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  1. The mother of the minor girl should have went to the police immediately in 2015 when she found out that Drew Dreschel had an inappropriate encounter with her daughter. And why did the girl wait until June, 2019 to go to the police? Did Drew break off the relationship? The timing is suspicious in that Drew won the $1 million dollar prize last year.
  2. Bulent Gurcan appeared on Naked and Afraid twice before he attempted the 40 day XL challenge. His first episode is Stalked on all Sides and his second episode is Blood, Sweat and Fears. All 11 seasons of Naked and Afraid are available on Xfinity. Both of Bulent's episodes can be watched for free on YouTube.
  3. My take on the final episode of XL: Banished is that Bulent arrived in the new area and was immediately perceived as being an uneducated, surly, immigrant who spoke broken English. In fact, Bulent holds a Masters Degree and is a licensed pilot. His characterizations of the failed survivalists he interacted with were not well received by the final four. When Bulent told them of catching catfish with his bare hands and catching terrapins, the group dismissed this as exaggerations. However, he could be useful and earn his keep - not by chopping wood - but by hunting and killing fresh game while the others relaxed in the boma. Bulent incurred the displeasure of the owners of his new found territory when he didn't observe Gwen flashing hand signals and when he had the audacity to sleep in when he was supposed to be hunting at 8 am. For his transgressions, Bulent was told he could no longer remain in this area with his fellow survivalists and must leave in the morning. But Bulent didn't need these do-nothings. Except for the fresh spring water, Bulent wouldn't miss the area. Gwen, Sarah, Jon, and Suzanne might have thought they were condemning Bulent to failure when they cast him out but he once again thrived in his new space. Maybe they were secretly hoping Bulent would fail. They didn't appear to be happy when Bulent arrived at the extraction point. Once again Bulent proved his detractors wrong. He completed the grueling 40 day challenge largely on his own and like the famous song....."I did it my waaaaaaaaay." I can't wait for the reunion show when all of the survivalists are brought together to talk about their experiences in Africa. Except for Dawn, Joshua, Ryan, and Wes- the four survivalists that had no interaction with Bulent - the other seven could direct their misplaced anger and frustrations at Bulent.
  4. I would think Bulent meets his fellow remaining survivalists and sets up his own shelter nearby, just like he did when he met Seth. Bulent makes one kill providing the sustenance needed by Jon, Gwen, Sarah, Suzanne, and himself to make it to extraction. He then leaves the others and moves closer to the extraction point and waits for the final day. Bulent strikes me as being a misanthrope and misogynist. Being a loner, I don't know why he would want to join the others. Bulent must know that if he throws in with Jon, Gwen, Sarah, and Suzanne, he runs the risk of them judging him and banishing him. The previews for the last two hour episode seems to bear this out. On another note, none of the five survivalists seeking redemption made it to the last day. Dawn, Joshua, Kate, Seth, and Ryan all failed to complete the 21 day challenge and won't complete the XL challenge. The producers might have selected these failed survivalists for their drama value.
  5. Love him or hate him, Bulent could end up being the savior for the remaining survivalists. Ryan is the only hunter left and might become incapacitated. With only two episodes left, I can see Bulent walking into the camp and scoring a much needed kill. The group is then able to make the long, hazardous trek to extraction. This, of course, is pure speculation on my part. I'm hoping that Ryan is able to make a kill, providing the survivalists with the protein needed to complete the challenge.
  6. Did Jon, Sarah, Ryan, and Suzanne join Wes and Gwen and form one large group? I wasn't sure if they were making their own boma or expanding the existing one made by Wes and Gwen. If they are one group, Jon, Sarah, Ryan, and Suzanne could band together and banish Wes or Gwen.
  7. Drew has said in an interview that he wants to win again next year and become the first back to back winner of American Ninja Warrior.
  8. They devoted 8 minutes to that guy last week. I have never watched the back stories choosing instead to change the channel. ANW should have shown the complete runs of Polizzi, Swanson, and DiGangi. They deserved full coverage because they made it to the top and hit the buzzer..
  9. According to Sasukepedia, James McGrath (The Beast) did not compete this year due to a shoulder injury. I watched every city qualifying round and kept wondering why they weren't showing McGrath's run.
  10. I don't believe Brian Arnold competed this year. Ian Dory's run wasn't shown at all. According to the American Ninja Warrior site, Ian fell during Spinning Balls. American Ninja Warriors veterans Abel Gonzalez, Brett Sims, and Ian Dory didn't get any airtime. But unqualified, untrained, and out of shape contestants were shown failing miserably.
  11. I was surprised that Jamie Rahn didn't attempt the 18 ft warped wall this year. Last year he ran the course without shoes when he lost one shoe on the second obstacle. I thought at the time that he didn't want to try the 18 ft wall shoeless. I'm guessing that all the ninja warrior contestants could use a $10,000 payday.
  12. I never saw Abel Gonzalez at the Oklahoma Qualifiers. Until I saw your post, I didn't even know he ran. He is another long time competing American Ninja Warrior who really got short-shrifted.
  13. Ryan's complete run from start to finish can be watched on the American Ninja Warrior web site.
  14. Ryan Stratis is one of the longest competing ninja warrior. He has been on every American Ninja Warrior since the first one back in 2009. Last night he completed every obstacle and went up the Mega Wall, winning $10,000. However, NBC didn't show his complete run..
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