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  1. Watching Rylie complete the 60 day challenge was no surprise to me. She gave an interview back in April and at the end of the interview she said "I feel legendary." I took that to mean she became the second Naked and Afraid woman to survive 60 days out in the wilderness. I expected Jeff and EJ to partner up again since they were teammates and good buddies since XL 1. Even then Jeff didn't want to join the remaining survivalists, telling them that he and EJ will remain a separate team. Jeff's former partner from his first 21 day challenge, Eva, was in the larger group. Before extrac
  2. Matt, Ryan, and Rylie are walking across their bridge to check Ryan's snare for a nutria. Ryan: First nutria we got was how many days ago? Rylie: Two weeks. Matt: Two weeks ago by the way. Rylie: Yeah. Ryan: Yeah. Matt: Yeah. But you know what though? Our odds increase every time. Like back in my single days, you know, dating. Rylie: Oh no. Matt: Just throw it out there. Rylie: God. Are you comparing women to nutria? Matt: I definitely will never do that. Rylie: Did they give you rashes as well?
  3. Sarah Bartell was in the last Naked And Afraid XL in South Africa. Her boyfriend attempted the 21 day challenge but the producers forced him to tap out due to the risk of hypothermia. The current XL has Sarah Danser partnered with Suzanne and EJ.
  4. Amber and Lacey both appeared in XL season 3 where they tried to survive 40 days in Ecuador's Amazon Basin. Lacey didn't always agree with the priorities of Amber and Giovanna. While rushing back to their camp to prevent the fire from going out, Lacey fell and injured her leg. The producers decided to medically evacuate her. Amber went on to complete the forty day challenge.
  5. I wonder if it was fair to allow Najee Richardson to use an asthma inhaler before he attempted the Spider Trap. Some asthma medications are performance enhancing drugs. If Najee Richardson couldn't continue the obstacle course without his inhaler, he should have stopped after completing the Dungeon. Some American Ninja Warrior athletes become fatigued and fail the obstacles that require upper body strength. They fall in the water ending their run. If these same athletes were allowed to take a performance enhancing drug, they would probably go farther. It just seems unfair to the
  6. Flip Rodriguez got the WWWA treatment. He was shown completing the Shrinking Steps, Burn Rubber, Warped Wall, Corkscrew, and then falling from the Dungeon. Ninja Warrior veterans Abel Gonzalez and Kevin Bull were only shown falling from the Corkscrew. That was the extent of their airtime. I watch only the runs and don't care about a competitor who chooses to run in a suit or a competitor who dedicates his participation to a relative who is fighting a terminal disease.
  7. The mother of the minor girl should have went to the police immediately in 2015 when she found out that Drew Dreschel had an inappropriate encounter with her daughter. And why did the girl wait until June, 2019 to go to the police? Did Drew break off the relationship? The timing is suspicious in that Drew won the $1 million dollar prize last year.
  8. Bulent Gurcan appeared on Naked and Afraid twice before he attempted the 40 day XL challenge. His first episode is Stalked on all Sides and his second episode is Blood, Sweat and Fears. All 11 seasons of Naked and Afraid are available on Xfinity. Both of Bulent's episodes can be watched for free on YouTube.
  9. My take on the final episode of XL: Banished is that Bulent arrived in the new area and was immediately perceived as being an uneducated, surly, immigrant who spoke broken English. In fact, Bulent holds a Masters Degree and is a licensed pilot. His characterizations of the failed survivalists he interacted with were not well received by the final four. When Bulent told them of catching catfish with his bare hands and catching terrapins, the group dismissed this as exaggerations. However, he could be useful and earn his keep - not by chopping wood - but by hunting and killing fres
  10. I would think Bulent meets his fellow remaining survivalists and sets up his own shelter nearby, just like he did when he met Seth. Bulent makes one kill providing the sustenance needed by Jon, Gwen, Sarah, Suzanne, and himself to make it to extraction. He then leaves the others and moves closer to the extraction point and waits for the final day. Bulent strikes me as being a misanthrope and misogynist. Being a loner, I don't know why he would want to join the others. Bulent must know that if he throws in with Jon, Gwen, Sarah, and Suzanne, he runs the risk of them judging him and ban
  11. Love him or hate him, Bulent could end up being the savior for the remaining survivalists. Ryan is the only hunter left and might become incapacitated. With only two episodes left, I can see Bulent walking into the camp and scoring a much needed kill. The group is then able to make the long, hazardous trek to extraction. This, of course, is pure speculation on my part. I'm hoping that Ryan is able to make a kill, providing the survivalists with the protein needed to complete the challenge.
  12. Did Jon, Sarah, Ryan, and Suzanne join Wes and Gwen and form one large group? I wasn't sure if they were making their own boma or expanding the existing one made by Wes and Gwen. If they are one group, Jon, Sarah, Ryan, and Suzanne could band together and banish Wes or Gwen.
  13. Drew has said in an interview that he wants to win again next year and become the first back to back winner of American Ninja Warrior.
  14. They devoted 8 minutes to that guy last week. I have never watched the back stories choosing instead to change the channel. ANW should have shown the complete runs of Polizzi, Swanson, and DiGangi. They deserved full coverage because they made it to the top and hit the buzzer..
  15. According to Sasukepedia, James McGrath (The Beast) did not compete this year due to a shoulder injury. I watched every city qualifying round and kept wondering why they weren't showing McGrath's run.
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