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  1. I watched a behind the scenes type special of The Facts of Life recently where they interviewed the cast, crew, producers, etc. They said Michael was invited to appear on the show but declined. Jermaine agreed to do it. So the show pretended that Jermaine was the one Tootie adored all along.
  2. I had the same reaction as everyone: uh oh and oh no. Not with Brenda, please. How squicky. Brenda has been downright awful to Mary in the past and they’ve just barely begun to move past their frenemy stage. Big yikes.
  3. And this is what Jenny fails to grasp. This is not like Yazan’s situation. Nobody is out to kill Sumit. He’d get shunned by his family but that’s all. All he has to do is get a job, send his dad money each month in repayment for funding the divorce, be with Jenny, and live his life. But he won’t do those things. He’s a lazy scammer and just wants to stay on this show.
  4. She gave up her furniture and her apartment for this! Furniture, I tell you! (Oh and her daughters and grandkids, too, whatevs.)
  5. OMG, you guys! Did you see what Sumit’s dad said in the promo for next week?? “Go find another oldie.” LMAO!
  6. She’s like a teenager living her dumb teen romance fantasy. Oh god, now she’s sobbing like a fool and poor SIL and Brother Sumit are perishing of embarrassment. Jenny, SHUT UP! She’s acting like someone shot her.
  7. Seriously. I want to grab these people by the shoulders, shake them, and say, leave the vacation nookie on vacation. Do NOT try to shoehorn it into a relationship, I don’t care how much you’re being paid by a show. But then, we wouldn’t be entertained and I wouldn’t be talking to you fine people. Quandary.
  8. Ari and Bini don’t like each other any more than Cheese Stick and Melyza like each other.
  9. He’s “floored” he says! He’s been involved with Armando for years and claims they talked about marriage but neither of them thought to research what the same sex marriage law was in Mexico until now.
  10. Right?? Oh no, it’s because Brittany is sshhhhhapely.
  11. 100%. Brittany cultivates these reactions. She craves attention. She baits and provokes people with her clothing and behavior so she can play the wronged victim.
  12. Does TLC expect us to sympathize with Brittany? What even is this weird outing with her friend?
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