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  1. Having seen David Chang casually taste uncooked chicken marinade and scoff at people questioning his choices I feel these shows really play up the raw chicken thing. At worst Adrian’s Ballantine was just off of done. The spanakopita debacle was a clear worst dish and thank god Elycia went home (she should have gone for the horrible eggs).
  2. This elimination round was the one to shoot for a solid middle showing. The new process gives a more complete feel to a restaurant wars but overall that episode is a fuster cluck and is always my least favourite part of the competition. I see no reason bastardized a process that everyone in the production knows takes huge amounts of time, planning and resources to pull off. There is really no way to fairly judge what goes on during those services. Malarkey is what most investors want-an over enthusiastic professional with a proven track record.
  3. Those pickled eggs really should have sent her home. Not difficult and poorly executed. Then again Nils was a too often at the bottom so it may just have been his time.
  4. Alara continues to provide security! Not a surprising move given it would never be Malcolm and Jessica was where she needed to be.
  5. There was one reasonable entry out of all those dishes and that was the lamb kabob. Everything else was amateurish and showed that this crop of chef is middling at best.
  6. Based on those last collections, Meagan should have edged out Jonny. In a battle of basic his bland dress was the worst thing from those two. I had to agree that Meagan's dress had a very Estherish vibe to it. That said I don't for a second think she was copying Esther but rather was inspired by that black edgy style. In the end fashion is a continuum so Esther was not the first edgy all black designer but a convenient shorthand for the judges. I love Naomi Campbell as a judge!
  7. It is so frustrating that what these people put out are bad sculptures that are purportedly “cakes”. Too often these things look like inedible masses of oily creams and virtually inedible coatings. Anything that has masses of foam and wood should be shifted to a true sculpting competition and the final product should look much more polished. The judges (who seem biased for Buddy) should be required to random cut into the cakes and hit some delicious cake.
  8. Unless you yourself have the body of Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell you shouldn't be throwing shade at your models. Megan is dilusional. Her outfits were ridiculous and repetitive. The dress had some impact but wasn't innovative while the jumpsuit was laughable.
  9. I liked Heidi dressing Tim because it underlined the ridiculous look and attitude some people have when it comes to street wear. In this situations people approach this from a rigid costumey perspective. Rather than allowing for the aesthetic to be interpreted they want one version of what they think visually defines these clothes. It was the same as the Cyndi Lauper challenge on PR and any attempt at people to do punk. I think saying "it's all black so it isn't street wear" is a cop out. Could Sabato have made street wear in his aesthetic? Could Esther? I think so but the judges were so rigid in their think that they would have still faced an uphill battle.
  10. Troy chose to join this fashion roadshow and face the criticism of a panel of judges be they buffoons or the most dignified fashion experts. Everyone has an experience that shapes them and it is hard when a panel f strangers essentially negates those experiences by giving a superficial critique of hastily made items. Again don't put yourself in that position. It would be better if they said that the passion or fire could be expressed in the lengths they go to creating well made and unique designs. It is a design compettiton but so much is rather pedestrian. I do not want the traditional reality litany of sob/pseudo inspirational stories.
  11. I'd have to re-watch but I don't think the criticism was only (mainly?) directed to the artist. He was doing it blind based on their descriptions so the pictures fell short because they weren't sufficiently precise. Or maybe I am just being overly charitable.
  12. I quite enjoy this new venture by Tim and Heidi. The format is good and given what they are aiming for, I like that there is an accessible version of each garment. While there are glaring changes compared with PR (no Mood silliness and added seamstresses) I am quite quite happy with the changes. The pacing seems better and the judging sharper. Hell I don't even mind the Tim and Heidi interludes. Happy this is paced out so that I don't blow through anything else while stuck at home for god knows how long.
  13. I’ve been gone a while but there is “let’s go ride the cable cars!” ( visitors in town..) vs riding them to commute. They are convenient in certain cases.
  14. They only had 2 in the bottom because-shenanigans. Marquise’s dress was a skater costume and Brittany’ some sort of weird ren-fair concoction. Either could have been on the bottom as well but both were just back so that is a out of the question. Nancy put up the same damn thing but got a pass from the ever annoying Elaine. I question the integrity of the judges... In the end there were a lot of poor looks for me but the right dress won and Delvin’s elimination isn’t that surprising.
  15. I really have no issue with people judging the work of others. It is a competition and that is a natural outcome of these people living together. I saw Delvin’s reaction as more sheepish and generally agree with his assessment if the work of others. Why didn’t they get any plus size male models? Could it be that the show drips of hypocrisy and it rife with producer shenanigans.....no that would take away from the pure nature of good clean fashion competition.
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