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  1. And Andrew Dice Clay?! REALLY?! HAHAHAHA...breath...HAHAHAHA!
  2. K&C, and the Cowboy Organization, NEVER wanted this. It's nothing but lip service.
  3. If she's smart, she'll retire after this year. She's got a backbone, she needs to preserve it.
  4. JMO: I believe Kelli falls into the "Buck up! You just need to get over it!" category. I'd say she's one who doesn't understand mental health issues. It was probably never discussed in her family, and kept hush-hush if a relative was acting "different", or "crazy". She probably sees someone who struggles with depression as "weak". Hannah's issues made good story for Kelli's TV show, and that's all it was, good story.
  5. That first nanosecond, Judy is shocked. It's a look that says, "This TCC candidate can't possibly go any further after THAT!" Then she sees her boss's face, and hears her remark, and it's "Haha! You're right ! So funny!"
  6. Exactly how I feel. I'm recording this season on my DVR, but I'm not sure I'll ever watch it.
  7. She just dances all around the issue. It's so disingenuous. All it does is frustrate me and make me not want to watch the show.
  8. Pulled this off the DCC FB page. Are these new members, or is this an older photo?
  9. This may seem nitpicky, but her backdrop of a patio and wooded yard is too distracting.
  10. Too many "aerobics" moves .I can see that turning K & J off to her. Too bad, she's really cute and fresh!
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