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  1. truly anything is possible but I believe speculation was a Brother in Law or something, there are options Nathan, David, Daniel Keller? John Schrader? TFDW? (david waller)
  2. we have no evidence or reason to believe that is true
  3. so now it's a family member involved? what happened to the never named or arrested sleazy/scum bag ex con??
  4. well Pa Keller does prison ministry, but hey Josh cannot leave NWA or even the Reber's house it seems. Options limited, JB picks the person that would look good to the court. No minors in the home, no grandkids who may visit and a guy who is a "pastor" and does prison ministry. Though covid has shut that down for him since early 2020 I don't think the Rebers knew what they were getting into. Everything about them is exposed now. People watching their home and all. they will get hate mail... LaCount Reber seems to have a full time job with the VA as an MRI tech. His license # is an ea
  5. Life after Lock Up a Duggar very special episode
  6. Hilaria post 2 days ago the lone commenter is interesting - david keller fan page?
  7. some with more experience with extreme fundie churches can possibly answer this - do they observe the weeks after Easter until Pentecost? The evangelical church I worked for did and left easter decor up until then. The first sunday after Easter/Resurrection sunday, etc until Pentecost. Which is May 23rd this year. I have no idea on the Keller church beliefs on that. but I am really thinking they did a super early baby shower without Jilly and the Rod family circus
  8. I will say Joy probably sort of makes solo trips to visit Carlin - Either a Duggar brother flies her there or whatever Bates boy with a pilot's license flies her there and back. Technicality I know, but have we ever seen Joy putting the kids in the car and driving solo to visit Carlin? what if she had to stop for gas, had a flat tire, needed a tow...... not happening in duggarville. On the hunting trips - Joy seems happy when she is with Austin and the Howlers all on a trip. Not so much when it is a trip to the Jeff Danker/Buckventures locations. (they are on the Buckventure website posin
  9. the sign on the front of the toll booth office didn't say overnight or anything - just NO cash titles keys kept on site. I had forgotten he also got in trouble for operating that lot without a permit when he first opened it https://radaronline.com/videos/josh-duggar-caught-running-unlawful-business-arkansas/
  10. wonder how Jilly's mind is processing what to do regarding comments on Nurie and Anna Duggar's brother.
  11. Hahahaha - he showed up at her door before church. He lives in a trailer in the yard and probably rides to church with them in the family van.🤣
  12. my question was who would ever go there for a car. I mean if you wanted a car from a duggar Jed! had the other car lot. The little toll booth office on a corner with a sign that says no keys, titles or cash kept onsite would make me never go there. Jed! at least bothered to get fake reviews. Lots of "Local Guides" aka fakes - David Waller, Laura, Dudley Dooright (Justin) Caleb Williams..... Carlin Bates got a car from him.
  13. JB has been buying property in NW Arkansas for a long time. JB and Meechelle have two trusts that have quite a bit of commercial property and vacant land. Also a Duggar Property llc. they shift things back and forth between the 3 fairly regularly. the new thing seems to be individual, vacant subdivision lots in Bella Vista. jed, Jason, Josiah, dwain swanson (lauren's dad) have all purchased through their respective llcs since Jan. Katie's dad Kory also. I looked into a some - they seem to be using info for older folks who live out of state, maybe thought to retire there but now are s
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