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  1. A few retro collections are out/will be out soon for those looking to relive some childhood memories. First is Rare Replay, a collection of 30 games by software developer Rare. Unfortunately the games they're arguably best known for, Donkey Kong Country and GoldenEye 007, aren't part of the collection due to licensing issues but its still a pretty impressive list. Its only available for XBox One. This one is already out I believe. Second (and the one I'm looking forward to) is the Mega man Legacy Collection. This will have the first six Mega Man games that came out on the NES. Available for PS4/XBoxOne/PC/3DS. I'm really looking forward to this as those Mega Man games are classics and I've only played 1-3. Unfortunately I'll have to wait a little bit as it doesn't come out until the 25th.
  2. Yeah, i saw that. I do think an HD remaster is definitely still in the works based on the sales of the FFX/X-2 remaster. But I think the confusion was in the word "remake", which I don't think is happening.
  3. Yeah, the whole FFXIII trilogy just shows how out of touch Square Enix is right now when it comes to what they think their fans want from a Final Fantasy game. They release FFXIII and make it completely linear for the first 80% of the game. After the backlash from that, they release FFXIII-2 and basically make it nothing but sidequests and open from the start. Which is good in theory, but when dealing with something like time travel you actually need a little structure or the story becomes convoluted as all get out. Then after that they release Lightning Returns which felt more like a Western RPG than any other FF game I've played. Not that I have a problem with Western RPGs (Skyrim is one of my favorite games ever), but that's not what I want from Final Fantasy. They were just all over the map with the 3 FFXIII games in terms of gameplay and story telling. I at least commend them for wanting to make changes to appease their fans, at least it shows they are willing to listen. Its just distressing to see them struggle so much.
  4. Actually I think the action will be more action oriented and not turn based. Maybe even similar to XIII Lightning Returns, not necessarily the whole schema thing, just the instant response when pressing a button. I've gotta think they'll have the actual equipment shown on the characters as well. I mean, they already did it with the weapons for the original VII. We've still got a long wait for this though. I don't think this will come out until 2017, which is not coincidentally the 20th anniversary of FFVII. It probably won't be until E3 2016 at the earliest that we may see any actual gameplay.
  5. I pretty much lost my mind when they announced this as the press conference last night. I can't believe they're actually finally doing this! Obviously its still going to be a long ways off, but this is just fantastic news.
  6. I don't know how soon you're planning to purchase, but I'd advise waiting until at least E3 is over (happens next week). I'm hearing rumors there may be a PS4 price drop that gets announced during Sony's press conference.
  7. Square has its own press conference at the upcoming E3 next week. They obviously have to have a lot of content coming up to justify having their own press conference so rumors are rampant about what they may announce. Who knows, maybe they will announce an FFVI remake!
  8. I've heard there's more to them and one is related to some crime boss...almost a mafia type thing. I don't know, for a while now SE has been getting more realistic with the Final Fantasy series and while I get why their doing it (they feel casual fans will relate to it more) it almost feels like their taking the "fantasy" out of the series. Final Fantasy is my favorite game series ever, but more and more I'm feeling they should call it quits. That name carries too many expectations with it and its so far removed from what it used to be (both in gameplay and in significance in the marketplace) that I don't know if it will ever get back there. A remastered FFXII would be really cool to see. I definitely wouldn't mind sinking more time into that.
  9. I do think I remember hearing something like that from SE. I really wish they would release a "complilation of FFVII" and include all of those titles you mentioned plus FFVII on one disk/download. Doubt that will ever happen but we can dream right? Has anyone played the FXV demo that was included with Type-0? I played it and my feelings are "meh". I only got through around an hour or so. I know its still a rough demo and there's a lot of things they'll be working on (fix the camera please!) so i'm sure the final product will be much smoother. But moreso than that i just wasn't interested in any of the characters. Its just a group of guys who all are roughly the same age and dressed the same. I'm sure there's more to them than that, but one thing I loved about previous FFs was that there was always someone where just based on their character design alone I would say "Hmmm, I wonder that their story is..." I don't feel that way about any of these guys.
  10. SquareEnix is going to have their own press conference at E3 this year and there's speculation that they may announce one (or more) of the older games coming to PSN (FFXII being the most rumored one). And of course they've already announced a port of FFVII coming over to PS4. Wish it was a full HD remake (at least fix it so its 16:9) but oh well.
  11. Yup, you won't be able to beat that deal anywhere for sure. 80Gb is still plenty if you're looking at mostly smaller downloadable games, although keep in mind the operating system automatically takes up some of that 80GB (I think its around 12 or so). Unfortunately i don't think upgrading the harddrive on the PS3 is as easy as it is on the PS4 (which literally takes 5 minutes and is WELL worth it) or I'd say just buy a larger harddrive online and put that in and you're set (although if you're interested there's videos all over on how to do it). Either way, you'll be happy with the PS3 I'm sure!
  12. Its probably worth it to get one of the slims with more storage. Even though the games you're looking at (older FFs and other older games) aren't going to be very big relatively speaking, storage can still fill up quickly and you never know when you want to play something newer that requires more storage space. In the long run you'll thank yourself for having the additional space! PSN is a pretty great service (outside of the annoying down times due to maintenance or hacker attempts) , if you sign up for Playstation Plus ($50 for a year membership) you'll have access to (at least) 2 free games every month as well. Officially its 2 free Vita games, 2 free PS3 games, and 2 free PS4 games every month, but a lot of times one of the games on Vita will also be playable on PS3/PS4 so it will be free there as well. The free games tend to be smaller, indie style games but for me that's fine as I like indie games (and some of them lately have been outstanding). Thats in addition to all the sales they run periodically, some of which can be pretty substantial on PSone/PS2 classics.
  13. Really glad to see Bronn back. That was an unexpected and welcome surprise. Jerome Flynn is so good in that role! Speaking of long time no sees, very cool to see Tom Wlaschiha back as well! I do think it will probably help people have a little bit of familiarity with that role (which is funny considering the Faceless Men are all about the exact opposite). Overall I thought it was stronger than the first episode, it went by noticeably faster.
  14. Anyone out there playing Final Fantasy Type-0? I am and I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Its still not what I really want out of Final Fantasy (a true eastern JRPG), but i'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. I like the setting and the background of nations at war.
  15. I love outtakes/bloopers and the ones that Parks and Rec include on their DVDs/Blurays are fantastic. On one of them I remember that they actually had Perd introduce the blooper reel. There's also just a real sense that this cast enjoys working together with how often that make each other laugh.
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