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  1. How do you keep asking for something modern and different and the claim the designs don't fit the challenge? They clearly have rather strict parameters for what constitutes wedding attire so spell it out.
  2. All I saw in Andrea P’s designs were Spider-Man. Dushyant made clothes that do appeal. Maybe not if you are focused on clients who drink wine on yachts but more often than not that level of client leads to 6 figure deficits at the end of fiscal. Perhaps they should define their vision for a “brand”. Olivia is tiresome and that mess should have sent her packing.
  3. Maria deserved to go. Stick a giant, sort of well sculpted pepper on a pre made cabinet is just too weak. The others made complete projects, warts and all. Otherwise this becomes a concept competition. pintrest lady can F off. That tool lending library was incredibly well made. Her adoration of passing trends that strain credulity is nauseating and needs to go.
  4. Everyone experiences people in a different way. Gabriel seemed to elicit lots of hate earlier in the season so I can certainly see that there are parts of both Maria and Jaime's personalities that people find grating. He may be no Drew Dreschel but fireable offences usually imply some severe character defect. Given how far he has gone in the competition there is no way they could edit around him...Didn't that happen when Batali was a recent Judge? This is a game. At this point no one stumbles on to a reality show being so naive as to believe they won't be separated from their f
  5. Chris Nuttall-Smith is a massive asshole. I have no time for the angry “ I don’t want excuses” person.
  6. This is how restaurant wars should be run every season. Maria was great and it was a much deserved win. Her interaction with the diners set a tone that complemented the excellent food. I abhor fish so Penny’s menu combined with their uninspired service left me shaking my head.
  7. This amuses me. As mentioned this is the edited version of these people and so Maria’s edit it rather focused on complaining. I don’t know her and don’t claim to but what is presented is rather whiny. That’s the nature of these shows...
  8. I agree. There's been much more complaining and finger pointing coming from her than others. I suppose we all view these edited personalities through our subjective lenses so I will not minimize the viewpoint of others but I would say that after this episode complaints about Gabriels meddling in other's food could be amplified 10 fold for Byron I give him a pass for being pissed at being eliminated in a competition....losing stings
  9. For me it was just amusing because it was said to Tom-another “Italian Boy”.
  10. Jaime or Gabriel...for me it is a toss up who should have gone. Screwing up something as well known as wings vs boring with subjective texture issues. They probably made the right decision. Maria is annoying. Doesn’t seem like a standout in the group and too much self pity Strange someone would tell Tom they want “ to beat that Italian boy...”
  11. Apparently Alina is a going to be written as a moron...shame they use the facile trope of “they’ve forgotten me so I’ll fall for obvious bad guy.”
  12. Thank God! Most gimmicky and uneven challenge of each season
  13. The adjunct judging trio remain some of the most execrable people on my TV.
  14. There was such glee about the african spin on these dishes and then the winner cooked - Curried Goat, Crispi Roti with Fondant Potatoes & Green Pepper Sauce. To me this demonstrates the Indian influence on the cuisine of the west indies. My relatives in Trindad straight up served me those dishes and they derive from deep Indian roots. There are of course other influences but it seemed funny to me...
  15. I recall there was gossip that she lied about her age. Sad if she felt the need to do so...worse is whatever was done surgically.
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