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  1. of the 7 llcs with Anna's name, i think 2 have property. one a vacant lot and one a house, but they sold of a few acres of the property the house is on a while back. personal property tax wise, the old rv is the only vehicle listed for Josh and Anna. only one of the llcs is in josh and anna's name only. the others have anna and either travis story, a financial group and/or the duggar accountant listed. I am wondering if she even knows anything about the llcs or if she was the obedient and dutiful wife and DIL and just signed whatever paper was put in front of her.
  2. didn't you all ever hope for a haircut in the midst of clutter ceiling fixtures in boxes and herbs in a container?? I am always interested in the background of best mama's pics. behind kaylee on the wall is further proof of illiteracy . it is supposed to be 1 timothy 6: 11-12 but someone apparently couldn't write even timothy very well. 11 But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. 12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good
  3. how nice Jing now color coordinates her outfit to match her coffee cup....cup
  4. yes on the TV - they have the big tv in the print shop space and another in the love nest. Jill has shown both tvs in her pics many times.
  5. my mind is a bit boggled as to what all that janky pvc pipe is for in the background. also I note the amish built living room (for family) must be about ready since there seems to be a lot of furniture wrapped in plastic.
  6. Jessa is "obsessed" with a kid's clothing site after telling jill to only have 10 items/outfits per person makes me laugh. maybe she will buy Spurge some clothes in the proper size.
  7. Nurie and Kaylee stayed with the Pearl's for a few weeks years ago. I can't remember how many years ago that was. But Jill was all dramatic and teary about them staying for a few weeks so far away from her for the first time.
  8. I don't usually listen to Jill's videos, but i did listen to this one. She explained they have found it easier to get the boys to "wind down" and ready for bedtime with the "radio show" and that it was better than the abrupt goodnight, turning off the light and leaving. so there seems to have been some thought there anyway. As far as being out in the yard, they are what, 10' from their back door, with the boys in bed listening to something? I have a grand Izzy's age, he is in bed by 7:30. sometimes he is read to and sometimes he reads by himself. 8pm lights out. He is fine upstairs
  9. Famy also dropped the price of her house by $10,000 last week. Was originally listed for $426,000. now at $375,000 after 3 months on the market.
  10. they do have the walkie talkie type radio things - they were shown using them in multiple pics and vidoes on their latest "deployments" I am wondering if Austin's new Skybound Aviation llc is the host/beneficiary behind the sky dive with a medic corps.... Also one of the former Duggar Aviation planes is now registered to an Llc in Etowah, Tennessee. I can't remember the name but it seemed to not be a Bates or Duggar directly behind the Llc.
  11. in that same blog post from 2016, is the story of Timothy at 16, fasting over his future and though he had ideas, he did "not want to move forward without his parents' and gods approval." i notice parent's approval is before god's. who knows what he really wanted, but he ended with something mama approved of and could brag about, so god was probably good with aviation missionary too. Then that fell apart for whatever reasons and best mama got him in trouble at one job. Then it was he was going to be independent and work for himself and "was busting his but (sic) to be his own boss"
  12. lawson explained in a video - they needed skydiving training so they would have the ability to "deploy" teams and supplies in areas with no other access. i think they used the donation money to have fun learning skydiving and taking videos and selfies doing so. same with the scuba training. When are they ever going to be called on to use that?
  13. I will guess the rest of the kids "just magically "caught on".. " because they saw Timothy frequently being punished for even the slightest offense.
  14. from their blog "Now, I must encourage Moms out there that may be reading this. I do NOT say this to put my Timothy down, but he has been our most stubborn child by far!!! He was a chronic whiner and whined his way through the toddler age. He connived his way through childhood and was always looking for ways to look out for number one and what HE wanted out of life. Needless to say, sometimes it drove my husband and I crazy! YET……….even when David and I felt bone weary and could not believe we were having to deal with yet another “strong – willed” moment in our son, we would (by
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