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  1. I noticed that the former DCC do it in almost all their photos, too.
  2. Found this at www.TexasArchives.com. DCC 1996 audition group. https://www.texasarchive.org/2013_04795
  3. Yeah. I can hear Kelli in my head saying, "She's not a fit for the uniform."
  4. Of course, someone is defending her, saying she showed poor judgement in admitting to sneaking in. "Poor judgement" my A**! She broke the rules, and was allowed to stay. She was favored, so no consequences.
  5. There's an actual discussion on the FB page about this very subject. One supporter is now beginning to voice her disappointment and doubts about VK. A few others are backing her up, saying that it goes to show how editing led the poster to believe that VK deserved her spot. Color me both shocked, and impressed.
  6. I work for this high school(shout out to Liberty Hill HS!). The Sports and Entertainment Marketing Class got to visit the Star. Some of the students with a picture of the current DCC squad.
  7. I see such a change in Kristin! And it's a good change. She smiles and really seems to like performing. She is so light on her feet. Not a power dancer like Amber, but nice, clean moves.
  8. And I think the girl just to the right of Amy looks like Christina!😄
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