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  1. i like the happy news idea two colleges posted faculty or students wearing masks I made and sent on their instagram this week. don't know either person but a football player at a small college in NC was shown in a pink mask with doughnuts and the pic got back to me. A college librarian in NY state sent a pic of her in a mask with books. also an Avenger mask I made somehow made it to a professor who teaches Comic Theory and she sent me a thank you card
  2. i believe that is Jill writing the page from previous conversations here
  3. and while JED! is running for office and Jeer is the "campaign manager" Jeer managed to get his flight instructor's license, have 5 LLCs formed in his name by JB and Jimmy Burns,/accountant. train Lawson and Nathan Bates in flying so Lawson could get his pilot's license, be available for TLC filming. etc
  4. the pic with the boys - just wow. they are what 17,15 and 14? and their day with mommy was wearing matching shirts like they were toddlers, going for a walk, and then ice cream. these children are so doomed
  5. I thought I remembered that as well - maybe around the time they planted those scraggly fruit trees. I can not find that episode but i did find this one. Jason was just a smug as Josh and Josiah as a child. Also what the hell, they used to have people that came and weeded that pathetic garden? eta found it 1572"Duggar Weight Loss Challenge"April 9, 20131.09[61] Jim Bob and Josh start a 90-day weight-loss competition. Jason and his brothers build a greenhouse.
  6. well sort of happened - political figure was both cheered and booed by the audience, upon entering. which had nothing to do with the actors making an impassioned statement to the person to represent all people in the US after the show was over. NYT has the article, ,but it would violate the non politics policy to post here
  7. the idea of this really made me laugh - David in his Washington jersey, Jill along as accountability in her Washington "blouse" at somewhere like Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a game. the image is fun to imagine and a good laugh
  8. I get your point, but watch DVD's in a closet? she has went on tangents about screens and just 2 weeks ago "You see this at our dining room table almost every night. Not having cable or dish TV is the best thing ever for our children. It is the way I was raised also and I LOVED it!" how would David watch the Washington Football Team in ohio? even with an antenna he would sadly most likely get the Browns or Bengals
  9. my question on the organized closet for the little girls/linen closet is why is there a chair and a tv in there? for people that "don't do screen time" - they have a large tv in the piano area, a tv in the little girl's closet with stacks of dvds, and the boys room has an early 1990 small portable TV/VCR combo on the dresser
  10. on the Halloween decorating etc - I saw a cool thing on the news today. a guy decorated a PVC pipe and placed it at an angle so he could drop the candy in from his porch and it would fall in the trick or treater's bucket. I thought that was a great idea.
  11. i have never meant a truly rude person trying to convert me to their chosen beliefs. the ones I have encountered are polite and stop after you say I am good with my beliefs or some such thing. I have never had children approach me on their own in that way.
  12. we all remember the drama when Timothy went to Moody Aviation right? an excerpt from the long winded post about timothy included "When we say that last goodbye, it is going to literally rip a piece of my heart out. That piece of my heart will literally stay with Timothy forever- until we are all back together in eternal bliss in Heaven someday. Until then, it brings my heart GREAT JOY to see Timothy “in the saddle” for Jesus…because this is what we raised him for- to run his race well of serving our worthy Saviour Jesus Christ!"
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