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  1. Lana is adorable and Nattie is the annoying one. This was WAY too much Nattie for one episode. She keeps talking about being a leader but she doesn't want to actually lead anyone. This was the happiest I've seen her dad when he was talking to Lana ;) I'm wondering if this is the last season. I can't see Brie doing this show anymore, what with becoming a mom and all. I don't think people will watch the Nattie show.
  2. Beautiful husband....love is truly blind.
  3. I think John & Nikki's personalities mesh together perfectly. I think she likes that he kind of guides her in life a bit. Despite his teasing I think he does really respect her a lot.
  4. I can't stand the way JJ talks to his mother and his sisters. He seems to have no respect at all for them and goes off on them so quickly. The stuff he said to Brie when they were out to lunch was so bizarre and childish. After Cena had nicely told Brie she shouldn't have said anything, he still has to have a fit over it. I don't know if he's playing this up for the show or this is how he really is. It's not good either way. I haven't seen him act like that towards John or Bryan.
  5. Did any of you catch the rerun today? A 17 year old rented a vacation home with his mom's stolen credit card. Doesn't Judy usually say that a minor can't enter into a contract? I think she was mad because the kid lied to her. I don't know what the kid was saying at the end. "She should be more careful about who she rents her house to." (True, you are a putz.) "This could happen any day any time." (So someone broke in & had a party while you weren't at the house you rented, it wasn't that you went there with your idiot friends and made a mess.) "A lot of people are dishonest
  6. After the yoga date, Jojo said at least 2 times that she looked "stupid" while doing it and he didn't say that she didn't. I found that kind of funny. Evan was way out of line with his story and the wimpy Marine who wasn't man enough to tell Jojo about Chad himself was the only one loving it. I swear that guy doesn't care about Jojo at all but he's completely obsessed with Chad. Did they insert a fabric tearing sound effect when Chad grabbed Evan's shirt? Where was the rip? And Jojo didn't know what was going on, is she clueless? Evan basically got up there and said, Chad is on steroids.
  7. Seriously, "nice" Jordan started that, and then when Chad reacted, said he crossed a line. They all look like idiots to me.
  8. Thank you.....I thought I was the only one who didn't see any appeal in Jordan. I think he's definitely there to get to be the next Bachelor for the fame that comes with that. Chad was creepy but so was Vinny. He had such a scary look on his face at the rose ceremony! I bet the producers forced Santa to keep the suit on. Did we know that Jake guy & Jojo knew each other for years? Did anyone else think it was funny how a few of the guys (Chad) kept making snarky comments about guys coming in with a gimmick in the introduction, I guess forgetting that Jojo showed up for
  9. When listening to the stories, I figured that the girl thought she saw him signal her to go, but was mistaken. It seemed like that idea never crossed her parent's or her uncle's minds. Who goes right to "he signaled her to cross then hit her on purpose"? Neosporin for a bruise LOL! I wouldn't be surprised if those two jokers pinched themselves.
  10. If they want to emulate Real Housewives and have a villain, go for it. But 90% of the time Eva is baby-talking or babbling and she can't hold her own in an argument. She's not the one.
  11. Hey Eva, I might believe you felt bad for leaving Mandy out if you hadn't been mocking her as you got out of the van on the way to dinner. Dunce. I really wish they'd kept Mandy & gotten rid of Eva. Mandy seems like a sweetheart. Nattie was wearing the most unflattering thing I have ever seen on her when she was doing Mandy's makeup. Some of them act so childish about the Bellas. OMG the popular girls asked us to dinner!! Bobby is the grossest and I'm glad that I won't see him again. Rosa wants to be an adult and discuss problems and he tells her to look at her ring. I always
  12. I can't stand Maryse. I think she's awful. I wasn't happy to see her and her bad acting back on my screen. I would guess they are bringing in those 3 women because of their SOs. I've heard a lot of people saying they are going to watch if they can see Dean, Rusev or Miz. Miz & Maryse are going to be unbearable.
  13. Brie is staying with the show too. They are filming right now actually. They were in Malibu shooting photos and they went to a fashion show too. No Nattie or Naomi though. The more I think of Eva's stank attitude the more I dislike her. When she thought she was going to end up as Divas champion, she didn't give a crap about any of "those girls" or their feelings or how she got along with them. Plans changed, and now she's back to sucking up to them all. Except Mandy. She doesn't need her. She only needed her when she thought she could have a tag team with her and use her.
  14. Thank god Rosa will be off this show soon. I did love how they showed Alicia telling her about Prichy being sick since she claimed she didn't know later. Eva was pretty annoying with her trying to act like the Bellas. She even started calling everything "cute" like they do. I wish they'd kicked her off of the show instead of Mandy. Brie's got issues with her body & food, to put it nicely.
  15. Alicia's stuff was weird. She got mad at her mom for not telling her a secret, the same secret she was keeping. Why would she think Prichy wouldn't have talked to her mom about it? Alicia and her mom are both so strange. There's a whole lot of "how is that supposed to make ME feel???" on both sides. How did her sister end up so sensible? I loved the Bellas stuff. Bryan and Brie have the sweetest relationship, but I also adore the Nikki/Bryan relationship. You can tell they really love each other. Rosa is a spoiled brat. She didn't even listen to what Alicia was saying. I tried giving
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