pretty and all but she was super lazy last season on the field no power nothing. However, its about favorites yawns
  8. Okay with out the CMT editing I can honestly say........The Corn Is Ripe girl please stop. Jesus, and I actually dont have anything against Maddie besides she thinks she can dance like TLC...like go watch Chili who is 48 do a dance challenge on IG and see how its done. Also I loved the girl that sang and then danced...how did she not make it in..im guessing bad kicks...curious
  9. Im sorry ive seen peps say Gabby had a belly....she didn't have a belly she was just loose...which as we all know Maddie has been for years now...she just needed to tone it up with like a 30 min ab workout thats all it wasnt something that was career changing. Megan C who was super out of shape, Meredith Oden who also cheered for two season super out of shape, Danielle, Jenn K omg that girl was hefty sometimes...I just want them to be fair for once. The pecking order should be balanced. Gabby can dance too Idk it just really bothered me. The other Rachel is good too, just not showcased sadly
  10. Wait WHAT! those girls can dance dance! Im friends with DJPOISONIVY ill have to ask her what happened was it Dirk's fault...jk hahah. Im shook ive been so behind on Dallas News... OhHHH well now that makes sense haha. Mark Cuban is sketch af though like have you seen him in person shivers.
  11. A shining point though is that Lisa is on fire! Now I have major speculation on future eps...on how certain things transpire as in uh not trying to spoil but..i two words...first word starts with an S and the other word starts with a G.
  12. Ive lived here for like since I was in elementary school and I don't even know ...I just know its the lone star state and everyone loves stars period. Next question Charlotte aha
  13. You can post ep spoilers I was just told that by an admin. Just not the final team spoilers.
  14. My face when I meet up with K&J and they try to convince me that Gabby got cut for having 3 pounds of weight that wasnt even there